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  1. HamBlower

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    You flipped the port with hostility missions that were all in your safezone. This is what I sayed "out of your safezone. By the way, the PB began around the time when we fought at Bani against Russia. Maybe this is to long ago, that you can remember. Look at the screenshot, nearly no regular Swedish RVR player could join.
  2. HamBlower

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    You know, French can only attac out of their safezone, hidding behind the fleet of Reverse or with a nightflip. Russia gave us fair fights. French are only like a thief in the night.
  3. HamBlower

    ALT in RvR battle

    Which one is the alt and who is the "origin"? Anolytic get to the point: Clans are able to control who can join in RVR. Kick suspect people from the clan, use your freidnly clan list, that's it! If a guy joins a battle with two or more accounts doesn't matter, as long as he plays only for one side and as long as he doesn't play destructively against his nation. Why should this be against the rules?
  4. HamBlower

    Kurländer Kaper

    Jungs macht so weiter! Es ist immer wieder "a pleasure" mit Euch zu segeln egal ob im PVE, PVP, RVR oder in den Hosti Missionen. Ihr seid ein cooler Haufen!
  5. HamBlower

    Duel/Small Battles

    This evening in front of Carlisle. Conny Classic was instantly boarded. Cutter, Requin, Brigg and Conny entered during boarding fight Pir.Frig/Conny Classic. Few min. later Bellona, Pirate Frigate and French Requin entered. We killed the British Requin and the Consitution, but the Bellona could sink my Pirate Frigate. Trinco could leave the battle after reparing Riggs. Both Swedish Ships (in this battle with Stars and Stripes) were build Teak/Teak.
  6. I think totaly different. We play a game! Count of Crew Members is one of some numbers/infomations an enemy in real life wasn't able to see. The number of leaks, the state of armour and structure, destroyed cannons and so on... Dracul's idea looks on one single Information, the Crew number, tomorrow we will see a new forum topic on structure indication. This "guys I have an idea" is ok if you make suggestions for a bigger context, but not in microproblems that aren't even problems. This topic is useless!
  7. HamBlower

    Griefing After PB is Over and Won

    The problem is, that a player who get sunk can stay in battle till system closes the instance. You have no chance to see this. For this reason the attackers have to stay till system closes the instance to get shure, they can escape in the captured port otherwise they can be captured by a revenge fleet that is waiting outside. Maybe it is possible to kick these "hidden" players when battle Ends.
  8. HamBlower

    F11 and no response

    Short story: Get the Diana; made some fights together with a clan mate this evening; suddenly screen was frozen, game crashed; restarted the game; started in boarding screen; the AI-Conny boarded me (had no prep and much lesser crew); pressed F11, reported what happened and how the ship was fitted. Now I'm waiting since nearly one week to get a response. No repsonse is the worst treatment you can do. For sure I hope to get the ship again but this is not the reason to write a forum post (I don't know whether the crash was caused by my computer or the game). It's annoying that there is not simple response like: "the problem caused by your device" or "under investigation" or "compensation will be made"
  9. HamBlower

    Paper Fortifications and Snipers on mortar brigs.

    I'm tired about always the same discussion "...in reality". In reality was no battle with 25 first rates on every side, that lasts 90 min and lot of them get sunk. In reality most sailing maneuver that we do ingame would capsize the ship, breaking the masts or are not possible. This is a game. Surrely we discuss every mechnanic. But don't argue with this silly reality stuff. I agree with you that the mortar brig can kill a fort or a tower that fast. I agree with Banished Privateer that 4 balls out of two 2 mortars are op. I agree that something should be buffed. In my opinion there are three possibilities: the forts and towers can get stronger, the damage of mortars could be reduced (2 guns - 2 balls) or the BR of the mortar brig could be buffed
  10. I think this could be planned as well as today. Maybe the sheet will be a bit more trickier but in my opinion it sounds good. At the Moment first rate portbattles are boring. Thickness, thickness, thickness... Maybe faster ships with less hulls will have lesser BR and you can arrange therefore a fleet with more ships. More ships more guns... Some changes between books and permanent would be nice
  11. Guys glas was half full. Now it seems they fill up. Let's wait, see and test. The idea of reworking the BR seems the right way to balance the use of the different ships. Admin declared to this gradually - in my opinion this means they will check the effects and adjust. We will see. Keep cool!
  12. HamBlower

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Ah Liqui - no he joined with the fleet. Yes it is an empty PB. But ist a deliberate provocation to sail without guns with a PB-Fleet.
  13. HamBlower

    Caribbean Invasion News

    It's disgusting how the russians treat other nations Captain Reverse without guns in a portbattle. There is no respect to any other player - shame on all russians who accept this behaviour Pictures is from the live stream of this guy at Azua Portbattle 2018-aug.-17
  14. HamBlower

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    the next empire doesn' strike back🤣
  15. HamBlower

    Caribbean Invasion News

    You mean Dark Helmet and his ....