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  1. Palatinose

    How is this possible?

    On the other hand: who would take such a review seriously? 20 minutes of playtime, the download probably took him longer.
  2. Palatinose

    Gun Packages

    I make money not by selling cannons. All cargo shippings I do, i do to do pvp. Good thing it's an MMO and there are different types of players.
  3. Palatinose

    Gun Packages

    I got that. To me that's an essential part of the game. Every base I have I supply in my own or better in coop with friends. And tbh it never has stopped me from doing PvP. It's - as you said - an essential part of the game.
  4. Palatinose

    Gun Packages

    @Wind may I ask where you sail? Most regions in which i do so, there are guns for sale in the free towns.
  5. Palatinose

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    0 is not entirely correct. One still gets xp. and not few, even for a non sinky (just a little hint to grind ship slots in pvp). But I agree, gold reward according to damage is needed. No pvp marks though, if enemy isn't sunk.
  6. Palatinose

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Will always be the same. One side says they come to gank only, other side says they come only to get (fair) fights. There is just no definition of fair fights or ganking. One would have to apply it on every single fight. Sad fact is at the current state: we wanted to find some fights in the pvp zone, noone there. So KPR it was. get them out of the zone? Not coming. Inside the zone? Not coming. Right in front of the port. Attack and finally a fight. 25 vs 6 I think. These fights are just not fun for the attacker. The point is everybody gets soooo desperate, that any fight is better than none. Edit: only solution imo is the prohibition of pvp in the reinforcement zones.
  7. Palatinose

    [Caribbean] the state of pvp

    Following the pattern of the predicted doomsdays, how many resurrections did NA already go through?
  8. Palatinose

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    Interesting to see that the captain himself acknowledged his failure and probably wont repeat it, while the anti-"git gud" crowd uses realism. Considering that: methinks no navy would have spent tremendous sums in training their officers to finally let them make easy mistakes in battle. As most people probably agree upon NA is about skill foremost. o7 to Tiedemann and William Hargood, one for the skill in battle, one for the skill to acknowledge the made mistake
  9. Palatinose

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    Out of curiosity: could any historically versed user confirm this?
  10. Palatinose

    L'Ocean thickness Meta

    It's only the Ocean. Rest is perfectly fine. The hull shape and the mod stacking are the issues. Well Bellona has a turnrate over 3.0 with AoS correct?
  11. Palatinose

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    While the dutch flipped Santo Domingo with 15+ people the french obviously decided to honour their alliance and try a proper double flip via Puerto de Espana. In a first battle we tagged one Ocean, another joined and surrendered after slowing us down. Jumping out of the battle we saw this fleet outside. One was seperated a little downwindish of us, and we initiated the battle. As it started we all were a little seperated but came together quickly - same goes for the escalation level - #instabrawl Imo we did okayish in protecting our weak and kept a good focus fire. Med 42pds for the win Donner Thx for the fight french (and the 81 marks, new personal record), appreceate you guys fought it to the end o7 Edit: I'm proud of the lads, especially Sc00se, who did well for an unexperienced player. Santis in Teak/Wo are miles away from a Lo/Wo L'Ocean, therefore @admin#makesantigreatagain
  12. Palatinose

    [Caribbean] the state of pvp

    @Batman No problem with people defending their coast. I don't expect any somewhat fair fight there. But I would expect the vets to go out because they have the skill and the numbers to do so.
  13. Palatinose

    [Caribbean] the state of pvp

    In my perfect NA I would start with some friends from Tortue heading to KPR but would never reach it because there are enough players and therefore battles on the way - which is the final and ultimate destination. But hey the Brit Vets have to "defend" their coast in 5/1 battles instead of going out and searching as the "gankers" do. I would even say this extensively spreaded attitude is also a reason for declining numbers. "Brit Vets" because you are the most numberous. The most hilarious thing is joining the battle after lets say twenty minutes and staying in for an hour without shooting a broadside because the enemy is so far away. Is this pvp? Why don't you just grab a boat, go out and do something? Make reinforcement zones NO PVP zones to force those that want to do pvp out of them. If I see people joining battles for a 2vs25 all I know is: they want pvp - obviously desperately!
  14. Palatinose

    [Caribbean] the state of pvp

    You say it yourself. THAT'Sexperience and nothing else. Concerning the "real" british coastguard: they are the prime example of the casual veteran. They want PvP, though only in a controlled environment, without a long journey. If people are killed in front of KPR, these guys usually don't belong to this part. So the discussion will always be the same. Hunters or "seal clubbers" go to the capital, willing to fight. I think I'm speaking for the majority of this gourp when I say they will take nearly every fight. The vets of the coastguard know the players of course. But instead of sailing out and giving a decent fight, they report to their friends. In the meanwhile the hunter has jumped an OW AI fight and perhaps manages to sink a newby or "seal". When the fight is done, coastguard stands aoutside and chases him down. I understand them somehow: coastguarding with friends is the most chilled pvp ever. You fight good players, but you can always leave or not engage, have fun in every battle because you will always win.And if you tell them exactly that, you get told: you ganked first or you only come here to seal club and when you fight veterans you only run. The fir/fir 18pd/12pd Belle Poule cancer meta wasn't invented because it's so much fun to only manage to kill one and then run for an hour. WElcome to Naval Action