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  1. GUI Problem

    If he did this om purpose, I will roam the spanish coast till my missing 11,7kk get back in my pocket. Was sold by LMM of GOE Clan. No accusation here as i cant prove anything.
  2. GUI Problem

    Yah man I thought I just miscounted for a null. Bought a VM in Tortue for 13 Million /o\
  3. Wind

    I like it on the open world, got tweaked to a very playable level. For pb's (big ones): very hard and frustrating if you work for your wind postion for 15 minutes, finally reach it and lose it by a wind turn. Basically what @Havelock said.
  4. Exploiting teleport on OW

    Are you aware there is a timer of some seconds inbetween every deletion? As usually every boat has at least 3 (4+x in case of a trader) different items in hold. repairs. What about one has to delete manually all items, this takes a while then, and is then able to teleport having also a timer. in the time the trader sees the hunter he has about three minutes - two in which he has to stand still - till being able to teleport. If theres a tag on you, you shouldn't be able to teleport.
  5. Exploiting teleport on OW

    Since Wipe it was neither home, nor did your hold get deleted. I like your "suggestion" though jodgi. the mentioned BUT has to come though. New players exploring the map, having found some fine or rare materials and getting lost will have their issues. Will be again unknowing user vs pros exploiting. Therefore this seems the most simple solution. rediii's 'good' solution i find even better basically, get rid of the hold and its fine. better to get out of trouble at all without hold, than having exploits all over.
  6. Bitte Um Hilfe, Warum hören die spieler auf ????

    Passt schon. Das ganze VM System ist einfach unausgereift irgendwie. Würde vermutlich jeder machen. Hat halt ein Geschmäckle.
  7. Turn inertia - discuss

    It's the time till one reaches max rudder power. It needs time till the rudder is set and released. Imo it's fine. Quick sidenote: this, leeway and especially the wind changes adds depth to the game. I fear it pushes the game much more into a niche, as it adds more and more things players have to take care of. This game gets more and more difficult and imho won't help to get more players into it.
  8. Caribbean Invasion News

    First facepalm this morning. Besides: Gf Russia, this battle was fun. You we're better, I hope we will get there.
  9. possible but still the shown damage should be applied visually. if u are able to pen, you cause damage. the upgrade you're talking about enlarges the thickness, not the hp if im correct.
  10. Methinks one could still keep it while the wind turns. So 100% is pretty much. Generally I agree and think the suggested changes are pretty smart (just counting peas as Greg Mendel did o.O)
  11. PvP marks alt farming.

    saw the same thing as RedNeckMilkMan Edit: wasn't in this battle.
  12. No Marks for PVP

    As it states dreammaker sank russian player, perhaps u switched onto his ship, switched back and sank it afterwards? In this case one doesn't get marks for that. Just a guess.
  13. How can you call BF and RUBLI friends of sweden? BF attacked Grand Anse while RUBLI attacked Grand Turk. BF got their fight, RUBLI didn't. Legal doesn't mean legitimate. Not blaming you. Still telling you that there is is only one nation claiming being best of RvR but not being able to protect from an uncooordinated multi-attack. Btw I guess RUBLI as well as BF will hate the swedes as they prevented them from fine big battles. I don't know a single clan more that is willing to fight fair (and fair in this case means fair ike 1on1 BR) fights but RUBLI and BF. Pirates be pirates. Ingame russians be russians.