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  1. HMS Barfleur (1768) - 3D Model

    Sweet! She looks great!
  2. UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Can't wait to get home and give it a try!!
  3. Leaders Killed

    Agreed with the rest of your post, but you seemed to have missed two very prominent Union generals, not political, who were also charged with imbibing quite heavily. Generals Grant and Sherman. And yes there are arguments on both sides for and against these two gentlemen.
  4. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    Yes. I'm sadly aware. I posted more in jest and tongue in cheek.
  5. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    Mine wasn't in the list. I'd like to see this one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Kearsarge_(1861)
  6. Minor bugs

    I haven't seen any miners in this game yet. (okay, I'll get my hat.)
  7. HMS Barfleur (1768) - 3D Model

    Good to hear from you @T1ckL35. Had me slightly concerned you might have become a statistic. Looking forward to your refining work.
  8. Leaders Killed

    If the most recent book I have read on the Union Army of the Potomac, "Lincoln's Lieutenants", by Stephen Sears, it appears that a goodly number of Union commanders were prone to hiding in a bottle behind the lines.
  9. Unit Naming

    If you detached from existing brigades all you need to do to get them back into their original organization is select the skirmishers, then in the HUD, select the icon that sez, return to unit. (Can't think of it exactly. Someone will be along shortly to provide the right terminology.)
  10. HMS Barfleur (1768) - 3D Model

    So, excuse me for dragging this one up from the depths ... But, T1ckL35, where'd ya go? What news?
  11. Leaders Killed

    Attrition was a curse to both militaries, but more so for the South. With its limited resources, especially in manpower, every loss of a great leader added to the eventuality. Having read Douglass Southall Freeman's "Lee's Lieutenants", and comparing Stephen W. Sears' "Lincoln's Lieutenants", there appears to be a greater loss of high command positions with the South.
  12. French Frigate L'Hermione

    Sadly, I barely missed her when she stopped in Baltimore. I drove by her docking next to the Constellation in the inner harbor one night, but didn't stop to get up close and personal with the Lady. She's graceful and beautiful. Viva L'Hermione
  13. The Civil War Trust organization has started a program called "Generations". It's an effort now that has been running for two years, that is meant to teach children (and some adults,) about the history of the American Civil War. Here is the most recent email I received regarding two upcoming events for September.