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  1. Naval Action Meme collection

    And some accuse this game of lacking content...
  2. Caribbean Invasion News

    We wouldn't expect anything different. I think all nations will discover that speaking with one voice is going to be a challenge with the game happening 23 hours a day.
  3. Caribbean Invasion News

    Thanks for taking the time to explain your point of view. Apparently we've run in to an instance when different time zone players don't know what the other times are doing. I believe Makrian le Sage is a European player as -- I think -- all LIONS are. Maybe if eventually there is clan based warfare, things will go differently. Please allow me to explain something -- not to change anything you, or your clan, or your nation is doing -- but just so you know. By the way, the following is just my observations based on playing with a particular group of Dutch players on the Global Server for a long time. The core Dutch who play primarily during North American primetime -- the former Global players -- have for the most part been Dutch for years. We've seen the ebb and flow of our nation's fortunes. Over those years, we've learned that councils don't work. They also mean little. A bunch of roleplay around alliances, diplomacy, homelands, ports, historical ports, etc are sort of silly in this game as there is no government, no developed alliance mechanic, nor is there any way for nations to assure their members follow these agreements. But we do our best to follow them and expect those with whom we make an agreement to do the same. There's no single act of aggression or friendship that establishes war or peace for us. They're just pixels. Ports, port ownership, and land are relatively unimportant to a nation that is never going to be the victory mark winner. So our attitude has always been help when it helps us (or is just fun) and attack those who need attacking (or because it is fun). I really can't apologize that some Dutch took Guanica in violation of an agreement you had (or thought you had) with them since no one I know had anything to do with such an agreement. Bad communication sucks. But I do remember wondering at the time why Dutch were attacking up there even tho the port was NEUTRAL. Anyway, it looks like you got it back. Cool. It's highly unlikely you will ever hear one of us beg you not to attack our nation or a specific port. Cojoro is a VNM port. Someone promised to give you something they didn't own. Sorry. That unknown Dutch player who promised you that didn't mention it to VNM either. The game defines what is and isn't a nation's port by the existence of those ports being uncapturable inside a safe zone. All other ports are up for grabs. So... one (four) port the Dutch or not. Or try to, or not. It will probably prove to be expensive and boring for you to do, but hey, as long as you're having fun. Since we don't particularly care for port battles, it won't change our game play much, but we'll probably show up for some. I'll remind again, I'm only speaking from the perspective of a former global Dutch player. Who knows how the European based Dutch plan to proceed. Fair winds.
  4. Unequal battles

    Found it I think.
  5. Unequal battles

    I believe he's referring to this:
  6. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    If the population gets up to 2500 we're gonna need more freeports and regular ports.
  7. Caribbean Invasion News

    Since a good sized portion of the Dutch nation -- the North American timezone players -- has no idea what you're talking about regarding broken agreements and peaceful negotiations would you mind clarifying. We don't mind fighting you and don't care very much about ports won or lost but it would be helpful to know what the kerfuffle is about. We respect agreements and are certainly willing to listen to your side. With whom have you been negotiiating and about what because we have yet to hear? Perhaps you're just roleplaying? Fine. It gives you an excuse to take ports during your primetime while attempting to deflect criticism. I get that.
  8. Can't join battle

    Still happening. Yesterday an GB enemy tagged one of our Dutch guys. The friendly had the smuggler flag so it started a GB v Pirate battle. 3 of us Dutch were unable to join our "Pirate" buddy.
  9. Developers - Please Remove the Diolkos

    And please keep join circles off the land as well.
  10. [HEART] Hearts of Oak

    I'm guessing Great Britain?
  11. Snowfall

    They really need to adjust the BR on the Inger to reflect its catapulting abilities. That or fix this bug. I’m sure they’re trying to figure it out. I had a dead Inger that I tapped flip my Indefatigable a couple of weeks ago and there are other reports as well.
  12. How do repairs work duration v amount

    I need a 1000 hp (or 100 hp) boat ‘cuz I don’t do maths. Lol
  13. Arranged 1v1s - a problem?

    Duel room is a good idea. I’d prefer a no permanent loss and no reward so it could be used for training. If folks want to use it for more, they can place their gold or mark wagers privately.
  14. Takes too long to sink with chain shot

    Gawd don’t I know it. I was helping a mate grind a slot in his Indiaman in fleet missions and since he was in a trade ship, even tho I wasn’t, the AI were chaining the crap out of my sails!
  15. New Player Exeprience - 3 v 1???

    Yes. I really hope that the final tutorials include either an FAQ or other instruction on how the perk system and knowledge slot system work. The community can also do a FAQ but I’d feel better about the time commitment required after the Devs get their UI in place.
  16. How do repairs work duration v amount

    So if you have a perk or mod that increases your repair percentage above the base 25%, you’ll use more repairs per instance?
  17. Port Wipe

    Sigh. What is the global gaming population + population like myself who otherwise plays no games but is interested because of this games theme? Some may have quit because of timers or lack of but the reasons why we don’t have 2k, 3k, 10k or greater players at any one time are far more complex than timers.
  18. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    Perhaps you shouldn’t commit to any specific national colors. Reprints of collateral materials can be expensive. https://imgur.com/gallery/S2TSt
  19. Le Reqin (Xebec) New Tease Picture

    Perhaps this will be the ship they award players who pass the tutorial exams.
  20. Port Wipe

    Perhaps it would prevent stuck conditions (where too many ports are “locked” behind timers) if there was a limit to the number of timers a nation can place. In fact, make it based on the “difficulty” level of a nation. You can place timers on half the number of ports you have in a safe zone. For example, the Dutch have 4 safe ports. We could place (and pay for) timers on 2 additional ports. I don’t know how many Spain has but let’s say 30. They could place 15 timers. “Impossible” nations are impossible. They have no protected ports so could place no timers.
  21. Clan-based RvR

    As I recall, the big problems with the War Company idea were it was rough for newbies and clanless players and the idea of capturable ports only in the middle of the map seemed limiting. Here’s how I’d do it. Clan wars are possible for both PVP and RVR outside their safe zone. Safe Zones remain similar (or smaller) to now. Within a nations safe zone, there is no green on green allowed for that nation. For example, within Dutch safe zone, no Dutch can attack or fight another Dutch. If a Swede on Swede battle was encountered in Dutch safe zone , Dutch could join either or both sides. Port status choices would be: Available For All, Available for Nation, Available for Clan and its Friendly Clans. Yea, outside the safe zone one could attack newbs and clanless players but I personally think a species that eats its young will ultimately dwindle away anyway.
  22. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    Please No! We don’t mind your cannon balls but your drama is too much.
  23. Ships should be in alphabetical order in craft screen

    Since we now have the whole RNG crafting ship color thing, I’d say sorting by color would confuse some.
  24. Can't join battle

    Yes. Either give it a meaningful purpose or get rid of it.
  25. The Death of a Nation

    Fortunately Churchill never had a Forged Papers redeemable.