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  1. You clearly want to trade safe on a certain time of day, this is not how a pvp server works
  2. could be an interresting thought, but the ability to easy farm all modules and upgrades for then to transfer it to the pvp server is an exploiting option. And i dont know if its even possible since its 2 completely different servers
  3. think about it this way, expect to get attacked no matter the time or location, and use an escort
  4. you can also call it a weakness in the system because traders use that window for easy transport for easy money or easy transport, this is also wrong
  5. Wyy

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    what about lets say you turn up on the side of the one you want to board you get a certain % of pulling success?
  6. Wyy

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    also maybe add that, to board you cant be lower then 20%(for example) morale than the one you want to board.
  7. Wyy

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    i would maybe change it with morale so each ship start with lets say 70 morale depends on the br difference in the start of the battle, if you have determined defender you get 30% more morale, and to be able to board you should have more morale than the opponent. It can increase and decrease by the amount of shocks taken / given, which makes it go up and down through the battle. Everything maybe synced with the amount of ammunitions, and repairs etc left. Maybe even hp of the ship
  8. Wyy

    ships modification & accessory's

    the problem is that they want to have it as realistic as possible. They dont want it to be PotC artstyle with insane customisations. We are lucky that the pirates are able to sail first rates even. pirates often sailed frigates or other smaller ships. Also they never really engaged much warships and were often trade hunters, or sacking towns. Paints and maybe clan flags is probably the most customization we will get
  9. Wyy

    Naval Action Meme collection

  10. Wyy

    Naval Action Meme collection

    well its not good to bully him on the forums anyway, dont get dragged down to his level, report his behavior and let the admins take care of it instead of making it a big deal
  11. Wyy

    Naval Action Meme collection

    cant wait for naval action battle royale
  12. seems logical since you wouldnt sew a hole while the sail is up in the rigging, you would have to take the sail down = loose speed) before you put it back up. Also maybe increase splinter damage to crew when you do hull repair because the crew are infact next to the side to plug holes.
  13. Wyy

    Penetration difference 18-24

    why not? if the ships while in port has no maintenance and you receive maintenance cost on them maybe it wouldnt be so many 1st rates in each battle making it more realistic. Also people wouldnt have the money to always use the most expensive mods on all their ships, though they need some balancing of course. Maybe even it would be to expensive to afford a full first rate fleet with 42 pd cannons so maybe a few ship could afford to be top gunned. I dont know how much they would have to increase/decrease damage, reload, pen on the different cannons, but that also needs to be in the concideration
  14. Wyy

    Penetration difference 18-24

    maybe maintanance cost on all ships? increase the maintanance cost to scale with what kind of modules used, guns installed and the wear on the ship over time. This would make it expensive to sail around with the most expensive line ships which should historically only be used for conquest and larger battles, not just solo open world tour the Caribbean sailing. This would also make it somekind of high risk high reward, and make it viable to use cannons that are not so expensive but yet punch out alot of damage