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  1. Just My Suggestions, and a little ranting on the side

    VPs also represent lines of control/supply. You may not have any forces there in-game but the magical supply wagon is a simplification for forces and supply coming in from the rear.
  2. Veteran Recruits Cost

    *cough* My Union campaign playlist is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVwXdrQMpYA&list=PLWscnbIydjzTX3fTsz19lqowRwZ3kuogE Just a slow roll with a couple battles a week, aiming at showing off basic mechanics and the like and what you can do with a small, focused army. It's geared more towards people who are still learning the game's fundamentals, which is why I'm only doing this on Brig Gen.
  3. Veteran Recruits Cost

    If memory serves, Benjamin Magnus tends to have pretty bad kill ratios (still positive, though) as a result of that, because he's fielding a lot of green troops early and just smashing his troops into theirs for awhile. His ratios may improve but I never really watched his stuff in-depth. Unfortunately I'm being pretty slow uploading my own campaign else I'd try and toot my own horn a bit. ;P Fredericksburg should be going up this week, at least.
  4. Favorite Commander Choices

    I won't confess to any deep reading on the subject, but I've seen in passing at least that Longstreet was the subject of a lot of criticism from Lost Causers. This may likely contribute to him getting subconsciously devalued in overall rankings.
  5. Cavalry is in a good spot right now

    I'm still of the camp that thinks melee cavalry were overnerfed. They were always fairly useless late because of everything turns into fortification warfare or everyone's in a big blob anyway so they can't do anything but even now early their killpower is down enough that they have a very tiny, finicky niche. When that niche works right (Union on Antietam for example) they're pretty funny but it's otherwise hard to justify taking any, especially compared to good sniper skirmishers and skirmisher cavalry are now in that broad role right now.
  6. Veteran Recruits Cost

    That's exactly what I meant. You can fine tune the performance of your army by shifting experience around. This is most relevant when you have a large army in play shortly before/after a Grand Battle but is always something to watch. Spending a few minutes doing so can get +10 to a few brigades from time to time, which isn't nothing.
  7. Veteran Recruits Cost

    As a side note, this is a subtle thing to do when managing your army to figure out where exactly to put your officers to get the most bang for your buck. By just carefully swapping officers around you can effectively harvest 'extra' XP above a tier by downgrading an officer on one brigade and moving them to get another brigade up to another tier or just to shelve them and let someone lower get experience. A large roster of Brig. Generals is generally going to be more useful than having only a couple Maj. Generals and a bunch of Colonels
  8. It's really not bad so long as you realize the fortifications are traps and the town cover is incredibly good. Then just play skirmisher games and run your reinforcements up and it's fine. The train can't really do anything to you if you're sitting in 100% building cover.
  9. Chickamauga: WHAT A JOKE

    That might be worth a report if the middleground to achieve Day 3 is so narrow and unintuitive.
  10. Best cavalry carbine for Confederates

    Just to put in the second opinion--ROF > all, then accuracy/range but generally just take only the high ROF carbines. Two quick volleys to start triggering routs is more important than one accurate slow one.
  11. Chickamauga: WHAT A JOKE

    You can just replay the battle if you're this frustrated with your result, you know? The battle isn't really that bad, especially if you know anything about it going in.
  12. Chickamauga: WHAT A JOKE

    You can view the battle objective by clicking the button on the far upper right of the screen. That would tell you that you need to hold all of your VPs, take the two northern Union VPs, and take either one of the southern Union VPs (middle victory condition). It's thus easiest to ignore the far bottom one and isolate the forces down there and just flood the north. If you maintain clean battle lines and look to encircle the enemy troops you generally shouldn't have problems with enemy troops coming out of the woodwork. You should still have guards on your points anyway just in case but it's not really a big deal. I do agree that it's a little strange that you never get to field the 4th division of the 2nd corps (and maybe part of the 3rd division? I don't remember) but a single division and change shouldn't be killing you. There are a lot of good playthroughs here and there that may give you some ideas if you watch how other people approach the battle.
  13. Chickamauga: WHAT A JOKE

    Your army numbers are a little iffy. You should have AO9-10 at that point and fielding a lot of men. I brought 36k to the Union's 50k (and I run notoriously light), which ends up being basically even with how much you outnumber them on Day 1 and how you can basically clear the entire field of their initially deployed forces. There are only 3 main points you need to attack if you can hold onto your initial VPs (doable, they're decent defensive positions though you may find better luck in pulling back from one of them further south a little bit), so just ignore the far southern crossing and refusing that flank and take the northern three. As for moving against an entrenched foe, please remember maneuver warfare and strategic flanking. The AI will forcibly withdraw its forces when it realizes that it is flanked, even out of good defensive positions, so you can use this to your advantage to destroy them.
  14. Carbine Cavalry Unit Size Penalty?

    I still like a couple melee cav brigades per Corps on 20-24 brigade battles to hunt skirmishers depending on terrain. Otherwise skirmishers can get so obnoxious, especially if they have snipers and just sit outside your range and shoot your infantry.
  15. Effective Usage of Skirmishers

    Do you recall if that's still accurate/how bad the drop off is? I've been using 500 man skirmishers at the top end, I'd be curious to know whether I need to let them wither down.