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  1. Making gold, Missions V Trading

    I’m not sure reducing mission rewards is the answer. Perhaps a bit. But trading rewards outside the safe zone should be higher. At least on par with the missions. The goal should be male combatants need traders/crafters and traders/crafters need combatants.
  2. I think it’s tough to judge until we see the change implemented on all ships but I like the drive for variety.
  3. Single player Epic Events

    I rarely do much solo sailing but I can see where the right epic event for solo players would be beneficial to the game population. The more players with things to do outside the safe zone, the better. @George Washington keep asking in your nation chat. Surely some will join you. Epic missions should stay open to join either side.
  4. Little things you'd like to see

    If the port says Shallow Water Port, it’s 6th rare and smaller. If it does not say this, it is 5th and larger plus the mortar brig. BUT, it would be nice since we now face an AI fleet to raise hostility to know in advance what class of ships those AI will be in.
  5. I would also be willing to do it. Languages English and rusty Russian.
  6. Is this an unacceptable exploit?

    Keep the invisibility and speed boost. When one faction tags another faction, the join circles should be for those two factions — not an artificial pirate designation for one side. Keep all battles open to join for longer period of time. I’d prefer they never close. Each side has the opportunity to bring their numbers up to 25 no matter how far they have to sail or what the BR is as long as they can get there within the 90 minutes. Of course, the more time that passes from battle start, the more likely the join circle will be far away from the action. I know this isn’t perfect because of time compression but it’s the only fair option.
  7. Do we still need a wipe?

    I would not stop playing if there was another wipe but there has been absolutely no hint that there will ever be such drastic change to gameplay that it seems necessary. Make it harder or easier to make money. Buff or Nerf ships. Implement (or reimplement) ROE or timer changes. Basically the only change I can see that would be a big enough is the implementation of a smarter AI assisted but player driven economy and there has been no hint this will ever take place in a meaningful way. This doesn’t seem to be on the todo list prior to release.
  8. Opinions of a Newcomer

    @TheHaney welcome to the game. Thanks for posting your thoughts. Please stick with us.
  9. Thickness Upgrades

    I voted yes. No mods should be stackable and every mod should have some trade off.
  10. Discouraging friendly tags to escape

    It’s been a while since I’ve encountered this but if an enemy player tags an AI fleet, don’t you then have the opportunity to join the battle on the AI nation’s side? And you would still get PVP rewards for sinking the enemy player?
  11. I’m unlikely to ever see one of these special LGVs except at the wrong end of the cannons but even I think that’s a bad idea. Some element of danger is good. It makes the game more fun.
  12. Part of me says I hate to see you back on the server trying to kill us all but most of me says glad you and others are coming back. I agree: although numbers still need tweaking, the PB BR limits promote variety and participation by more captains. Fair sails.
  13. Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    News reports that Comcast Xfinity is having big problems today. That’s my internet access. The service and game seem to be humming along fine right now tho.
  14. Crew visualization

    Sure all visualization and graphics improvement will be welcome but they should be a low priority right now.
  15. PVP Mark abuse solution

    Same is happening to me for the last hour or two. I posted in support section.