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    Repair Balancing

    I play every day and while I don’t moan about this issue, I do think repairs need some refinement. I like that we decide how many repairs we take and how our decisions affect ow and battle speed. It also requires thought before and during a patrol. The problem with repairs can be solved IMO by reducing the stackable repairs bonuses, repeated repairs giving diminishing returns, and increasing cooldown between repairs significantly. Repairs should infinitely drop and sell in every port.
  2. Farrago

    NPC Trader need Fleet Ships

    Didn’t they have AI traders with AI escort right after patch 10? Although I don’t have much interest in attacking them, why not put them back?
  3. Farrago

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    I don’t teleport to avoid playing the game. I teleport so that I can do MORE things in the game in the time I have available. Encourage OW sailing away from the reinforcement zones because that’s where the rewards, trade goods, ship building goods, and glory is. It will be far more effective than “punishing” the teleport. It doesn’t need to be free, but costing doubloons seems too severe. And give the teleport fee to the clan who owns the port.
  4. Farrago

    Flags Flags Flags

    Grey - more of a feeling of foreboding, bad weather, and danger. The blue is pretty but implies more of a pleasure cruise. I vote grey.
  5. Farrago

    My port, my monopoly.

    I agree. Gameplay > Realism. That’s why I’m against scurvy, real world wind patterns, realistic sailing times, and all kinds of other simulator ideas. But right now the ability of my alt to craft a Cartagena Refit in Cartagena, plop it in his Captains Chest, teleport to his outpost in a Freetown, Give it to my character who puts it in his Captains Chest, teleports to my shipyard and plops it on a ship discourages all kinds of Game Play. The waters outside the most valuable ports should be the most dangerous in the game. Instead, they are very quiet.
  6. Farrago

    My port, my monopoly.

    Remove upgrades from the Captains Chest. It makes more sense that books should be there instead. That way tar or copper have to either be sailed out of the port, or the upgrades do, or installed on a ship in that port. It will make it more complicated for alts to use those rare resources.
  7. Farrago

    Caribbean Invasion News

    You know, the British fleet that was Russian, that was Dutch, that was Swedish. I believe you’re hearing that HAVOC plans to prop up Poland if necessary.
  8. Farrago

    Port Eco

    I very much like the idea of owning clan getting a cut of the gold spent in resource production in their port.
  9. Farrago

    Griefing - Dbl 00 Buck

    I don't believe any of us Dutch have accused Gregory of sealclubbing or targeting newbies. He has always been known to be an honorable player.
  10. Farrago

    Griefing - Dbl 00 Buck

    Seriously? I’m consider myself fair and and usually able to see all sides to an argument but this specific situation doesn’t seem to have anything to do with sportsmanship or the lack thereof. I guess sportsmanlike would be if you only engaged a single first rate in your first rate but no one is advocating such “sportsmanship” in NA. We have a problem with mechanics in battle. Is there a problem with post battle spawn locations being exactly known? Yes. It’s also a problem that an artificial timer determines if forces can join a battle or not. But the idea of a lighter ship slowing and shadowing with a goal of bringing heavier ships to bear is a valid tactic. That is what happened. You raided Dutch waters in a lone L’Ocean for much of yesterday. The idea that we would not respond because it was your bed time and you wanted to get your first rate back to home waters is preposterous. I was in the last squadron headed out to attempt to get you. Ultimately we decided to turn back. We made several mistakes in our responses to your incursion. You made the mistake of getting stuck deep in enemy territory in a slow but powerful ship. You ultimately fought your way out gaining — as you said on Global — the top spot on the PVP board. Griefing without the intention of combat is bad. But that’s not what happened here. The Dutch were looking to fight and since you were in our waters in a 1st Rate, I assume you were too. We just weren’t headed to bed yet. Fair sails.
  11. Farrago


    I disagree that it should be an extra perks - it should go with the fleet perk. But then, I think Fleet 1 should be not be a perk but every Captain should have it. Transferring to fleet ship should take 2 minutes with sails down just like log out and not be able to be cancelled.
  12. How about some basic window management such as ability to close all popups, cascade, or minimize....
  13. Farrago

    Bring back Outlaw Battles!

