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  1. A new take on RvR!

    This means that clans with less than 10-15 active players can't be part of RVR. By the way - RVR isn't unattractive. How much PB do you wish a day? One Portbattle occupies at least 20-30 players incl. screeners. So this means about 4-5% of all present players for only one event. If the target is very attractive or the Port BR is higher the number of involved players increases incl. screener up to 80 members. Think battles for Cartagena engaged in a peak about nearly 100 players in two full PB-Fleets and 2 big screening fleets Maybe there are some details that can be improved. In my opinion it's a good mix between action by close fighting and fleet tactics. Wind changes made tactics more dynamic, different port/circle layout's force mulitple fleet maneuvers. A fact is, that all nations haven't enough trained and experienced RVR players and commanders.
  2. Wasa (Vasa)

    Do you realy want to sail this ship in game? "As Vasa passed under the lee of the bluffs to the south (what is now Södermalm), a gust of wind filled her sails, and she heeled suddenly to port. The sheets were cast off, and the ship slowly righted herself as the gust passed. At Tegelviken, where there is a gap in the bluffs, an even stronger gust again forced the ship onto its port side, this time pushing the open lower gunports under the surface, allowing water to rush in onto the lower gundeck." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasa_(ship) Would be a funny battle - with the first broadside you would say "Hello" to the jellyfish.
  3. Unequal battles

    Is it realy necessary to change something? Players with good skills are attacking groups of other players with a higher BR. Nearly every day are impressive results of lonely players or small groups postet in "Caribean News". If a player is good skilled and fights his battle well focused he can win against "on-the-paper" much better ships or fleets. If you regard the equipement of those players there are often no highly skilled upgrades on the ships. Not the ships win their battles! Jon pointed it out - one of the problems are the endless possibilities of revenge fights. I have no solution for this. Nations are interested in succesful coast guards, "lone wulfs" need an opportunity to escape. The skill levels in game are hugh spreaded. If you change something to give one side an advantage, you might totaly destroy the actual base and new players will quit very soon. We had a lot of changes in the last weeks. These changes influences mostly PVP and RVR. Please be patient, we will see in the next weeks in which way changed hull thickness, sailing profiles, gunnery, mast thickness effects PVP.
  4. Sorry CaptainSparckles - your "thinking" doesn't fit to the messages. All browser settings of different users have a problem? It seems that there are problems in the profile settings and not all settings can be customized by the user. The video shows clearly that this can't be a browser problem.
  5. British port battle fleet moving nation

    Shit - They revealed our hidden port. And Danes seem to attack it yet
  6. Hull thickness feedback

    Now thickness is right balanced. The penetration has a good balance acording to thickness, wood type, canon caliber, distance and ammunition. 1 rates with hull refits are difficult to penetrate, but aren't "unkillable" any more. The different possibilties to equip a ship with guns depends much more on the players manner how he attacs, than to enemies shipconstruction. I think - well done.
  7. Me? Why? French council was public disgraced by Christendom. Now the french constitution has a new meaning: Egalité means now some are more equal than others Fraternité the poor little boy sneered by the BIG BROTHER Liberté free to be central committees servant Vive la France Russia
  8. What a joke! French Council announces an alliance with the russians and Russia declares the alliance as worthless Maybe next time french kiss russian shoes, before being humilated in this way.
  9. Distribution of new resources

    A lot of not craftable ressources for upgrades are only (regular) available in one or two port(s). This is like a basic setting of the game. There is no reason to change the rule for coper ingots or longleaf pine. This discussion is useless!
  10. Hotfix for mastthickness

    I'm not quite shure what's the best way to solve the demasting problem. The thickness problem seems to be solved with the last patch and the balance between possible gun penetration and hull thickness feels very playable. Maybe the speed buff was a bit hard, angeling is now very difficult on heavy ships. With slow speed the vessel reacts very poor on rudder and manual sails.
  11. port reinforcements

    Did the ocean attack you directly or did it attack an AI and you were in the battle circle? If you are in a battle circle of another attac, you get no reinforcement
  12. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    The real winner is the respect. Two fleets that fight each other with guns and ships. No trolling, no bad words - thanks to all.
  13. Patch 15: Tutorial testing and many other things

    Guy - what does this matters? We play in a pre-release-game as tester. It's absolutly normal, that things get wiped. By the way, a "wipe" of the redeemables is the lesser evil, than a wipe of ships and assets. It's boring after every announcement these "tell me this, tell me that,..."
  14. Ideas for new gunnery mechanics and also swivels baby!

    The suggestions for a new gunnery mechanics are brillant. These ideas would solve a lot of inconsistency regarding the use of gunnery and brings a more realistic mechanic in ships arming. I hope that a lot of these ideas will realized in game. I have one additional wish - please devs thought out again the policy of armor and hull thickness and make a well reasoned concept (like this of Cecil Selous) for armor, gunnery, rudder, masts and crew damage . Untill now there is a new armor modell, a little bit later it's corrected by a new gunnery concept, afterwards mast snaps like a match (and so on).
  15. Lost All Money. Negative gold

    This wouldn't be the first time... Can remember of a cocain snorting footbal trainer, who suggested a chemical hair test