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  1. Googled war of colon by accident. Didn't make much different to the actual game.
  2. Difficulty scaling, what became out of it?

    1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. Yes It's not as bad as in the first versions, though one could argue it's almost the same with some window dressing.
  3. There's no need to boost organisation all the way early on, as most of the early battles offer more opportunities for deployment than the later ones(I guess the engine couldn't handle it). Though getting to 2.5k brigades is useful you can win the early battleswith right kind of armament quite easily; at Shiloh I had 1.5k brigades against 3k brigades and held the line quite easily(lorezons being the "worst" weapons my guys had, enemy had farmers...).
  4. Skirmishers seem to make more damage per soldier, and take less damage as well. Though I think the damage might be capped as well(so that extra large skirmisher unit don't do massive damage). Or perhaps it was so that the number of skirmishers didn't have much effect? No idea, guess I need to play through a campaign again...
  5. When you factor in that rewards are massive at the start compared to middle game(they snowball at the end again) politics is a nobrainer. Factor in that the battles are smaller and hence casualties lighter, and you pretty much have no choice but to max politics AFAP. Just checked quickly and for example Antietam(as CSA) offers 20k recruits and 500k cash on full politics, whereas for example Cold Harbor nets you 275k cash and 17500 recruits. Going full politics early on will net you considerably more rewards than concentrating on anything else. And since the end this game is very much about money and manpower the choice is obvious.
  6. Tentative Guide to Modding This Game

    Anyone toyed around with damage?
  7. And to hold one brigade far back so that it can rush the Landing. That cavalry brigade seems to go there at every playthrough.
  8. UGCW Feedback v0.90+

    Playing as CSA on BG and Union seems to get about 40k fresh recruits after every major battle. Add in another 20-30k after winning minor battles. Seems like they get reinforced to certain level? So far the new system is working quite well, and also seems to keep my army somewhat in check.
  9. UGCW Feedback v0.80

    Also, first corps is alwasy named First Corps, whereas others are II, III, IV and V...
  10. Further Enchancment Suggestions

    The veterancy/etc would require a complete overhaul of the game. Your men, the strength of the unit, are actually just hitpoints. The other stats are not related to the hitpoints, but the the unit("container") itself.
  11. Tentative Guide to Modding This Game

    I was trying to check how the save files are written, but no luck either. Except that the values are encrypted and they use somekind of inverting with the numbers. I didn't understand anything about unit bundle extractor, but ILspy revealed a few things. Modding would be nice...but a pipedream it seems. No news about anything regarding this game.
  12. Forts -- Richmond

    Skirmishers in fortifications are near invulnerable, at least in previous patches. Especially when they are 1k units in some battles due to scaling. Something to do with them taking less damage than usual I am sure(but still dishing out normal damage...or increased?). Temp fix is to attack with skirmishers of your own and hope the enemy gets dislodged so your inf can pour some fire into them.
  13. Fixed enemy strength

    I thought it meant that the units are at historical strength on each battle. At least that's how it seemed to work when I tried it. No long term effects. Fixed strength as ti says...
  14. Mule Shoe

    It is all about finding the weak spots; where the enemy cannot shoot(or is firing at your elven warriors) at you but you can pour flanking fire. Usually once you get a single brigade detached you can roll the whole line that just sits there. Be very, very wary of artillery.
  15. Gaines Mill and Malvern Hill

    Some cryptic messages from him in Steam forums.