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  1. Farrago

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Rare should be rare. Captains, please sail 3/5 ships with the perks, books, and mods you possess and don't worry about it. It's when these rare things become too common that they become OP.
  2. Farrago

    Am I seeing new weather

    The Industrial Age will not happen until after UI and localization.
  3. Farrago

    Trader Ships - cargo slots vs total weight

    One other thing: extra slots in your warehouse or clan warehouse are expensive. Some keep trader ships in port and use them only for storage. If you’re storing things like mods and books that have little weight, the more slots in the ship the better.
  4. Farrago

    Recently Killed

    I don't think it was put in to protect players from being farmed... I think it was put in place to keep people from farming their own alts. But I agree, it is a problem. I can usually count on if I kill someone in the PVP zone, they will be outside waiting in another ship once I finish. Perhaps a shorter "Recently Killed" tag would help? Make it 30 minutes. That would still make it a chore for someone to farm their alts -- is this even a game breaker anyway -- but allow full game play with or against a regenerated player more quickly.
  5. Farrago

    biggest issues, safezone, pvp events and rvr

    Increase the size of the safe zone around the capitol city by 50-100%. Make it absolutely safe. No PVP. Missions taken from capitol city spawn in this zone. This is the only place PVP is restricted. Other ports previously know as being in safe zone would still be uncapturable but would no longer be PVP protected.
  6. Farrago


    As @rediii tried to tell you, it's just not true what you are saying. I don't know where you look or for whom you sail, but look in the corners, choke points, bays, gulfs, etc and you can find concentrations of large AI fleets just waiting your wrath. Or, enjoy your break.
  7. Farrago

    Event Zone RoE

    Is it [a gank] fun? It is fun to sail with and fight alongside friends. It is not fun to so outnumber/outpower your opponent, or to be on the receiving end, that the battle outcome is inevitable.
  8. Farrago

    Event Zone RoE

    By all means, let's test BR limit ROE or shorter join timers in the zone but I'm afraid with the current server population, we'll get even less participation. PVP Zone gives you a bonus in reward so should be more challenging than Open Water. I like to sail with 2-4 friends. We come across an existing battle in the zone. It's 1-2 player ships beating up on one AI. We join on the AI side. Is this a gank? I don't think so because a few minutes later another fleet can join the opposition. PVP Zone is full of unknowns until the battle closes. What is the join timer on Zone battles now? 45 minutes? Perhaps there should be no BR difference ROE in the first 3rd of time, 2x BR limit in 2nd third, and 1.2 limit in the final third.
  9. Farrago

    Chain shot feedback

    While obviously painful to lose, dont these results make more sense?
  10. Farrago

    limitation of wood classes in the construction of boats.

    Yes this is positively a bad idea.
  11. Farrago

    World Cup (annual event)

    Perhaps something like... Player character can only compete in one team. Special duel room is open for 3 days with random opposition matchups. Teams can keep sailng in this round until they lose. Single elimination. Teams with 3 wins advance to next round. This process will probably cut the number of teams down for the next round to a manageable level. Then I'm not sure if we should do single elemination in subsequent round(s). Tournament victories could be stored in place of the Trader Mark slot currently unused and could be wiped for each tourney.
  12. Farrago

    Basic Upgrades

    As someone who kills a lot of big fleets of robots, I can tell you that your experience is atypical with those drops. But to the OP: I love the Basic Refits, especially Hull and Tackle.
  13. Farrago

    World Cup (annual event)

    3. Just kidding. @admin I like this idea. It will be far less complicated using the Legends code and putting captains in identical ships.
  14. You are free to complete all trade runs 30 minutes before server shut down but that’s not what you want, is it? If you’re on the water, you should be fair game. If you survive until shut down, you will be on open water at the same location when you relog.