    ALTS seem to be here to stay. There is zero financial incentive for devs to get rid of them plus I believe there is a STEAM terms of service issue as well. So, we need a way to police our own waters. Outlaw battles and more clan port ownership tools are the only way I know to do this.
  14. Farrago

    Tow to Port

    The key to the traders' success, and in my opinion, more fun for traders, is a developed economy which makes the goods you are carrying have value to your nation and it's war/national effort rather than just a means to make one player rich. A trader bringing a load of needed ship building or war fighting materials for my clan can get support and escort. A player making a killing on historical artifacts is out of luck if others don't have the time nor inclination to stop what they're doing to come help.
  15. Farrago

    OW Navigation

    I'm totally in favor of removing the exact F11 coordinates IF there was a little better navigation aids on map. Hourly rough estimates? Marked points, hilltops, mountains, other features on map? Compass direction with telescope view? Ability to draw lines of bearing on map?
  16. Farrago

    The problem of leaving battle

    60 seconds invisibility and hyperspeed that begins when sails go up or 120 seconds whichever comes first. No logging out but you have time to run and pee. After the invisibility, you have 120 more seconds when you can not tag or be tagged. If you've put enough distance between yourself and the enemy or hidden well enough, you'll have time to log out. If they can still get you, there's too many, it's too good of a trap, and you're screwed.
  17. Farrago

    True Economy: An Experiment and Vote

    I dream of the day when not only is there no Euro trader but all trade goods and mods are produced by players and consumed by ports or players. Ports need whiskey or violins or jewels to be happy and functioning. I dream of the day when sinking a trader costs the enemy, not just a player, when a vibrant economy benefits the warrior and the trader. But I have impossible dreams...
  18. Farrago

    Knowledge Books Used for Upgrades

    To craft the perm, you need an unread copy of the book. That book will be "consumed" when you craft the perm. So to 3 perm mods of this type, you'll need 3 book copies. The skill would be learned by reading yet another copy.
  19. I always wondered why my crew equipped with axes would wait until after the enemy has boarded me (and even several "rounds" later) to start cut the grappling ropes.
  20. Farrago


    A proper economy won't care about ALTS. ALTS, if they're going to exist, should provide additional needed production and additional needed consumption: basically full participants in the economy. But right now they are just competitors for resources which appear at intervals from thin air.
  21. The trouble is we can remove the magic info of crew numbers and damage percentages but we can’t — for technical reasons — provide the more realistic alternative: what a Captain would see to determine ship and crew damage levels. So, guessing based on unrealistic visual info would just be not fun. Maybe someday our computers and virtual reality programming will be up to the task, but not now.
  22. Vergeef alstublieft de google vertaling. Ik zeil voor de Nederlanders maar tijdens Noord-Amerikaanse tijdzones. Ik heb deze clan niet gezien. Neem contact op met iemand van clan VWIC. Ik denk dat ze Nederlands zijn en actief in het spel. Please forgive the google translation. I sail for the Dutch but during North American timezones. I have not seen this clan. Contact someone from clan VWIC. I think they are Dutch and active in game.
  23. Farrago

    Delete contracts of previous nation in port

    Or, it’s not unreasonable to imagine that all goods that have been purchased but not paid for — unclaimed but filled contracts — are seized by the capturing nation. Contracts have too long a period anyway. Make contracts 7 days.
  24. Farrago

    Crafting gold ships

    Hmm. 10 of 17 you got an additional bonus and of the other 7 ships, 3 got extra slots. You look quite lucky. Only 4 out of 17 plain vanilla ships.
  25. I don't know @Hethwill the Harmless and I don't recall ever sailing with him or even against him, but I do follow the forums closely and I do watch Global and Help chat. We can't know whether or not he tested in an unbiased way but based on all I've seen on the forums and in game, he seems to genuinely want to improve the game for all. He's passionate about the game being a fun and a good, complex game, not just one where he always wins.