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  1. Reinforcements update

    Trader missions were removed from the game weeks ago but almost everybody can get the materials in the ports around his capital. Also there are lots of IAs, to fight, incoming to ports. With these things nobody needs fighting. If you put fleets of enemies in front of any port, sailing will finish. Even if this server is PVP. It doesn't mean fighting at every place and at all times. For that there are other games faster than this one. Due to the new reinforcement policy the ports will be blocked by players of enemy nations. (like they are today, but worse). The owners of these ports will not sail or just they will change to another outpost. Nobody will be satisfied. Gankers will became frustated and the others bored. In my opinion, the game needs trading missions again. Without less resources around capitals and less IAs in the ports. This way players would be forced to sail out of his port. Sail looking for resources in no so close ports. Sailing in Open Seas to look for traders. This is the only way i see to make players leave their ports and not the new changes in the reinforcement area. And more ports with rare materials, like copper, but mainly in free port P.D: i apologize if my english is not good enough
  2. Reinforcements update

    So many changes! Time will speak about all this.
  3. Make Naval Action more realistic

    The game is already boring enough to slow it down more.
  4. My doubt about the taxes is: Why do we need ports and keep them? If three ports, give a victory mark at a very high cost, if i save that money I can buy those marks cheaper. And i am sure after this, Victory Marks prices are going to drop
  5. Ports

  6. Creo que es necesario llegar a entendernos y remar todos en la misma dirección. Tenéis todo mi apoyo. No lo dejéis pero tampoco os precipitéis. Un saludo.