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  1. Give us proper clan management / finances!

    Absolutely. There needs to be a single use forged papers for like $5.
  2. I'm really not a fan of the hidden names and no chat. Makes things really complicated with clan to clan alliances and it's just annoying overall. Hiding the ship name though is kind of interesting but i'd like to see the hidden player names and no chat feature reverted.
  3. Open World Indicators, False Flags, and Messaging

    Implement the mechanic into the smuggle flag
  4. @admin Port Battle for Mangrove Cay is still scheduled for 12:46 Server.
  5. Hot fix the ship crafting before it's too late! Shut off crafting if you have to temporarily
  6. Just please make this an option for players and not a requirement. I can see why you would want implement this but in some situations I would want other people to know who I am especially if you have alliances between clans in other nations. Add another check mark next to smuggler or have the smuggler tag hide your name and rank as well.
  7. Could we have a toggle for this similar to smuggler? There's some situations where the name is necessary.
  8. We have too many Nations - Remove some!

    Maybe remove Russia, Prussia, and Poland from the game as playable nations and keep them in as ai traders with unique loot. Also remove pirates as an established nation with safe zones and make them what poland, russia, and prussia are now.
  9. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    I believe Krabbeninsel is Vieques. Could give them that. But Chris does have a point with Russia and Poland. I would agree that they should be removed.
  10. Regarding port battles

    @admin I think you should really consider Vernon's idea. Having 1 system or the other won't work in my opinion. You have to combine the 2 somehow and I think that's by far the best solution
  11. Regarding port battles

    I mean sure they could but that would be set right in American prime time.. so that wouldn't make much sense