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  1. "Cursed" Ships must be named

    I just wish I had a few that were not redeemed yet.
  2. [modules] Perma Upgrade modifiers [Patch 11.0]

    What?!? Is that what that Swing Bed and Elevating Screw does? I always thought it was a fairly mediocre upgrade but if it allows you to shoot wider angles...
  3. And this is the answer to the Captain who posted that we should be allowed more production buildings. No. If the rich can just expand production infinitely, there won't be a market.
  4. Fair enough. Thank you for your response.
  5. Despite your rant and combative nature, many of the bugs that were causing crashes have been fixed. Most of us are experiencing few, if any, crashes now. If you still are crashing, you may want to provide the Devs with information about your hardware and other crash information to help them solve your problem. Or you can just keep complaining.
  6. Are there images for all the ports since we can now have a PB at any of them?
  7. Should officers be able to promote diplomats?

    Dynamic clan tools and logs should be a high development priority ESPECIALLY since much of this game is now clan focused. But as it is now, officers in the clan could decide their leader is no longer active (or effective). One officer leaves said clan, creates a new one and the other officers remove the warehouse contents eventually transferring the stuff to the new clan. Owned ports would eventually revert to neutral and need to be recaptured. Clunky and potentially expensive but most divorces are.
  8. Port Battle Limit

    My understanding is that one clan can take a port from another clan within the same nation. That was a proposal from the Devs at one time. If this isn't true, then my opinion may change, but... I like there being a national limit on PB scheduling tho it probably wouldn't hurt to increase the number by a couple. If nations are going to exist in game, there should be some coordination across clans required to be most effective. Also, rivalries between clans -- fighting for the same ports or racing to get their own PB scheduled -- is good for game balance. Fostering competition and cooperation adds additional dynamics to the game.
  9. Let's try it the way it is for a while but Devs might consider adding a message in Combat News something like "Pirates attack Georgetown" but that message could be delayed for 30 min or so after the hostility mission has started. That way we could simulate active defense and respond to attack but it wouldn't allow instant revenge ganks or mission jumping.
  10. Thank you, Devs. I believe this patch can be a step in the right direction to attracting a bigger player base -- a good thing for all play styles. First, new players can now have some breathing room to learn the game in protected home waters Secondly, Port ownership coupled with maintenance responsibility will be key in making a richer game. I envision -- and I hope you do too -- a time when there are more active things than pay taxes that clans need to do to own, maintain, and further develop their ports. This will attract traders, crafters, smugglers, and the warriors who feed off them. Good job.
  11. The Nightflip

    Lol Okay Perry Mason You go get 'em. Mods, since this topic is probably the cup of tea of only most keen legal minds among us, please change the thread title to something more accurate.
  12. The Nightflip

    Skully, perhaps you should go to law school, become an attorney, and then dedicate yourself in a qualified way towards cases that matter.
  13. Smuggler à la outlaw

    Yes! Nations need a mechanism for policing their own waters. Inspecting and sinking or seizing cargo from unknown smuggler ships is the only way to do that. It is true that would make it possible to gank your own national legit players who are on a smuggler mission but any nation that does that (or allows it) would deserve to lose their players.
  14. Patch monday - urgent.

    Totally agree. I don't know how the expression "don't throw the baby out with the bath water" would translate into Russian but too often it seems development has been an all or nothing approach. Fine tune is the advice here.
  15. Patch monday - urgent.

    This patch has potential. I also have concerns that the port maintenance costs will be too high. But hopefully if they are too high, the Devs can try adjusting the numbers rather than just throwing out the mechanic all together.