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  1. Rumor from below

    Most of CMANO is pretty simple if you choose to micromanage, etc. It's learning all the control quirks that takes time. I wish it wasn't borderline unplayable in performance terms. Seems to get worse with every patch that claims to improve it.
  2. Rumor from below

    I mean, if you're looking for a change, I can recommend this game: http://www.addictinggames.com/action-games/treasureofcutlassreef.jsp It's free.
  3. Port / City visuals

    I think the 'culture changing' feature should be switched off. It doesn't make sense that Sweden captures a Spanish port in the Bahamas and rebuilds every house in stucco. Just wastes the original level building work and takes up space. PS: Half of Russia's navy comes from the Black Sea, where the architecture looks more Mediterranean than N. European.
  4. Renomee and Cerb are a bit faster at 135, and L'Hermione is about the same.
  5. Kingdom Come : Deliverance

    And find out that they've already invented silicone. Yeesh.
  6. Sure, but if the South had the industry to win an ironclad arms race, it would have been the north that was seceding to protect its slave economy.
  7. Unequal battles

    No one got prosecuted for running away from steep odds for common sense reasons. A court martial was a formality for every Captain who lost a ship. Pearson was knighted for saving his convoy.
  8. A different look at Upgrading and Stacking Ones Ship...

    Explain why the ship skills should have the lowest priority? Surely the skills are the most friendly to casuals and PvPers alike because they cannot be lost with each ship. You obtain them once, and retain them even if sunk three times in a night. No time sink burden or perceived entry barrier to PvP.
  9. A calm or significant lull in the wind would be quite frustrating if it struck in the middle of a battle. I don't think it would be popular in this community. If we get a SP gamemode, the absolutely. Bring on the waterspouts.
  10. Ideas for new gunnery mechanics and also swivels baby!

    Well I really meant as a 3-day test. But experimenting with inaccuracy for rolling fire is worthwhile. Good fix for dismasting.
  11. Ideas for new gunnery mechanics and also swivels baby!

    What if we had a patch where we turned off the 'smart gunners' for Rolling broadsides. Smart gunners on Random Fire only. (Because if you can't choose the best moment to fire if you need to rigidly follow the other crews.) I think we would see far fewer masts come down. I also don't know whether you've read my ideas for higher horizontal dispersion when you aim high into the air. It will prevent laser-accuracy dismasting, but not affect hull shooting.
  12. Unequal battles

    Can anyone challenge his logic here? I can't.
  13. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    Russia, Poland and Prussia have clearly provided tons of great gameplay for many people. And continue to do so. And it's good marketing. Very easy for someone from a different nation to say "ban them." All the hand-wringing over their vulnerability is also unwarranted. Has anyone noticed that Sweden won the map? Sweden who was designed to be the pathetic one-port nation for masochists? And France isn't far behind. France has never had any power before now.
  14. Impact Tagging

    The OW can't be a place where maneuvers and tactical gameplay take place, mate. It's unimprovable because it's too fast and too shallow. Please don't get upset on behalf of a mechanic that doesn't exist. I'm 100% in favor of impact tagging if it can work. But in the current set-up, it doesn't. Not just because of the server but because of how ships are placed in the instances with land. The devs have told us many times how the land in instances limits their options in terms of tagging and ROE.
  15. Impact Tagging

    THE OW SAILING SUCKS AND EVERYONE HATES IT. THE GAME TAKES PLACE IN INSTANCES THAT DONT SUCK Seriously, that's worth putting in caps in any context. If this game is judged by the WASD gameplay on the OW, it is a 2/10. Does anyone here disagree with me? One blindingly obvious aspect of game design is making sure people spend more time interacting with you game's strengths, not its weaknesses. And FFS, now we have speed mods that don't work on the OW. Spawning at 700m is fine. Spawning at 70m is not. I can shoot you at 700m. You shouldn't be able to use time warp magic to take away my opportunity to shoot you from 700m while you approach. You have a vastly better chance of using tricky maneuvering to steal the wind from an attacker in the context of janky OW tag timers and crappy laggy ship controls.