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  1. Farrago

    Old issues and bugs

    Yep that happened to me a few weeks back.
  2. Farrago

    A new approach to Portbattles, with troop ships involved

    Obviously it would take some graphics work, but otherwise how difficult would it be to have the forts/towers function as "ships" commanded by player captains? Sailing model is simple: 0 turn rate, 0 max speed, 0 sailing physics. Massive armor, massive HP and Structure. Incredible crew protection for the large crew. Give them mortars as well as large guns. In most PB there would 3 of the 25 captains assigned to the forts. In order for the attacker to win a PB, they have to board and capture the forts.
  3. Farrago

    Now that chain is limited

    I'm sort of liking it. I like that chain hurts. Bad. But one doesn't have much of it. I've both given and received unpleasant surprises when one player is expecting a rake or broadside and in comes a massive hit from chain. And it seems that by working an opponents armor and sails, you make him make some crucial choices. When you do that, I don't suppose he thinks repairs are coming to quickly. If we increase repair time or cool down, I think we'd see less of the ebb and flow, change of momentum and advantage that makes the good battles good. I'd hate to lose that just to get rid of all the bad battles. The most dangerous opponent is the one who is such a good sailor and shooter that he can devote a lot of slots and perks to repair mods. It's not how quickly you can repair, it's how effectively.
  4. I'd love to be able to read the clan descriptions folks have entered. I'm sure some have historical reference.
  5. Farrago

    Please remove the 3 cancellations of combat mission

    This is an important point. Alot of us have become jaded on the rewards because we have played so many hours that we just don't need one more Coles Pump and we probably don't sail with Pellews Sights. But if you're new, having such knowledge or mods can really help your small ship. I still sail most ships with basic mods installed. And being able to sell a capped LGV for 100k means something to you when you are just starting to build the bank roll. SUGGESTION: Give ship XP, Gold, and Combat Marks for capping ships OUTSIDE the reinforcement zones. 1. It would provide a natural incentive for players to venture out once they feel ready 2. This is important for low ranking players allowing them to earn income while still gaining useful experience and combat marks. Farming abuse is not nearly as big a problem as new player integration and retention.
  6. You may have to have patience and repair more than once while running depending on how beat up you are. Or repair once, reengage, then run and repair again. It’s boring taking the whole 90 minutes but if that’s what it takes, do it.
  7. So if you switch nations, all your previously accrued points disappear from old nation and don’t transfer to new nation?
  8. I’ve always wondered if we could have a winning nation. EVERYTHING done by that nation’s players counts. Harvest oak? That’s some points, but not many. Sell violins? Points, but just a few. Craft? Yep, base it on Labor spent. Sink AI, youre giving your nation more points. Sink players, alot more points. Capture or succesfully defend a port. Alot of points. After some time, a winning nation would be declared, map reset, and start over. The top 30% point producers in the winning nation would get something shiny as a reward such as a banner he flies from his ships until next reset. And the beauty is ALT activity would earn points for a different nation than your “main” so you may want to think twice what you do with your ALT. But I honestly don’t know if anyone would care if their nation won. But I do think the game would improve if all player activity meant something.
  9. Farrago

    The Newbro Problem

    Hopefully in the future there will be more differentiation between the tutorials, intended to be completed by the brand new player, and the exams that are more suited to after they have some experience.
  10. While I think having folks carry money is a good thing, I'm not sure it will work if it has to happen for all transactions. There's a reason credit was created and used by this time. I'm not sure how credit could be implented in game.
  11. No, there are no hints/instruction/feedback on the exams. There is some instruction on the tutorials but my opinion is there needs to be more explanation of why different manuvers are done.
  12. Farrago

