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  1. Andre Bolkonsky

    Happy Memorial Day

    Memorial Day was established in the United States to remember the Fallen in the War of the Rebellion, and has since expanded to remember all the combatants in all of America's wars. The graves of soldiers were decorated with flowers, and their names remembered. We have not forgotten.
  2. Andre Bolkonsky

    Army Management for new players

    Yes, each regiment has the exact same firirng arc. Watch the bullets fly and you'll see which weapons greatly exceed the arc.
  3. Andre Bolkonsky

    Army Management for new players

    The Manual was written in the infancy of the game. It was decided it was not worth updating as the game evolved. Any information in there is suspect. I can guarantee you that is a true statement. An infantry unit can spawn a skirmisher upon command, that skirmisher unit has the exact same weapon/range/firepower of the infantry brigade that produced it. The skirmisher unit moves like a skirmisher rather than an infantry unit, but its weapon is unchanged.
  4. It was a Confederate surface raider, British built, steam-screw propulsion; The Sea King. It circumnavigated the globe and its last sortie was to lay waste to the American whaling fleet operating in the Bering Sea after the actual end of hostilities because of a lack of communications.
  5. Most specifically renaming James Campbell Coulston as 'Commander Bolton'. There was only one Pier Master, he was a hero in every sense of the word; failing to use his name to make it a universal story of all men is just plain wrong. Other than that, I saw the movie in the theater. I had that sound in my head for days of the clock unwinding. Rather brilliant.
  6. Andre Bolkonsky

    Tips for new players

    Yes. I agree. It is fun to figure out how it works and to have one or two divisional brigades for special purposes. But it is very tiresome to manage lots of them in any major battle or for a prolonged period of time where in one battle the rifles and their consort will spawn side by side, and at dawn the next day they are scattered around the map.
  7. Andre Bolkonsky

    Tips for new players

    yeah, it is a move that takes patience and planning. It takes a few tries to get it optimized.
  8. Andre Bolkonsky

    Tips for new players

    So, let's say you are playing Union and you have a couple of hundred Fayetteville Rifles and you'd like to build an elite assault unit; or want to maximize your slim supply of Henry or Spencer rifles. . . Within one well commanded division: give the Fayetteville rifles to the most elite unit you possess that has few enough men to equip them. Pick a second brigade and place it in the same division to be its consort. Name both brigades appropriately so you'll understand which is which in the rattle of battle.Side note, make sure the other brigades in this division are well commanded because they will lose the Divisional General's buffs to command and efficiency when you combine brigade. The Consort Brigade wants to be as large as possible, as elite as possible, and armed the worst firearms in your inventory. What you want, and this will depend on the exact number of rifles you are trying to use, is a brigade of 2,500 men totaled between the rifle brigade and its consort AFTER you deploy skirmishers. This takes a bit of practice, don't get frustrated if it doesn't work the first time. Try, try again. On the battlefield, have the rifle unit and its consort move to very close proximity to one another. Deploy skirmishers in both brigades. Select the elite rifle unit and order it to combine division, and the consort will begin to be absorbed. When the new brigade has formed, recall skirmishers; and you will have a heavy, elite, well-armed unit This is one possible outcome: A Divisional Brigade of Spencer Rifles parked in the Devil's Den in Gettysburg laying waste to any Rebel brigade that gets near it. When they bring up their artillery, they scampered to the top of the hill and continued firing. This, BTW, is my favorite screenshot EVER: Notice the brigade is armed with Spencer Rifles, was originally 2,771 men strong, and surrounded by Rebel dead. Regardless of what you name either the rifle brigade or its consort, the brigade name will change to the commanding general's. In this case, 'Owen'.
  9. My favorite game of all time was a tabletop miniatures 'Seven Years War' game a group I knew played back in college. The core group were a couple of lawyers, a physician, and the history professor and between them they could field a massive army of lead. The professor thought it a great way to teach Linear Tactics, and invited students who might be interested. I became a rabid fan, and lead Austria to ultimate victory during a year long campaign fighting out the entire war in Europe. Grenzers and Croat Skirmishers followed by Hungarian infantry and their plethora of field guns flanked by Currassier and Dragoons for the win.
  10. Gentlemen, This is Sanny. A die hard Scot who lives up to every stereotype you can imagine, and a hell of a good guy. Sanny introduced me to Ultimate General: Civil War. He talked me into buying and playing it just about the time Dartis and Sterner released the Shiloh battle. And unless I'm mistaken that's his first post ever on this forum. He is a mensch, and a friend of mine from the Paradox game forums. Take care of him. Give him just as much grief as you'd give me, and he'll hand it right back to you again. Please join me in welcoming him to the forum.
  11. You are a man who can read between the lines . . . . Bravo.
  12. Andre Bolkonsky

    Combine Unit?

    During development of the game, at one point in time, 'Combine Unit' to form a divisional brigade was a solid strategy to create large units using elite weaponry. The tactic has been nerfed since that point, and Aetius' explanation works well in that regard. There are morale and command penalties to a divisional brigade that make it an emergency mesaure rather than a game strat.
  13. If we're going to TV miniseries, 'The Blue and the Gray' was shot in Northwest Arkansas in my youth. You can see me in several scenes. In one scene where some actors are talking, you can see me simoultaneously drinking at a party from one camera angle, dancing with a girl from another camera angle, and making out with the same girl in the hayloft from another camera angle. I learned a lot about film making that day, and if you look good on camera and actually bother to act the director will push you up the ladder of on-air screen time. Good times.
  14. At the risk of repeating myself. The five most deceptive words in the English language are 'based on a true story'. Completely unwatchable, pandering to a desired storyline, Hollywood history wrapped in a period-correct wrapper to cover up its flaws. I have no more to add; except if you think this is a truly great movie, my opinion of you has suffered irreperable harm.