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  1. Hotfix 4 for patch 10.00

    The problem for me is not the ship prices... but the fact that with that you also have some ridiculously expensive cannon prices. Drop the cannon prices substantially IMO. Needing 130k to fit the surprise is really bad... I'd say some 40k for the surprise is enough...
  2. Ship Knowledge grind

    Take out this feature pls... Make all ship knowledge requirements be only with the ship you are using...
  3. What Are The Ship Trees.

    Just have the grind be within the ship you want to unlock.... Im with the basic cutter and got enough crew for the surprise... but now i'll be forced to play with some other 3 ships i dont want so i can get good enough on the only one that i want? (the surprise)
  4. Preliminary patch 9.99 deployed to testbed server

    Like others mentioned please add the Delivery mission where you are given the goods and just have to ... deliver it. And not buy the goods and then deliver it.
  5. Naval Action Developer Q&A

    is there any plans to add Portugal?
  6. Kickstarter ship packs poll (redux)

    i would definitely pay for some portuguese ships pack. (.....specially if the nation itself is added by extending the map just a little bit east so amapá is added and therefore the portuguese nation as well)
  7. can someone explain me what is dailies and what turning missions into dailies mean? Ive been doing lots of combat missions.... so i wonder what will happen with them.
  8. The rules to join battles are bonkers

    Make signalling across the board and not a perk please!
  9. Why Naval Action rating is sinking?

    Gotta say, i agree with everything! Great ideas mate!