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  1. Fog in the battle?

    true, couldnt see shit, had to use map all the time to see where i could somewhat aim. But fog during normal seas could be awesome as well and not only in storms. There is fog in OW, so it should be brought into the battle as well instead of getting completely clear weather
  2. up to a certain rank i would agree, 350 crew rank or something
  3. dont join dutch, our clan need more content
  4. so you can be max rank on eu server then redeem xp and be the grand admiral of the Imperial fleet?
  5. Hull Repair added?

    i looked through all of the officers, and i couldnt find anyone that does it, do you know anything about it?
  6. I was in battle today and i noticed something, a mercury was hull repairing, is this something you recently added? how i know is because i damaged his armour on one side and structure down to 0% and he was even on fire, but his hp was regenning so i had to keep him down with single shots to make sure he died.I asked in all chat and didnt get answer and even in global no one knew about it. But is this a new feature most players here i guess just doesnt know about has been added?
  7. Report Players for chat/game abuse

    2+2 is 4 minus 1 thats 3 quick mafs
  8. yeah they could also just do that, but by having an open battle with free join area it will get avoided because then a scout can jump into the battle to see where the fleet is and inform the screening fleet on where to join
  9. But i did fix it the join Area circle is the same as in missions, aka you can join from any location you want
  10. There has been added timer until you can join PB after login so you could dodge screening fleets, but now a new mechanic is being exploited to dodge screening fleets, hiding in PvP battles before PB, under is the solution against this. "A port is under attack and there is dangerous waters for everyone around the port. The risk on setting sail until the port has been decided is huge, and the hostility around the port is big because of this, who knows? Is there an enemy behind the horizon, or is there a ship around that island waiting for the perfect moment to strike those that tries to smuggle their valuables out from the port?". ---- UNLIMITED JOIN TIMER FOR PVP BATTLES AROUND CONTESTED PORTS ---- This will stop the exploit on hiding in closed pvp battles until pb starts, and will open up more pvp content. If you devs make it so you could join as you could in outlaw battles would be great, so you could intercept the enemy in battle this would do so you couldn't enter the battle and sail miles away making it as the old hide in battles mechanic, and you wouldnt be able to have a join circle on land. I dont see any cons with this option and it will stop the exploiting which have developed the latest days or for how long it has been done.
  11. Hardcore pvp server

    if you think about it you can think of the queue to be your afk sailing and then you get tagged into battle
  12. Hardcore pvp server

    malachy come on, you are basically asking for naval action legends
  13. game is literally unplayable for me because of this
  14. i can also add that it tries to reconnect me to other battles, thats when i get kicked out to the lobby with my ship still in battle. Sometimes it connects to the right one and i can then play through the rest of the match.