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  1. I haven't been able to find where (or if) the Devs explained it, but basically it means that no matter what your build, mods, and knowlwdge of a ship, your top speed in battle will not be over 15 knots. However, by using speed modifiers you can get to that speed at more points of sail. In effect, it makes more and more ships into speed ships. @Koltes does a good job explaining it in this thread:
  2. Ship knowledge grinding for higher rate ships

    Oh, I know they're great to have. The more the better. I just wonder how many people are spending the time to try and get them maxed out. Fair sails.
  3. Ship knowledge grinding for higher rate ships

    Maybe you won't need 5 slots on all those line ships to do other things in the game. Do you think all your opponents are spending the required 72 hours to do it?
  4. I've spent a lovely summer in Kiev. That decision would be quite understandable.
  5. 1. Give crafting XP for all crafting and SOME game XP and gold for losses. These steps are vital for developing new players. 2. Do something about the speed meta. Make it a percentage cap rather than a 15 knot cap. 3. Have a developer fun day where you all take a day off and take your families for a barbecue on the Dnepr.
  6. Why PVP Global USA Fails

    Of course. I forgot the sarcasm hash tag.
  7. Why PVP Global USA Fails

    I'm afraid most of us only receive 3 or 4 a day.
  8. Alliances - Feedback topic

    While it's nifty to be able to join an ally's port battle or have him join yours if needed the alliance system caused more problems and restrictions than it was worth. Every solution I've heard seemed too exploitable, too inflexible, or causes the game to stagnate. So, barring some sort of really improved system, I prefer our current player negotiated version of alliances.
  9. Delivery Orders???

    @Antonio Also be advised that you can only enter ports that belong to other nations in a trade ship with smuggler flag enabled. You can make partial deliveries as well. For example, let's say your mission is to deliver 600 oak logs to a port but you either only have currently 400 or only 400 will fit in your trade ship. You can deliver the 400 and then go get the other 200 but you will only get paid when the delivery is complete.
  10. Fix looting system

    I probably miss almost as many looting opportunities as I do successfully and I still don't think the loot times should be increased again. As it stands now, it adds to the challenge. One must also decide whether to loot or move to your next target.
  11. Hotfix 1 for patch 10.3

    I'd love that solution but apparently that is a big technical challenge to the devs. (The spawning in OW to your location in battle.)
  12. Hotfix 1 for patch 10.3

    This might actually work as long as other ships were invisible to the invisible player. No sneaking up or regrouping while invisible.
  13. Hotfix 1 for patch 10.3

    No suggestion seems to please everyone, so here's a new one... It would be often be a pain -- basically any time there's not combat -- but it would help with some ganking and revenge fleet issues: What about a "no wake" zone set around ports for some distance? All travel within that zone happens at real world speeds? I have a feeling we'd hate that even more but it would make the combat more realistic.
  14. Reset all timers when reinforcements arrive

    No. I don't want to make it never ending. I want it to end when one side is either defeated or escapes by putting so much distance from their opponent they give up the chase. I don't want it controlled by an escape being defined as possible because 1 minute 30 seconds has passed or legitimate potential combatants can't enter because the battle started more than 3 minutes before. i realize OW speeds complicate this. But timers mean the lousy camping of revenge fleets at the crossed swords waiting for a predictable exit is a "tactic". Devs should strive to develop code that spawns players exiting a battle to the location where they were in battle, not where they started. Battles should not close. But obviously ships entering later will probably be entering far from the action. We all know that even entering inside the 3 minute limit means you may not make it to the action. Perhaps the Devs could do it in a way where it works similar to the outer circle that attackers in a port battle must be outside prior to entering a port battle. They must start outside that outter ring and then sail "real time" from there. That would slow down those revenge fleets to a more realistic distance.
  15. I thought AI killing AI affecting hostility was removed from the game several months ago after it was discovered as an exploit. Player was starting these battles and then left.) Regardless, some of these suggestions should be implemented. Basic Cutter's purpose should be getting us home after sinking and a tool for newbies to learn basic sailing and combat.