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  1. should've been around before the dynamic campaign patch change....
  2. Wright29


    swing your units way to the south of Mcpherson's Ridge and occupy the lower part of Seminary Ridge. You can use that as a launching point to attack the town or attack Cemetery Hill quickly. It's quite defensible and the Union will turn into the attackers for a part of the battle. Don't repeat history's mistakes! Also it's definitely winnable after the 1st day- Pickett's Charge scenario is quite easy to win by attacking the southern objective. Rather anti-climactic if you ask me.
  3. Wright29

    Just Wondering

    Why make a literal cloud between the player and his troops?
  4. Wright29

    Just Wondering

    No more smoke. It would be awful.
  5. Wright29

    why won't the enemy attack

    Well everyone was complaining about suicidal AI so they made smarter AI that saves its forces for later battles via the dynamic campaign function. Not quite perfect yet but it's getting there.
  6. Wright29

    General Lee?

    Those are the only complete units you get. After all, this game is about creating your own army with unique unit histories.
  7. Wright29

    Enemy skirmisher weapons still scary?

    .91 patch enemy skirmishers were equipped with Spencer Carbines by 1st Winchester before Gaines' Mill. I have some sniper units and am still not sure if scaling is sort of a thing anymore. .92 patch is in testing anyway, so testing might prove moot anyway.
  8. Wright29

    Suggestion: show our units' veterancy stars

    The stars are definitely there and always have been, unless you have an army of all rookies.
  9. Wright29

    UGCW Feedback v0.90+

    MG and Legendary you will basically not be able to completely deplete the enemy forces. That is intended. Also keep in mind that the intelligence report number is not the exact same as the actual number of enemies you'll face in the next battle.
  10. Wright29

    Union Win

    The frustrating part of Richmond is the opening day and how reinforcements just pop up in random places on my rear. I've beaten the damn thing on every level, but my first time on Colonel was probably the hardest just because I didn't know where to spawn camp.
  11. Wright29

    Cold Harbor Deployments from Day to Day

    Shiloh is the one people rage about the most I think.
  12. Wright29

    Cold Harbor Deployments from Day to Day

    Thing is you can end a battle in the middle of a melee, a rout, with AI units in your rear. There aren't always static battle lines. What happens then? Do you just pop right back up exactly where you left off with literally everything in the exact same place?
  13. Wright29

    Fixed enemy strength

    People freak out about the autoscaling but it's pretty reasonable on Colonel. Fixed Strength can be quite difficult in battles where your side historically lost.
  14. Wright29

    Fixed enemy strength

    That is not true. The Fixed Strength is set for every scenario regardless of player performance in past scenarios. It does not scale to the player's army like it does in the other modes.
  15. Wright29

    Gaines Mill and Malvern Hill

    From what I understand, in this patch the numbers in the Fixed Strength are basically exactly what they are in the Historical Battle. If you play the Historical Battle of Gaines' Mill, you will see similar numbers. A basic issue is that this sort of ignores the player's progression or "ramping up" over the course of the campaign. This makes the beginning part hard and the ending part far easier than the regular campaign. Fixed Strength is very far from being a Very Easy mode. In many ways it is harder since rewards are 25% less, you can get creamed quite easily by overwhelming numbers, and if you start to lose battles you can fall behind macro-wise.