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  1. Lillibullero

    No Multiplayer in future confirmed by Dartis.

    "I don't personally need this particulary feature, so I don't want anyone else to have it either"
  2. Lillibullero

    Cavalry Melee penalty in woods is to extreme

    20pdr Parrots is very good now, even better than 24pdr howitzers imo, because of that long range of the shells and canister.
  3. Lillibullero

    Cavalry Melee penalty in woods is to extreme

    2 things are weird in this game: 1. Mounted shock cavalry in deep forest. 2. Artillery firing from the deep forest.
  4. Lillibullero


    in current shock cav balance I will skip this battle, impossible to deal with so many skirms.
  5. Lillibullero


    You can put your 3 corps at the Salem Church, and first two at the Chancellorsville
  6. Lillibullero

    Wilderness and Spotsylvania

    Chattanuga (Missionary Ridge) and Spotsylvania would be very interesting. But Wilderness is just blood bath.
  7. Lillibullero

    Optional beta to test possible Freeze fix

    this beta fix FPS drop in some situations?
  8. Lillibullero

    Recent changes make Fredricksburg battle completely broken

    can someone explain how cover works after last hotfix?
  9. Lillibullero


    Can we have sappers in the game, small brigades max 1000 man with standart muskets and axes with ability to build breastworks and other defences one or two times per battle. price of units are 2x in comparsion with standart brigades. And maybe small pontoon too.
  10. Lillibullero

    Brigade size 2500 worth it?

    Usually I use 1500-2000 brigades size, but sometimes thats not enough. I use 3-4 big brigades with good melee and morale stats and with general aura for the breakthrough of enemy lines on important positions.
  11. 1. Start the game 2. Start the campaign on the hard 3. git gut 4. git gutter 5. git guuuutter 6. win
  12. Lillibullero

    24lber howitzers.

    I found that 12 pdr whitworth is pretty good arty, because of high accuracy and very good range. And they have increased range of the canister shot, thats helps a lot.