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  1. Pirate Cutter Escorts

    @Christendom you missed Beer Can. Too bad you aren't getting 3 marks off of San Marcos anymore unless you managed to sneak them in again... Although you did change Wish List to pirate.. interesting.
  2. I don't think trading in any way with alts is against the rules. This post should really be somewhere else too
  3. Slaves

  4. Remove Basic Cutters from PvP

    Oh I sank it. It was more of a prize anyways. Wasn't even the proper build
  5. Remove Basic Cutters from PvP

    I can't comment on any decision or battle regarding the US. The British were there because we made a deal with the us. I still don't get your argument though... You exploited because you claim that BR tag mechanics are broken?
  6. Remove Basic Cutters from PvP

    We're "bitching" because your fleet wouldn't have made it into the port battle without that exploit. If your argument is that you didn't have enough people then you shouldn't go after that port. Plain and simple
  7. Remove Basic Cutters from PvP

    Meh I thought you were apart of black by the way you were speaking. Last time I checked I don't think making things harder to exploit is considered dumbing it down but hey what do I know
  8. Remove Basic Cutters from PvP

    You all misunderstood what I meant. I'm not saying remove it from the game i'm saying remove it from all pvp within the game.(you can still tag ai etc)
  9. Remove Basic Cutters from PvP

    @admin After the shenanigans pulled by the BLACK clan today, I am calling for a complete removal of the basic cutter from any pvp. No tagging at all. Yes I know this would create indestructible spy ships but most spies will be in our nation anyways. Basic cutters should be strictly for pve. Even if the basic cutter gets removed from pvp we still have the issue of fleets hiding in battle before a port battle. (whether it's an alt in a store bought ship or tagging an ai fleet) So I am also calling for a 5 or 10 minute port battle restriction timer (similar to the logging in timer) after you exit a battle. I think if these 2 things were implemented it would solve a lot of alt and port battle exploiting and would ultimately improve the game for everyone.
  10. Meh you can come on here and try. Moving to EU would restrict gameplay so you're just wasting your time.
  11. It has begun...

    I mean they don't have to move it to the top they can simply specify that the eu server has restrictions that are set for eu times. Most people who buy this game during the steam sale will probably go to eu because of population. Then after the non eu guys realize that there are restrictions they will just quit the game instead of grinding up again... So it will probably just end up being a wash population wise. I hope @admin can add a simple line of text to the login screen for servers