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  1. Farrago

    Basic Upgrades

    As someone who kills a lot of big fleets of robots, I can tell you that your experience is atypical with those drops. But to the OP: I love the Basic Refits, especially Hull and Tackle.
  2. Farrago

    World Cup (annual event)

    3. Just kidding. @admin I like this idea. It will be far less complicated using the Legends code and putting captains in identical ships.
  3. You are free to complete all trade runs 30 minutes before server shut down but that’s not what you want, is it? If you’re on the water, you should be fair game. If you survive until shut down, you will be on open water at the same location when you relog.
  4. Farrago

    A Re-take to Regional Bonuses

    I don't recall how expensive in money and resources a level 3 shipyard is but it's a lot. Perhaps consider making it a little cheaper as presumably folks will move shipyards out to remote ports and lose them to capture as well. The ability to lock resources by clan would be good if there is a friendly clan list that can produce resources. If the choices are only single clan or everyone then it would be bad unless we go to clan wars. Regarding your last point about content, conquest, and PVP... The key is providing other means of attacking/hurting the conqueror besides the actual port battle. Raids and blockades. No magic wallet for upgrades. Ports having needs -- not just gold -- to keep them happy and producing. Basically ways to weaken the defender when a PB is impossible.
  5. Farrago

    The Nick's adventures

    Always glad to read these updates from Nick. Thank you for taking the time to write them. It makes the game richer for all of us.
  6. Farrago

    Issue with chain?

    Well yeah. Although you probably don't have to go to the fir-fir extreme. But if you're going to play open sea raider solo or in a very small group you're going to have to be fast and avoid decisive engagements. I guess it all goes down to how far one wants to pursue their role-play or play style. We've seen posts from Captains who sail light fast ships and pride themselves in pulling off the kills and staying alive: Knowing when to fight and when to run away. They want to keep that ship and crew just as a real life captain would have to. Others are out there pursuing the engagement. They want the fight and hope to have a positive kill to die ratio but know they will be sunk sooner or later. Neither idea is correct. They're just different.
  7. Farrago

    PvP rewards for boarding

    I believe it only works vs player ships that you capture, not AI. At least that's how my game behaves.
  8. Farrago

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    Obviously boarding needs a whole new process, but in the meantime... The value of Determined Defender is it puts the brakes on the instant rage boarding which is also IMO not realistic. It seems to be a tactic for those who have trouble winning a sailing/gunnery battle but they've got that whole clicky thing down. Perhaps the percentage requirement is too high but I don't think it is: 30% more crew is not a very high bar. Kill some crew while preserving your own... then you can board. For those thinking it is too high or want it removed, I'd like to hear examples of numbers scenarios between combat ships that they think don't make sense. The one I can think of is versus trade ships. Perhaps Determined Defender should not apply to trade ships?? But if you're going to nerf down (or remove) DD, then I would at least like to see a short malus after winning a boarding: a period of time when you would have to get your crew back on your own ship, get them untangled, cut the grappling ropes, get your crew up in the rigging, etc. I'd say something along the lines of a reload/rigging shock effect that lasts a significant amount of time (~1 min?). Basically boarding and being boarded is a traumatic event even for the victors and should reflect that.
  9. Farrago

    Bring Back Outlaw Battles for Every Nation

    Would it help solve the outlaw battle exploit if outlaw battles were like PVP zone. Win or die?
  10. Farrago

    Mission limits daily

    There should be an area on the PVP server that is no risk. It should be called Naval Academy and offer instant spawn battles vs AI. You could take any of your ships in with no chance of loss. It should give no gold and no XP. Otherwise, in game there is always going to be some element of risk dependent on when you sail, from which port, and for what country.
  11. Farrago

    lord protector?

    Sorry. In that case you need an alt within your own nation.
  12. Farrago

    lord protector?

    This option may not interest you, but perhaps it will others. If you want/need Victory Marks, don't want to buy them, and don't want to be part of a clan, at least develop a relationship with a clan that does RVR. Help them out. Let them see that you can sail and fight. Then when they have a PB and need another person, they'll probably let you join their clan for just long enough to fight the PB.
  13. Farrago

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Perhaps it's just local numerical superiority. (After the last Maracaibo PB)
  14. Farrago

    "Go to bed" log off

    Would it be crazy to "charge" 3 PvP marks for an exit to port? I don't know -- my head's not right this AM.
  15. Farrago

    Old issues and bugs

    Yep that happened to me a few weeks back.