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  1. Palatinose

    If we have to live with Reinforcement Zones then...

    Well hardcore or softcore? Decide what you want. You call for hardcore hunters but softcore newbies? That doesn't work aswell.
  2. Palatinose

    If we have to live with Reinforcement Zones then...

    thx for the talking... as always a pleasure
  3. Palatinose

    If we have to live with Reinforcement Zones then...

    Oh sry I just read that you want to let ppl sail in their capital waters if they want that. I agree. What if not brave is it to hunt in a capital zone on a normal ship? Requin sailors will never be brave, it's just not the ship for bravehearts. 14.5+ frigs with spanish rig = not brave. Normal frigate as attacker: immediate death penalty. Imo we should solve this conflict of newbie killers vs pvpers forced to go to capitals as ow is empty. And to me there is no possibility but to deny EVREYBODY pvp in SAFE AREAs. Make them safe.
  4. Palatinose

    If we have to live with Reinforcement Zones then...

    Make it like a capital zone now. NO group fights possible. Foes get singled out. Complete no go area for enemies. If your thought behind it is to get people out of the zones you have to make them entirley unattractive to hunters. Only if these zones are free of enemies, people will slowly start roaming the open world imo. Edit: Easier words. If you don't ban me from these zones, I will go there.
  5. Palatinose

    [PvP EU] France-Spain / Declaration

    You can't imagine how jealous I am on the spanish right now, and on the french of course #makepewpewnotforumwar
  6. Palatinose

    GB political situation

    Well to be fair as no one likes whiners who wonders about "the whole server aka EVERYBODY" is against brits. The only active british captain who doesn't cry on the forums is Greg. What would a soup be without some proper amount of salt
  7. Palatinose

    US Political Situation

    You're right. Though imo that's only true for 10% of the players. Could be more, but fear of losing pixels etc.
  8. Palatinose

    US Political Situation

    Isn't that exactly the contrast to what this should be? A game? No worries, most good players "worked" their way to the top. For the majority though, it's just not that easy when you just want to play.
  9. Palatinose

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    Perhaps it's just a new time/era of the game. Induced by prolific forgers not everything is carved in stone anymore. It's to be seen whether this is positive or negative or perhaps it just "is"?
  10. Palatinose

    WAR of the LOVERS! Spain VS France

  11. Palatinose

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Just another screenshot proving how boring bigger pbs got with esp. Xebecs. 29 players involved, two get killed. Bitter.
  12. Palatinose

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    If we assume equal skill for Bellona and the two 5th: I don't agree. Most two 5th's will have big trouble against a Bellona. Most 5th's don't turn fast enough to avoid Bellonas broadsides for either masts or hull. Herc is just on another lvl due to bow-to-stern length, turning and armament. Best trick against 3rds and bigger: they'll try to sail upwind (which works perfectly against other 5th's) and all you need to do is shoot one braodside having the weather gauge, tack shoot the other, turn further and repeat. It works almost all the time. The mast hp and thickness nerf is a start, though I think more is needed.
  13. Palatinose

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    No offense Sir, but to distinguish between a fun and a non-fun meta, one should actually play the game. Nontheless I agree. Also agreed to @Havelock: Cerberus should be the smallest ship to enter a deep water PB, Hercs should be excluded (let's see about todays patch though). Currently all the PBs are won due to numbers of small vessels. Take Carta for example: imo this is one of the biggest ports and should therefore be mainly be about 1st rate fights. Atm the fights are basically over before we really get started brawling.
  14. Palatinose

    Quaker Guns

    indiaman with guns carrys 4 and still has 700k hold left. Let the big trader boiz talk Toto. Trader pleb.
  15. Palatinose

    Monthly Duel Room Cry!

    corrected. DUEL ROOM PLZ!