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  1. Fix Ultimate General, add more options and features.
  2. Do you have any items from era? I would like to see, if you have any, and wouldnt mind sharing.
  3. Strongly disagree, in todays world of crap arcade games made mainly for kindergarden kids, that are supposed to click couple buttons on their gaypads, there are less, and less games that require any thinking, and especially minority that could be called realistic. I strongly support all kinds of realistic games, because thats fun. Realism is fun, just has to be done right. Unfortunately games are nothing else than business, and are made to earn money, therefore as everything else, they are adressed to the widest possible audience, and thats why gaming has been steadily deterioratin in quality over the years, and it wont change. As long as there will be people saying "Because who cares how realistic a game is if it is not fun to play ", things wont get better. If you are spit in the face, and then you say "oh, its raining", then... youd do everything a favor, and just stop being a gamer.
  4. Perkon

    Going for the kills.

    No. Game lack consistency. In game time differs. There is the default time zone, and it appears there is also an extra time affected by the objectives, and also another time limit factor that I am unable to identify, which is the time period after "click finish to end" appears. In some missions it is barely like 10 seconds, and mission ends even if you dont click, while some appear prolonged up to maybe 5 minutes, and longer waiting for you to click the button. I have not been playing every single possible battle, and even if I did, testing all the possible outcomes would take a lot of time. First, in this particular mission Ambush Convoy, it is best to leave the supply carts on their own, because that extends the mission. Let me now explain this. Mission has a set time limit to complete. If you capture the carts instantly, less time will be given to keep on playing, in comparison to if you were to take them later. Then, if you have them, 3rd time factor comes into play, and you are given even more time. Thats what I noticed, I have been trying to figure out things, and in order to enjoy the game, some things have to be done in order, not really the way it was designed.
  5. It changed. As I wrote, I did support it, buy early, ancouraged others to play it, share links, etc., for what? Just to have another shitty failure early access dissapointment. Should keep lying to myself "it well get better", or just realize what is going on? As long as all these fanboy keep on licking Nick ass, it wont change. He need to read, and hear that the game suck, and then maybe... maybe there is a change it will get fixed. As long as he only sees "amazing game, etc.", I think he sees no need for any improvements, because why if players are happy with the current state of the game?
  6. It doesny matter, because noone gives a f... about suggestions. Nick and whoever else makes this game has their own vision of the game. Having it from the early access, the only thing that changed is the man pool, and messages in between the battles, thats it. You might write as much as you want, but for what? It wont be in the game. Its its still in the early access to be honest, and couple next month, years are needed to change that. The very same bugs that exist since day 1 release, are still there. How can anyone dare to call this crap a "full release"? Its a joke.
  7. Perkon

    End of battle - Proceed next day

    No, just had Siloh 1 today, captured everything on both flanks [left/right], then attacked the city with all forces, and... 2nd day.
  8. I got to Shiloh, and fun factor is gone. I did watch gameplays, and did check forum, and it appears that most of the Confederate battles look like this. Urrra, and charge Union lines, forts, etc. I only enjoyed these couple small scale skirmishes, because I first of all could control the whole battlefield, my units, there was no magic teleport, etc. Would I be more enjoying Union? Seeing as I would be playing the opposite force, and be them, that should put me mostly in an advantage, yes, or not? I did got farther on earlier versions, but had the same, no fun at all feeling. Time limit is killing the game and making it completely unplayable, just as the scripts, and everything else.
  9. Perkon

    Going for the kills.

    I cant resist :(. /Edit. I could take them out, if I only had more time, 6k casulties is just the first approach, and couple volleys.
  10. Perkon

    Going for the kills.

    Thats on the middle difficulty. Since the "release" I started once again. Just as before, going for the kills, spending hours for each battle, saving and loading forever, planning, foreseeing, maneuvering, etc. It has nothing to do with Civil War, any war, or even reality. I dont know why, but I always go for the kills, always did. I cant seem to enjoy the game any other way. Im happy with: The Potomac Fort Newport News 1st Bull Run But very unhappy with: Ambush convoy. I managed to score 6k + casulties there, but since I did couple bad clicks, and because the time limit + the fact that if you dont click finish soon enough after it appears, the game decides to do it for you, and just stops. I needed couple more seconds, and I would win. I wonder, if I should redo that mission, or what? I still have older saves, but I spent so many hours on this map, trying all the possible things, that when I think again of this, I feel terribly ill. I spent the most time, from all the maps I played, here. A bit unhappy with: Stay alert. Too high casulties, and thats my main concern, though I dont think I could have done it better. The time left in comparison to Ambush convoy was on my side. After the release I noticed that AI got "smarter", in general. It can especially be seen in the last two missions. What would you do? I see a lot of gameplays here, and I do watch some, of course I am unable to make one, because that would require hours of recordings, cutting, editting, and then putting all these puzzles together.
  11. Perkon

    Our dearest thanks

    Changed my positive review to negative. That release and developing progress is a joke. I bought it on a sale, and regreat purchase. Tons of game breaking bugs are still in the game, pretty much nothing have changed since the very first release, no new features, no expansion, nothing, just a shitty scripted from a to z game, that pisses me off, when Im looking at my Steam library. I have been spreading news, encouraging people to try, I so much regreat! Just another hello kittying early access junk.
  12. Perkon

    Saves works randomly...

    Sometimes they work and I load during the battle, other times when loading a save, Im in the main base before the battle.
  13. Perkon

    Double US General John Gibbon

    I would rather see no clones in games, and a fix released to get rid of them.
  14. Didnt know, then I consider my post, a mistake. Thanks for clarification.
  15. At the moment, we only have ribbons, which after hoovering over with a mouse cursor show adequate medal. All of them are visible on the end game screen. Would it not be nice, to have our uniform being visible in the game, instead of the ribbons, and medals? I made a primitive presentation of how I imagine it to look like. Since there are plenty of people that are into US Civil War, we would easily find the type of uniform to be used, and everything else. Its not that important, but check Vietnam 65, and uniform there. Its amazing! They made another game called Afghanistan 11, and it has uniform as well. I wish more, and more games followed that path. Uniform could be upgraded with items maybe, I dont know much about it. What do you think?