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  1. Palatinose

    Prussian Merchant Week

    More hate plz😍
  2. Palatinose

    Chain shot feedback

    Hey if it's a gank it's a gank. Part of the OW. Outnumbering someone nearly never is fair. But that's not what a sandbox is supposed to be.
  3. The best thing about revenge fleet is actually that they never want your ship. Just the marks. That's so cool 😎 share ten marks by five people.
  4. Palatinose

    Chain shot feedback

  5. I don't have a problem with revenge fleets except for far away from any ports - solved by removing F11 coods. If they want to waste their time waiting 1,5h just to grief a single hunter - well let them. Banished you seem to be very concerned about losing your ships in unequal battles. It's part of the OW imo. Personally I find it truely boring and waiting more than 15 minutes is a pain to me. Patience is also a value. Read nation chats and they are full of the heroic killings of good PvPers. Though these guys always outnumber them at least 3:1. It's not heroic at all and still it's obviously worth telling the tale. Np with that.
  6. Palatinose

    Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    okay sry I just read about the reward. #greedy
  7. Palatinose

    Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    claiming reward on @Liq
  8. admit it. u only want to sail SC again (not the one you gave me and i lost it in pve🙈)
  9. Methinks ten minutes the wekaer side could be reinforced untill BR was equal. higher BR side couldn't be joined. Though this is a tempting idea to reinvent it. It's the pros ganker tool No.1. Now everybody can tell me that its fair if Hachi or Liq or Moscalb or whatever the names are attacks a casual player in a higher BRed ship. It just isn't. tbh it really would fit my playstyle, though if this should come back, at least not in the green zone.
  10. Palatinose

    Now that chain is limited

    @Nelsons Barrel it's possible to put a Vic in rigging shock with one broadside of Bellonas chains. And grape is not limited. So the nearly non-movable floating batteries have their weaknesses. Just be patient. The moment he uses rum you have 25 minutes and about four good rakes will kill his crew down to boardable by a Bellona imo.
  11. Palatinose

    Final Mission Tutorial WHAT A JOKE

    The NPC cerbs got carros in the rear. I capped the first one, it had loaded double ball. Took a closed look and it for sure was carros. F11ed it. @OP the masts wont fall when you don't penetrate them. Therefore you have to get closer - as stated above - roubdabout 100-200m. The mast middle sections have only 75% thinkness, so 250-300m should work aswell. Agreed to Banished to only show hits when penetrating. Thanks @z4ys for the vids
  12. Palatinose

    Hercules ship feedback

    Seeing that: admin would you mind telling people in the tutorials somehow what woods basically mean in this game. I mean a new player building this powerful ship in a total crap planking hurts. Sabicu/crew space... 🙈
  13. Palatinose

    Now that chain is limited

    Imo this is fine. 4pd double heads flying 500 meters, how much damage should they do?
  14. Any more concrete info on rewards? PvE, PvP, patrol zone etc. And @admin you considered your untradable Hercules ship notes as tradable via attacking a trader with the note in hold?
  15. Palatinose

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    It was much fun and content for the whole evening. Great thanks and salute to the french. Next time we will bring 400 hull reps for those fights to prolong the battles. o/