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  1. Palatinose

    Free Ports & PvP Zones

    It's just easier to fight a heavy Agamemnon in a 3rd rate than on the same ship. Human nature calling. In general it's a good thing imo that pvp is also created around the zones, but I agree it sucks for solos. Perhaps you could try to set up OPs in nearby free-for-all ports (e.g. Saint Nic; Corrientes; Higüey; Nippes etc.)
  2. Palatinose

    Patrol zone griefing

    He obviously damaged you regarding sails and hull (only 8 guns on larboard side). Mechs allow disengaging so I don't see the griefing. Perhaps tag an NPC on your own and hope for enemies to join?
  3. Palatinose

    HMS Victory

    Vic is the perfect OW 1st atm. A BR of ~650 would make her a viable alternative in PBs.
  4. Palatinose

    Griefing by Wolf74

    The question is: is it valid tactics in RvR or is it simply what we swedes here claim it is. @Wolf74 as you could also clearly see/hear, one tower was shooting, so even if you could leave for a moment, you knew that not all of the opponents fleet could leave. How can you claim to have an intention to fight? Any solo prince wouldn't stand a chance against a 1st rate. And here you against a whole fleet? Anyways, it's not really about punishment but a request to clarify rules.
  5. Palatinose

    The (almost) forever war. Pirates vs Prussia

    @Pit Pinsel sad that you don't have time to show this former clan leader of yours who rules the open sea. Last time we met, three PGP guys in Hercs did not dare fighting an Essex and a Herc and kept hiding in Salinas Point. That was pre Herc nerf. But keep killing the clueless. Like a true frenchman you will run from any enemy who could only be close to your skill level. I'm glad you found ships that suit your playstyle. I'm also happy to differ from you in this regard. Diversity is always something worth supporting. Happy clubbing o7
  6. Palatinose

    The (almost) forever war. Pirates vs Prussia

    Aves is a must have oupost. The happy Antilles family is waiting for you
  7. Palatinose

    The (almost) forever war. Pirates vs Prussia

    Ram is just a monster. Rest is seal clubbing ofc
  8. Palatinose

    Frage eines Neulings

    Ist doch auch "green on green" oder? Bin da bei troody, einfach mit den Leuten sprechen, das hilft eigentlich immer.
  9. Palatinose

    Griefing - Dbl 00 Buck

    Prince or Privateer or Snow... it's all the same in this case. The F11 coods are the actual problem methinks. In RvR isn't this common tactics to split the enemies' forces? And where does it start? You could tag, directly disengage, leave, retag. Think some details should be clarified. Btw. @Havelock didn't you want to report this frenchy? Don't see a tribunal yet.
  10. Palatinose

    War of the lovers revisited

    You describe the same position with different terms. Well ofc from russian pov it's offered help while swedes forcefully suppress. @Lars Kjaer how much is the weekly payrate at the moment? Sry I forgot as we have bullied too many close to extinction and therefore extort them nowadays.
  11. Palatinose

    War of the lovers revisited

    Best thread in a while I have to say No probs with merged servers, no issues with US (or non-euro) timezone players. If Euro players drop timers on important ports by mistake, well a flip is what they get. US faced the same issues if they dropped timers. They just don't. Perhaps they are smarter?
  12. Palatinose

    War of the lovers revisited

    Why do you think we dragged the fight to the OW? Donner, Skmarsh, me and another flipped LH, the PB was lead by El Have Loco and asking him he just said, let's better not talk about it, the sailing was just horrible aka B minus team at max. Only Marsh was in of those who flipped btw. The Wind guys are not the prime team of Russia. Fight HAVOC now, as they have settled in the british nation. Please provide me with a screenshot of Cap-Francais, I don't remember that, perhaps @rediii recalls? I'm sure Ill find an excuse for that aswell Don't get me wrong Banished, you guys are good players. But seriously, the pirates only show halfways proper organizational levels when VCO and NSANE are around. But as you said, nothing serious so far. British-Spanish war, Franco-Swedish war or Russia vs Sweden: these are/were salty. For a reason. Long period of time with high casualties on both sides and tactics chosen to annoy the enemy. The indispensible salt is what keeps us going You don't need to like me, but please understand that this is about RvR and not OW pew pew. Agreed that everybody clubs on OW - I mean it's a sandbox?
  13. Palatinose

    War of the lovers revisited

    Damn you're getting soft. *S P A N T A R D* is your formerly used expression. @Banished Privateer you took swedish ports which were rarely contested, a B-Team attacked LH vs a PvP player fleet in Requins and you talk of war? There wasn't even much salt. As long as I don't see screenies of pbs against russian, british, french or swedish prime teams I'll take the liberty of calling you guys a bunch of seal clubbers. Taking ports from pirates is like taking ports from the US: farming pvp marks and nothing more. We'll meet someday and I hope neither you or us will have excuses. Carry on.
  14. Palatinose

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Seulement pour toi ma chère: Pas de gg en chat. Triste