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  1. Hong Kong Typhoon 8 inbound...

    Apparently the Taiwanese Beaufort Scale goes up to 15.
  2. ESSEX Manoverability

    Not a bug. Tall ships aren't as simple as just 'turn rate.'
  3. HMS Endymion

    Same with Trinc. "Upwind" being 70-ish degrees, not 45, of course.
  4. XP/Gold for damage is fine so long as the recipient actually sinks.
  5. Historical pirates

    The state and shipowners would pay for all of that in reality. So actually it's the pirates who would realistically have to deal with even more red tape if they wanted to access the market. So far as the naval officer is concerned, the service is communism. His biscuits come are delivered by the ton, for free. Pirates need to steal or buy it all. Privateersmen wages are miniscule or nonexistent, since the crew has a share in the prizes. And oh wait, pirate captains receive only around 1% of the value of each prize, if there are 200 pirates in the crew. Naval and privateer captains would receive double-digit percentages by comparison. And there wasn't income tax back then.
  6. Snow tacking problems

    Making sternway gives you rudder authority back. 20th century windjammers with 300+ foot waterlines pretty much have to tack this way.
  7. Snow tacking problems

    Essex, 1815 Draught forward: 15' 6" Draught aft: 18' 6" Victualled for Channel Service "The only trial with Essex was the 4-month voyage to Britain from Chile where she was captured, but she impressed her captors as a strong and capacious ship, generally an easy sea-boat (although a heavy pitcher), which handled well. However, she was no flyer, logging no more than 8.4kts close-hauled and 11.4kts large, but she was weatherly and ;equal to the Phoebe in her present state'." I can't tell if this is with her carronades still mounted, or if the British outfitted her with 18-pounders en route. The American captain complained that the carronades had somehow ruined the ship, which is to say that the proper equilibrium of ballasting and trim had probably been thrown off.
  8. Snow tacking problems

    There's usually no information floating around. Some people called her 'fast', others did not. British and French captain filled out performance reports because the admiralty made them. I've never heard of any U.S. equivalent. So any information would be buried in journals and correspondence somewhere.
  9. Snow tacking problems

    Some ships are slow to tack, others are slow to wear. IRL. For reasons that are out of this game's scope and complexity level of mechanics. There is no historical documentation on whether Essex was slow or slack in stays (something that can coexist with good speed closehauled). It is eminently plausible that she was slow in stays, but we do not know. Where no historical information exists, the devs should fill in the blanks with balance in mind. That would the best practice, even if this game aspired to be a hardcore simulator.
  10. Snow tacking problems

    If you don't believe me when I say 'it's more complicated', you really should. Any tack where you don't go backwards is a successful tack.
  11. Snow tacking problems

    Not much fore/aft canvas on the snow. And sailing ships are more complicated than 'go fast, turn fast.'
  12. We should be able to capture all NPC ships temporarily. Just disable hull and crew repairs, plus mods and knowledge slots. They can be sold automatically when left in outposts.
  13. Snow tacking problems

    Just like IRL
  14. Rigging Shock + Boarding

    If the enemy is swarming all over your deck you can't drop sails either. Ships in boarding combat furl all their sails purely because of engine limitations. In reality they would drift along and let everything flap.
  15. Civil War History: 'What If' scenarios

    Aren't you going to tell us all about the robust rural Southern suffragette's movement in the 19th Century? We're waiting. Women gained the vote in one canton of Switzerland in 1991.