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  1. HamBlower

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    the next empire doesn' strike back🤣
  2. HamBlower

    Caribbean Invasion News

    You mean Dark Helmet and his ....
  3. HamBlower

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Your alliance with the french in multiflipping two important ports had a very welcome side-effect. You woke up Sweden. We had two full portbattle-fleets, we had a own screening fleet in cartagena. A lot of good old Sweds are back. Rediii you know, if Sweden is under big pressure we are standing together. We lost Puerto but we gained unity. Thanks to all guys of all Nations, (part-time) allies and enemies, who came and made real naval action!
  4. HamBlower

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    It was our PB Fleet. We decided in the last possible moment to tag the prussian fleet before PB starts. But we started totaly seperated, two of us in the middle of the prussian fleet and one (or two) first rate didn't show up in the right time. We lost this fight, these are the bad news of this day. But we hold the port, which are good news for the nation. Good fight of the prussians!
  5. HamBlower

    Rare books DLC

    It is a clear pay to win! The books are realy rare. I found them only in EpicEvents, and have still not all of the 3 "MegaBooks".
  6. If you would think before you write such a suspicion in forums, you could easily recognize, that alt farming isn't possible on the basis of the game timers. You should know how long the timer prevents a player to open a new battle after he left port.
  7. HamBlower

    Seconde missive du Roy

    Nobody followed 🤣 2 empty portbattles, counter hostility Only a few lynxes to knee down and accept the superior of the swedish navy. By the way - who is this Roy (or did you mean the "roi")?
  8. HamBlower

    Defense options against 'spies' in your nation

    Guys this will not work! Who should have the right to judge? Read the posts in Forum and you can easily recognize, that a lot of players accuses even the devs of partisanship. Should "we" elect an high Court and who is "we"? Spies are no real problem! They are annoying, sometimes a little bit silly.
  9. Like admin declared: "Intermediate materials will be converted into raw materials", "the effects of loss or gain will be minor". If you will be totaly shure use all intermediate materials (in your list the "compenants") Forum could be so much slimmer if everybody reads the announcements carefully. The "wipe" isn't a wipe where you loose things. You have to expect a slimmer list of materials that are needed to craft a ship.
  10. HamBlower

    Screening fleets

    The clan that have the advantage should do this
  11. HamBlower

    Issue with chain?

    Every time a gamemechanic means a disadvantage, people complains about what shouldn't be or discussing cheating. This forum and global chat is full of posts that only have one intenion: "it's impossible that I cannot win". In this case christendom hits the nail on the head - a good preparation is the first step to win in PVP. I'm surely only an average player (sometimes more noob than anything other) and don't drive totaly pimped ships, but in 9 of 10 pvp battles near or in enemy safezoens people are not able to win against my teak/teak conny with cotton sails and basic upgrades for hull and penetration. First reason - the tag of them is totaly rubbish.
  12. HamBlower

    Compass Rose

    The ingame compass rose is divided in steps of 15 degree, means there are 24 marks at the circle This isn't a compass rose division. A normal compass rose is divided in winds an has therefore 16 marks with each compass point at a 22,5° angle. The 16 half winds are N, NNE NE, ENE, E (and so on). The next possible division of a compass rose has 32 winds an is divided in 11,25° angles. These 16 additional quarter winds are north by east (NbE), northeast by north (NEbN), northeast by east (NEbE), east by north (EbN) .... I think compass roses should be changed: In Open world in a 32 wind compass and in battle in a 16 wind compass! 16 winds 32 winds
  13. HamBlower


    What's this? Salty because you get contradiction!? If you are able to teach people, they will do more pvp. They have a chance without loosing ships to train tactics, to learn the difference between fighting AI or player. They can even find out how you can fight against different builds. As rediii said: "queue only works in the same nation ... done" You have no proper arguments.
  14. HamBlower


    Can't find anything against this suggestion. Quite the contrary, we (sry; most of us) want more pvp. Let's give a nation the ability to educade players in pvp. We have the fleet practice option, which helps for RVR and other big fleet battles. But there is no possibilty to teach the basics or strategies in small pvp. rediii doesn't expect any reward!
  15. HamBlower

    hostility poll

    Others. Let's do hostility by missions or openworldpve or pvp. But bring a relation between port BR and hostility ship BR. The current system make ports with less BR nearly undefendable, means the announcement of 25% in combat news appears and they are nearly done. Hostilty in 10 1st-rates for a port of ~2500Br is instantly done (there are a lot of ports with less BR in deep water). Normaly these hostility fleets can't be intercepted. Well defenders have to wait till next evening and fight the port battle.