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  1. yeah it would have to be done in a different way, but instead of using real money the leftover xp from a ship goes into the captains chest as pvp experience which you can use on other ships
  2. Thats when the xp gain system from World of Tanks and World of Warships comes in, when a ship is fully unlocked you can use the xp from that ship in further battles and send them over to your first rate. would of course be lower amount of xp needed further encouraging people to unlock levels with pvp instead of pve
  3. people will get their pvp experience even though they sink. right now if you were to 1v1 anyone for 30 mins and sink or get captured you sit there with nothing in return, i feel that is some of the things that could be fixed with this idea.
  4. Wyy

    Wipe on release, 3-4 months?

    im all for, its actually to be expected, would give new players a chance to establish and old players to return without the feeling of being far behind. Dont think there are any MMO's that has let players continue with their xp gained from Test Phases. Yes all the grind until that day would have been for nothing, but I enjoyed it and it would for my case encourage me to do it again.
  5. well it is all most like this already anyway, everyone have a l'ocean live oak/white oak, some are sailing a 3/5 others 5/5 some have nortern master carps and nortern carps combo, some have only one. Yes its an advantage to have a better equipped ship, but its by no means necessary in RvR because it all comes down to experience and team play. I can see the then problem with OW pvp in 1st rates to grind the slots, but what if we then implement what they have in WoTs and WoWs where if you are using a fully unlocked vehicle/ship you get bonux experience which you can set on any other ship. For instance you sail a Trincomalee with fully unlocked pvp slots, if you then pvp in that ship and gain xp you can place in on your first rate which is in port.
  6. well you could still unlock the use of first rate, but you would have to do pvp/rvr with it to be able to use the "Elite knowledge's". Of course for traders it would be some kind of lets say trade goods from point a to b for x amount of gold, those would be called Trade experience or something involved around trading.
  7. Unless devs have a very good plan for encouraging pvp, what if you have PvE Ship Knowledge and PvP Ship knowledge. Keeping the normal combat(PvE) experience for when you are in battle where you do damage and sink AI and then you have call it e.g. War (PvP) Experience which is granted ONLY by doing damage to an enemy player and to avoid sink dodging the pvp experience is given to the ones that have assist or kill on the sunk/surrendered/captured ship. It would work in similar way as in patrol zone where instead of getting nothing, you actually get pvp experience on your ship. This could also develop into something further, maybe unlocking different types of ships? Just spreading my thoughts on the topic since all the pvp happens mostly around reinforcement zones.
  8. Wyy

    Hoist the Colors!

    at the same time the timer counts down from 30 to 0 until battle starts the ships that have entered the battle start to hoist their colours, would be a nice touch indeed
  9. are the use of rookie ships including ai? if so, you're implying people doing 7th rate missions where rookie ships spawn other people jump in and kill the player before the rookie ship sinks. Or do you mean people actually sail out doing pvp in rookie ships? because i've never seen them in pvp by players.
  10. if the hitboxes on the requin are fixed e.g. making it able to decrew it with grape over the open deck i think alot of problems would be fixed, right now as it is it has no counter than other requins.
  11. Wyy

    GB political situation

    forgot ai 😥
  12. Wyy

    We tried again but ... eh ... bye.

    I would advice you to do mission elsewere but the capital since you now know that is the hotspot area for PvP because people dont discover the map
  13. Wyy

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    The problem is that the 10k pbs are the same l’ocean + requins mic in the pbs making them less exciting aswell as people probably have 5 first rates on the second hand without a cost which basically makes it a no risk if you want to have a 1st rate compared to a 3rd rate
  14. The requin should be pretty much Ok when the hitboxes are fixed so a Stern rake actually do something, and a broadside of grape over the open deck slaughters the crew that it has so many of
  15. Lets see if the hitboxes are fixed if you now on an open deck ship fire a broadside of grape basically 50% +/- of the crew should die, then i can live with the rest on requin because as it is now it has no weaknesses