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  1. can we place contracts on equal prices? e.g there is a contract for 100 long 24pd 5000 each, i can put up a new contract on 50 long 24pd also on 5000 each. Is this possible?
  2. Wyy

    Suggested priorities for further development

    Add Agamemnon to that list aswell
  3. Wyy

    Flags Flags Flags

    Flags of pyrate? You where are,
  4. Wyy

    HMS Victory

    Well ships in Real Life rarely sunk unless it was shot beneath the waterline, the ships delivered devastating damage to the crew because of wood splinters, it would then often go into boarding or surrendering. Also this game needs muskets, grenades and swivel guns option out of boarding mode, and the 8kn boarding function compensated well for that but i dont get it why they changed it back to 3.5kn
  5. i've seen several missions paying 250 doubloons, although hard ones and away from safe areas, but thats i guess the risk/reward game
  6. if player made SoLs are expensive it wil become more varied IF its a ship wipe, because else we will have 1 or 2 nations with full first rate fleets that steamrolls everything. It will also be good when you can board and keep an AI SoL because you know its a shit build because you dont know if it has 1 upgrade slot or 5 and it will always be crew space so it will get slaughtered by a crafted player ship, the only thing it would be good for is fireship and rageboarding
  7. Wyy

    Repair Balancing

    If you get caught by gankers that can catch up those several sail repairs wont help much anyway since you would be pretty much dead before you can hit off the 2nd one
  8. Wyy

    Repair Balancing

    Its obviously not balanced if you can repair and comeback 4 times without a single scratch to your ship. Even its a game thats not a healthy mechanic
  9. Are we going to be able to lock several windows like we can do in the Open World? so we dont have to move each individual window if i would have to open warehouse and it pops up in an unconvenient space
  10. Wyy

    Suggestion for the next big update

    fill up the port with shallow ships then have the deep water ships anchored outside. Also in that way the anchors would be made to use, also closed gunports
  11. Wyy

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    Wouldnt it be better if it cost Reals instead of Doubloons to teleport? If its going to cost Doubloons some numbers needs seriously balancing
  12. Wyy

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    ooooooh no.. ohhh dear.. 😥😥😥😥😥😥
  13. Wyy

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    you can actually change the sea by making afk sailing dangerous e.g. adding wear to the ship if it runs aground or sails into a big storm in full sails, could and should cause damage to the rigging. This also happened during realtime (looking at the aftermath of Battle of Trafalgar). It would be annoying yes, but also immersive and people would think twice before going afk. Yes i know it wont be high prioritized but saying you cant do it is kind of wrong. could also add collectible soundtrack which the crew occasionally plays, or even in game playlist, havent checked the suggestion section but i would imagine someone has already suggested this.
  14. Wyy

    Flags Flags Flags

    the real question is, where is the pirate flag?
  15. Wyy

    Repair Balancing

    limiting repairs would also make ships/upgrades get destroyed more frequently, which would also make the economy better