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  1. English Civil War Mod

    Any progress on that?
  2. English Civil War Mod

    Because that could potentially take years and they may not even do it.
  3. English Civil War Mod

    Which ever the game APK is in. Do you know how we might find out?
  4. English Civil War Mod

    Because I think UGG is a smaller scale game that would work better for this concept, since UGCW is far more about the campaign map, which would take ages to edit.
  5. English Civil War Mod

    Hello all. Would anyone be interested in an ECW mod for this game? The work wouldn't be too extensive, we would need to change brigade names, add "pike units", increase cavalry, redesign units and objective names would be updated. (And obviously, maps could be the same, just with different names. Possibly a battle like Marston Moor in which both sides were more or less equal?? If you have ANY coding, modding or graphical experience or just ideas for the mod should it be produced, please reply.