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  1. Farrago

    Questions to developers

    I hope not. Do you really want to not be able to do what you want that day during your game session because of bad winds?
  2. Farrago

    Proper ability to scuttle ship

    Press scuttle button. All sails go down. All combatants get message Capt Farrago is abandoning ship. 3 minutes later, 75% of the time the ship blows up. If the ship is boarded prior to those 3 minutes elapsing, the timer stops and ship is not scuttled. (It would not be a boarding action but the simple X.)
  3. But how long should one be able to live sailing solo attacking in a nation's capital waters?
  4. Farrago

    War and Peace

    Clan owners should have options for their ports: Only clan access Only clans on friendly clan list Only nation access Open to all Green on green is allowed This encourages both clan and national diplomacy. It would give nations the ability to police their own waters. If clans don't cooperate or allow other clans in their ports would see a drop in tax revenue and could find themselves in a civil war. Clanless or solo players could form their own clan and establish relations with other clans or they could continue to go it alone using national ports or smuggling. A clanless player who wants to participate in RVR can temporarily join a port battle clan as a hired gun. A clan that farms its own new clanless or solo players could and should quickly arouse the ire of other clans. For all this to work well, at least clan affiliation should be visible in OW.
  5. Farrago

    PvE Experience and PvP Experience on ships

    I would be in favor of differing PVP vs PVE experience if it was part of an overall reputation system which is built -- or torn down -- by combat, trade, crafting, national participation, etc. even including a feedback from opponents. An "honor" score if you will.
  6. Farrago

    Caribbean Invasion News

    The French saving Hispaniola from Russians by attacking the Dutch. Not sure how I feel about that but we came knowing we were gonna die. I hope a few of them had fun as well... we Dutch did. We now know an exploding Frigate can kill everyone on a Hercules. Sorry, Redneck, those were good men.
  7. Farrago

    PVP rewards for ship return to port

    I'd take it even further: reduce PVP rewards for sinking the enemy; 3x PVP rewards for returning the prize to your nation's capitol. Prize if claimed for the PVP marks must be turned in to admiralty but you receive one of its permanent mods.
  8. Farrago

    [Tips] One liners.

    "Use superior numbers wisely. Your strength is in mutual support."
  9. Farrago

    Proper ability to scuttle ship

    I think we should have a scuttle button, but I think we should also have a game where the economy, economic warfare, and denying a ship to the enemy means something. Under the current conditions, who cares if another ship goes down.
  10. Farrago

    Idea: Dynamic NPC Nation Overlays...

    It would be helpful if @admin or someone with knowledge about the game's database design would chime in and briefly let us know what is possible mid to long term (since we know they are busy short-term). We come up with all these suggestions about clan wars, alliances etc. Perhaps it's impossible to have allied but foreign nation clans without redoing the whole data structure. Perhaps the reason clan wars never became a thing was because it just won't work with the database as we know it. Obviously at one time nation A could be allied with B and operate almost as the same nation. Maybe not now. Maybe it's too difficult or complicated to insert an additional layer of war/alliance on the clan level.
  11. I think this discussion may be more fruitful after the economy gets reworked. Basically, if the economy doesn't get fixed, this game is not going to ever experience significant population growth again. That being said, I played back when we had player voted alliances. At least on the global server, peace broke out and we sailed around just looking at each other because the biggest nations all ended up allied. It was boring. I know it's not historical, but clan based is the way to improve game play and provides the freedom and flexibility to move forward.
  12. I sail for the Dutch. I always have. I'm North American time zone so haven't had the chance to sail as much with the resurgent Dutch led by HAVOC and reenergized LIONS as I would have liked. But, my limited experience is they have played honorably. I assume they will continue to do so. I'd expect them to reap some of the rewards of their efforts while realizing the other Dutch clans did assist in many of their victories. Obviously if they open up the backdoor to Dutchlands to hostile forces, it will be very difficult for us. But we've been there before.
  13. Farrago

    Restrict access if port has a timer

    The larger timer window has been suggested before. It's a good suggestion. But... I wonder... What if a clan could have only one 6 hour window. All timers -- if set -- had to be within that window. But, that clan could only take hostility missions and set offensive port battles within that window as well.
  14. I was thinking the same thing.