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  1. New stuff

    If you order troops to a location nearby that is sideways, they will actually shuffle over and maintain facing instead of turning, getting shot in the flank, and turning back.
  2. The Artillerist's Guide to Ultimate General: Civil War

    As stated above, 10pdr Ordnance are basically the bread and butter for your army, as they have solid performance at acceptable cost and are plentiful enough to outfit many brigades. You can do better certainly, but only at both greater cost and more limited supply.
  3. The Artillerist's Guide to Ultimate General: Civil War

    I try not to pause -too- much as it makes videos/play sessions go a bit long (and I have more dead air to fill) but it's useful to occasionally take a step back and survey the battlefield, especially in the largest grand battles where you're probably fighting in multiple areas at once.
  4. Questions/Thoughts on the Game

    6) You have to learn the battles but in general time is generous enough that you can sit or advance through good cover and minimize casualties at first, then only move onto VPs and killing the AI after you've mostly broken their forces or at least achieved numerical parity. Obviously if you're still moving too slowly as the timer is ticking down you can acquire a sense of urgency. Either way, go for victory all the time, but sometimes you can opt to not destroy the entirety of their forces if they still have good positions and it'll cost more than you'll gain after the battle. 7) Use the lowest officers you can in small brigades to develop a wide barracks or else you risk running into that. 2 and 3* generals should only really be leading Max size brigade, divisions, or corps. You can use Lt Cols and below for small units. Cavalry units are also good for farming Colonels into Brig Generals.
  5. Chancellorsville Opener

    My general suggestion is to push hard for the western VP and use it as bait to funnel enemy forces in as they try to retake it. The woods directly north of the point are a strong enough defensive point that you can effectively break the Confederate forces for the rest of the battle from there on the first day.
  6. UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Interesting... Any more detail you can provide on what specifically was changed with combined divisions? Did you finally quash the 'free' weapons part of it? That was probably the last holdout, the stats were already balanced across. Poor Wiards, guess your day in the sun has gone. Hopefully good changes for Gettysburg, did feel a bit gypped with how easy it was to push for a Phase 1 win. Same for 2nd Bull Run for the North, though even with relatively sparse initial forces it'll probably be doable just because of the terrain and how much of the enemy forces it's possible to ignore.
  7. Fredericksburg as Union

    All the way around to the far north, attack into the trees and push out the lone brigade there pretty easily, and then use that to flank the entire map. Maybe 1/3 of the first phase to move, 1/3 to start pushing over. By the time the first phase ends you should have cleared half the heights from the back. This lets you naturally keep your main forces together in the second phase when the map opens and all you need to do is have a force move south to block reinforcements along the river. They'll break along your reinforcements and you can eventually transition across yourself in the last phase for the complete wipe out.
  8. Fredericksburg as Union

    I still think there's value in instead looping all the way around north but seems more people find success in just waiting on the next phase. Whatever works for you.
  9. Battle of Antietam Corps Disposition

    You can do it with a skeleton force in your 3rd Corps (1-2 divisions only) as if you play the battle well by the time they even hit the field everything's over. A long sweep along the forest and fortifications and you race ahead to pocket and pin them against the river on the east side. 3rd Corps only really shows up to contest the southern reaches which aren't even necessary if you've already taken all the VPs up north.
  10. Battle of Washington

    Glad to help, that's exactly why I bothered making these.
  11. Battle of Washington

    I shy away from charging a lot of the time (in a somewhat vicious cycle, I admit) as my brigades tend not to have more than 50+ melee and they're not equipped with CS Richmonds so their gun also isn't contribute. Combine that with fortification natural melee defense buff and being clumped up and even closer to grapeshot and it doesn't seem to work out all that great for me a lot of the time. IME if there's at least decent cover for a bait squad to not get trivially chunked out then focusing fire and outshooting the brigade on the edge has worked. This also works hand in hand with my strategy of going after enemy units as much as possible, provided the terrain is reasonable, so they don't have other units available to get back into those fortifications as I slowly inch my way up to take advantage of newly opened gaps. Fence fortifications are garbage, they'll get outshot by units in building or forest cover most of the time, so I considered that a good trade.
  12. Battle of Washington

    @The Soldier Noted! A little better long range performance is probably fine given the ranges I was actually using them at for counterbattery/general sniping at max range in this battle, since they weren't getting very close either. Definitely miles better than the tens of casualties they used to inflict in the same situation. The only other pick instead of Logistics would have been Economy--since I rarely needed to buy anything I devalued it. On the other hand, a lot of the work that I like to do tends to be with detached flanking cavalry and skirmishers picking up thousands of kills while nowhere close to resupply. I ran out of ammo all the time on those units (I recall even a couple times in these videos where I've had to just pull them back for resupply on purpose) so anything that helped that out was welcome. Some more money at the end probably would've been nice but I don't think I really ended up in a position where more infantry mattered.
  13. Battle of Washington

    All episodes of my CSA campaign are finally up, Washington was a blast. Finally got to take the limiters off and use all of my 3* 100 all stat units and spend all my money. Playlist starts here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ns2AxiixpWI&list=PLWscnbIydjzQq5x0iAXgbA74XOBSGmJeY&index=25 Notable things-- As discussed elsewhere, army intel claims the Union should be limited to 125k only. I ended up facing a total of 60k+105k or so (rough estimates), which seems either unintended or non-obvious as to the way the mechanic works. (Is it supposed to be only on a per day limiter?) Sniper skirmishers are godly and properly micro'd will rack up tremendous casualty counts, especially useful for picking away at the artillery from their rear safely. Skirmisher cavalry are quite handy as well again finally, as the battle is wide enough and you get the opportunity to defend static defenses again instead of having to attack trenches with no place to flank. Probably doing a Union campaign after this, again learning/clear focused and not aimed at high difficulty. As said elsewhere, any and all feedback is welcome.
  14. 2nd Bull Run Campaign Questions

    You can either take a wide swing around left and flank everything and come at the VP from behind or you can go up front. If you go up front, clear the railway with a broad first push (lots of trees to use as cover while you fight it out). Then stack a column up and attack the hole at the wheatfield on the NE half where there are no fortifications and a couple buildings and you can use that as a wedge to push into the back trees and then down to the VP.
  15. 2nd Bull Run Campaign Questions

    If you have the advantage I'd fight the opening battle anyway, especially if you have relatively green troops. Every opportunity to kill the enemy and get your troops experience should be taken, so long as you fight smart.