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  1. Global : Are Hostility Missions Broken

    I could see where there might be a problem with that eventually. I think it will be fine just have to wait for the map to be gobbled up.
  2. I think the new text looks kinda weird and it's cut off or blurry in some areas
  3. You can't possibly think that keeping 3 separate servers in it's current state is a good idea. There has to be something holding you back... What is it?
  4. @admin You still ignoring pretty much everyone who has posted something on the server merge. I want to know your hesitations and why so we can actually grasp the situation.
  5. Changing the name of the servers won't help anything. They need to be merged into one server. You said yourself when online numbers are higher it was less of a problem for new players. You can fix this right now by merging the servers and bringing all of the 1000ish dedicated players together
  6. Server Merge & Solution for Port Battles / Raids

    The fact of the matter is that most nations can't even fill a port battle in their prime time. This would've been a good idea a while ago but it wouldn't solve any issue now. I think the best thing you can do is merge the servers, implement what you have proposed, and add back in some sort of alliance system
  7. I'm sure they will. I'd be really surprised if they don't given how different things will be
  8. Maybe? But in reality if a port was serious why would a rank 3 be pulling flags.
  9. the only problem with sweden and denmark is where would they go? They only both had one region in the Caribbean and they were both right next to eachther
  10. Regarding alts and the flag system could you possibly put a cap on who can buy a flag based on their rank? Maybe only the highest rank can buy a flag? This would at least make people work to be able to have an alt that can pull flags
  11. 1.Personally I disagree that you should be able to capture some areas that you listed like Cuba,Jamaica,Hispaniola, and Florida. Some are incredibly large and/or significant historically in that region. I would propose that you just stick with small islands that were not historically significant. 2. I think having multiple capitals is a good idea. Maybe the larger the empire like gb or spain the more 'capitals' they can have. 3. An easy way to fix pirates is to move their capital to the secret island and give their starting territories back to gb and spain (or make them neutral) I don't think pirates should be able to capture ports even if they are capturable. Instead they should be able to control them with the company feature. Ex: Pirates take Nassau but it stays british but it's controlled by the X company
  12. EU o GLOBAL

    This is false. The Danish have a decent sized faction mainly with Chinese and Australians. The French also have a decent amount of people as well. The Danes and French are actually in a better position than the US. There are 3 factions that are pretty much dead. Spain, Sweden, and the Dutch (pardon google translate) Esto es falso. Los daneses tienen una facción de tamaño decente principalmente con chinos y australianos. Los franceses también tienen una cantidad decente de personas también. Los daneses y los franceses están en una mejor posición que los Estados Unidos. Hay 3 facciones que están casi muertas. España, Suecia y los Países Bajos
  13. It's Time to Merge the Servers!!

    I'm not sure if you missed it but the suggestion to go back to the flag system was actually made by admin and like I said before I agree with him that it would work best with the new mechanics he proposed. Now regarding the rest of the nonsense you posted, it's in the past and don't tell me you didn't do it too because you did. Everyone has winning in mind. Now personally I would like to merge the servers with these mechanics but we don't have to. Global is actually quite fun and challenging and we have held onto most of our population. In fact we just took in some guys from a former eu clan in sweden the other day who didn't like the way things were run over there. Since you all you guys seem to do is bitch and offer no solution I have one for you that you could present in your own suggestion. If admin doesn't want to merge and puts in the flag system he could always setup one 3 hour window on eu.