    Tutorial feedback 2

    I don't know what a new player sees after character creation but obviously there needs to be some way of making them aware of the tutorials. I assume in the new UI? There should be small rewards for completing each tutorial. Remember that new players may not complete them all in one sitting and they start out with 0 gold. Give a few gold for each completed step the first time it is completed. Perhaps a book or basic mod, progressively increasing the rewards. Time limits for tutorials and exams should be stated prior to start. Gunnery Tutorial You say something like "You can release the mouse by pressing Left CTRL". This seems unclear to me. I would explicitly explain it: "While in combat, you can freely move the mouse cursor to make selections by holding the Left CTRL." Demasting - I agree with some others that it is a pain that the guns keep reloading so fast that you can't keep track when you are on target. It's also not how the guns work in game. Have the reload happen while shooting at the normal speed so if someone is shooting very slowly, he'll see that eventually you are using the same gun but if all guns go empty, instant reload. Since I am not a demaster, this as well as the demasting exam were good practice for me. Sailing Tutorial - no issues noted but I'd recommend there be more explanation of when and why these manuvers are used. Special Maneuvers Dead in to the wind "Set your yards perpendicular to the wind" but you never say to reraise your sails (They were lowered to 0% in previous step to stop ship). Pursuit and Capture You say to aim at the sails and reduce to 60%, you don't mention beginning the pursuit. When repairing sails the tip says something like you can only repair sails and hulls at the same time every 12 minutes (or something like that). That is actually incorrect. You can't repair sails and hull at the same time ie concurrently. I think there's a translation mistake there. "You can repair either sails or hull, but not both, during a 12 minute repair cycle" would be perhaps more accurate. Exams Was urgent repair ever explained? If your ship is equipped with repairs, tell the player in advance and also warn them to loot repairs from captured or sunk ships. Demasting Exam I've never been much of a demaster. It took me about 6 tries to complete this with the last couple killing the second mast just a little over 10 min. I'd warn players that you mean take down both masts, not Endurance Exam In the description, I would warn the new player in advance that by "Endurance" you mean that the player will need to defeat a new enemy after destroying the first. Final Exam I tried numerous times with more traditional tactics of trying to get in to position, angle hull, make shots count, etc. It was not until I watched a couple of videos and saw that either players were demasting the AI or rage boarding that I got close. However, since I'm not usually a demaster nor a boarder, this was a huge challenge. Heel is huge but I assume it's the same as with a stock Cerb. In fact, if you're still having trouble with the final, it wouldnt be a bad idea to take a Cerb out in open water or do some 5th rate missions to get the feel again. Success was with trying to board right away. - I couldn't get a board (G) immediately. I had switched off guns to increase board prep so when I finally did get the first guy boarded, I had 100% prep but I had taken 20-30 casualties already perhaps due to the increased casualty rate of board prep sailors. - Won boarding action using the Get-Enemy-on-Defend and Shoot-His-Ass with cannons method. - By the time I won the first boarding action, I was down to 90 crew and had a fresh AI with 180+ to face. I switched ships to the AI Cerb, transferred all repairs, sank my original Cerb, then tried weakening the remaining AI a bit before running. (I'd already used rum during the boarding.) I don't know how much benefit I got from using the AI's Cerb. It sure felt stronger. - I ran for 2 repair cycles and one rum cycle and then reengaged with 140 crew v 180 - I was able to get him down to about the same amount of damage I had, both sides at <50%. Basically it would be who could land the next solid broadside. I decided to disengage for another repair. Ran until I could do a rum and a hull repair. - Reengaged with my sides in slightly better shape than enemy, my structure significantly better, and 178 v 177 crew. 28 minutes left. I also could have repaired ship in a couple of more minutes but I don't want to wait anymore. Exam completed with 22 minutes left.
  13. This could be very interesting. I like the idea of having to carry money. It also sounds like you're going to have a free-floating currency market? That sounds quite complicated for the game. It might even be a replacement for PVP and Combat Marks? Anyway, I like that you're thinking outside the box and eagerly await further details.
  14. Was there ever an answer regarding the Herc and clock rewards for completing the tutorial? Are they one-time lose-it-its-gone or do they somehow reginerate like the yacht?
  15. Has @admin actually answered that it will not be a permanent redeemable? He said "use them wisely" not "use them wisely because you only get it once". I haven't seen any clarification but there's alot of pages in this thread.