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  1. Favorite Commander Choices

    David Greenspan did a fantastic job with his artistry.
  2. Android game war of colony using UGCW footage

    @Nick Thomadis hope you see this.
  3. MG level CSA Campaign

    @Sinjen ^^^ assuming left to right is from the attacking perspective and not the defensive positions.
  4. Infantry Guide to UG:CW

    Ah, ye old Sunken Lane, A.K.A. Bloody Lane at Antietam.
  5. Game Still Won't Open, all proposed solutions attempted

    When Task Manager displays the game as running, click on the game and tell Task Master to "End Program". Also with the updates, depending on what they are, and I think the Visual C++ requires it, you need to "Restart" your computer immediately after to allow the programs to take effect. Personally, I do a cold boot. Take your computer to a completely dark and cold state, (as in turn it completely off,) then re-start the computer after it has sat for a minute or so to allow all electronic retention to drain. Also may be an idea that you go to steam, and uninstall the program, then go to your steamapps folder and find the UGCW folder in the common folder, and delete all the remaining stuff there. Then go back to steam and reinstall. After that, you can attempt a verification process from steam as well. Good Luck.
  6. Lee would come to miss Jackson very much. What was said to Ewell regarding all 3 days would have sufficed to set Jackson on fire and he would have mopped up. BUT ... that's a speculation topic that's been around since 1863. Ewell required more direct orders unlike Jackson who just required a hint at what Lee wanted done. OF COURSE ... if you really wanted to point fingers ... A. P. Hill could also probably be blamed for the whole event ... Lee told him, he didn't want a general engagement brought on, they were in unfamiliar territory, Stuart and his cavalry were no where to be found, those mounted that Stuart left with Lee and the Army were not up to the task needing done. Like Mechanicsville in 1862, Hill would prove to be a bit impetuous. He could have held Heth back, but instead he kept feeding units into the fray. All said and done, Gettysburg was a major failing of the Army of Northern Virginia's entire command structure. All of the primary players had problems.
  7. River Crossing on Legendary

    The thing I find about this battle, being early enough in the campaign is the following: First, while the map that's being used is in fact the Gaines' Mill map, it's not so far from being accurate as to a river crossing. As the union troops had to cross this area most likely to get to Mechanicsville in the push up the Peninsula. Second, and my biggest peeve about this is that should this been representative of the union ascending the Peninsula to Mechanicsville, the union troops need to be moving right to left and not left to right.
  8. Actually, back in 1991, (hope some of the players here can remember that year,) there was a made for television movie, with the sound stage based in Richmond, Virginia, called "Ironclads". I managed to get on the set and took personal pictures of the full sized reproductions of both the Monitor and the Virginia, more commonly known under the original ship's name, Merrimack.
  9. I play every day as long as there are enough players on the servers. In fact, I was playing it before I stumbled across this gem.
  10. The Andre Awards

  11. Finished Grand Campaign (CSA)

  12. UG Civil War’s Future

    I say, revisit this title and incorporate everything that was missed in this effort.
  13. Favorite Commander Choices

    Don't let the name fool you. While it does have picture on practically every page, there's plenty of words as well, and a great education.
  14. Favorite Commander Choices

    One book???!!! That's a large order as there are over 50,000 books on the topic. However, if I had to pick one, it would have to be one of the earliest books I've ever read and acquired for my personal library. American Heritage Picture Book of the American Civil War, by Bruce Catton. 630 extra large pages for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.
  15. Favorite Commander Choices

    Actually A. P. Hill's ailment was far more serious than this. I have two biographies on him and both tell that while Hill was at West Point, and travelling back and forth between Culpepper VA and West Point, his travels routed him through the city of New York, and it is rumored that he visited the red light district and contracted gonorrhea. Much of his physical sickness during the war had to deal with the effects of that disease.
  16. Bug with moving units into earthworks

    It's the little things!
  17. Favorite Commander Choices

    Chamberlain is overrated.
  18. Just My Suggestions, and a little ranting on the side

    Part of the concept with this game, I opine is, that it is somewhat simulating actual events and tries to drive the player to follow those events via the various VPs. In this case the Shiloh Church area did hold for a while, as did the Hornets nest, before all the forces ended up Ultimately you are correct however, the best possible strategy, because of game mechanics, is to fall back and set your defenses protecting the landing, on the first day, knowing that the game is going to give you day 2 to overwhelm the confederate forces if you play union.
  19. UG Civil War’s Future

    There are also a few things that I'd like to see cleaned up on this game, I won't go into them now, but I take it from the recent post by @Nick Thomadis, I think the game is pretty much done in the view of the developers. I'd like to see a revisit or two, but I get the strong sense of decision in that above mentioned post that time spent on UGCW is done.
  20. Just My Suggestions, and a little ranting on the side

    Solution to rant? ... Being as how many have commented previously on that "phantom rebel cavalry force", I don't understand why folks playing this don't leave a brigade on each of the vital points of concern. It would be much more difficult for that "phantom cavalry" to take the VP if they had to contend with a full 2500 man brigade.
  21. Favorite Commander Choices

    I disagree. (Imagine that! ) It was one continuously long fight. It ended on Jackson's death. But, Hill seeking justice to and for his name, continued to press for a hearing even after Jackson's death, due to the amassed records on the subject. Then it ended entirely at Five Forks when Hill was killed. Hill also had spats with Longstreet, but they are lesser known. I think in part because Longstreet and Hill are both lesser studied Generals. Everyone seems enamored with the Jackson enigma. However getting back to the one long continuous fight, it was what it was, because Jackson never carried out, nor retracted his charges against Hill in the first event. Hill was just trying to seek justice one way or the other and clear his name from Jackson's black mark through military tribunal. However in the end, Hill was able to fill the void in Lee's need for a good hard hitting general. Then again, Jackson, due primarily to his "trust no one" policy of running his organizations, pretty much had disagreements, (fights if you will,) with all his sub commanders. I also disagree with the statement of Longstreet working under Jackson. Longstreet was the senior field officer. Knowing his ego and thinking there would have been hell to pay if he had to work under a general he considered inferior in rank. Rank was one of the stickler points throughout most of the Southern armies and in particular with the Army of Northern Virginia. Lee had to constantly tip-toe around his generals to make promotions, as everyone was aware of the "since date" argument.
  22. What happened after the two weeks?