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  1. CaptainKanundrum

    UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    I, too would be curious to know how it works. I've seen some battles where it did limit the opponents army size, but haven't always been clear on how they count army size, training or equipment levels. Particularly with respect to the minor battles. Are the minor battles connected to the intelligence reports?
  2. CaptainKanundrum

    UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Fantastic job Soldier
  3. CaptainKanundrum

    A few idea to add a lil more to the game

    I really like the role playing ideas you have suggested. I've always been sad that when a brigade gets totally destroyed you lose all history about it. There's no record of its past heroic deeds. I would like a Hall of the Fallen or something.
  4. CaptainKanundrum

    UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Good to know, thanks Nick!
  5. CaptainKanundrum

    UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Congratulations! Is there a change log from 0.97 to 1.0?
  6. CaptainKanundrum

    UGCW Feedback v0.90+

    I have seen this as well. I didnt think to report it as a bug at the time. I will do so the next time I see it.
  7. CaptainKanundrum

    What's Your Favorite Battle?

    Shiloh is my favourite battle as well. The scale of the battle matches what I want to have to deal with. The separation and then linking together of the different parts of the battle was excellently done. The terrain was exciting and varied considerably in short distances. Lots of room for maneuvering. The pace of the battle was quick which I really liked! I really felt the pressure. I also really enjoyed Gettysburg for similar reasons.
  8. CaptainKanundrum

    UGCW Feedback v0.90+

    Hey guys, what is this "localization of dynamic campaign" which is supposed to be added with patch 0.95?
  9. CaptainKanundrum

    UGCW Feedback v0.90+

    Still playing CS campaign on BG difficulty. On 2nd Battle of Bull Run. I am having an absolute blast with this patch. The devs and testing team really do need a huge thank you for putting so much effort into this game. I would, and have already, recommended this game to friends. Note: I am still Bug reporting, and I will probably post another comment similar to this when I get further through the campaign.
  10. CaptainKanundrum

    UGCW Feedback v0.90+

    My game had the same number of brigades as usual. 3 infantry brigades and two skirmisher units if I remember correctly.
  11. CaptainKanundrum

    General Lee?

    Well said! I really do like having Forrest and the iron brigade as reward able units though. It makes them feel super special and I'm always proud to have them serve in my 1st Corps. A few real baddies to teach the others how it's done.
  12. CaptainKanundrum

    Suggestion: show our units' veterancy stars

    In both locations
  13. CaptainKanundrum

    Suggestion: show our units' veterancy stars

    I believe that your game is glitching. My units do show their veterancy stars.
  14. CaptainKanundrum

    UGCW Feedback v0.90+

    So I'm pretty excited for this patch! Koodos to the Dev team for making the extra effort! Currently playing Confederate campaign at BG, just about to do Shiloh battle. Thoughts are: 1. I notice that scaling still exists on the minor battles. I'm just curious if this will continue to be true, or if the devs are just awaiting feedback on the current system. Also wondering what amount of scaling exists on the minor battles, i.e. if the enemy guns are also still scaling. 2. Firing arcs on fortified units are great 3. Noise associated with information pop-ups make the battle events unmissable, but are not too in your face. Good job. 4. AI is much better and I'm having a blast so far. Newport News still has some weird decisions where only a single skirmisher unit attacks the city for the first half of the battle. 5. I'm still exploiting the Detach Skirmishers command in order to hold my units. A little bit weird that i use that command instead of the Hold command to hold my units.
  15. CaptainKanundrum

    UGCW Feedback v0.80

    One comment I have about this game related to this. The tutorial Confederate mission in the campaign is shockingly difficult for what could be the first battle ever played. I personally thought it was a fun challenge, but I could imagine a lot of people being turned off by it. I also just thought it was weird that there were easier missions like Newport News after it. I would have suggested Newport news as the tutorial mission as it has many different types of terrain and units as well as being a defensive mission.