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  1. maturin

    Demasting / dismasting

    NA players use the word as a verb or a modifer. 'Demast him' or 'demast challene'. Demast is more commonly used in English than Dismast,* and I think the former is awkward to pronounce. But when you add a suffix, the situation is reversed. Written sources used the word as a participle. 'was dismasted.' Dismasted is used more commonly in English than Demasted.* In this context, Dismasted is much classier. *You can see this in Google results.
  2. maturin

    Ideas for new gunnery mechanics and also swivels baby!

    This actually works the other way around. Shortening sail makes the deck jump around more as the ship rolls. More sail results in a more inclined deck, but this can be compensated for by changing the elevation of the gun. Sailing fast upwind or on a beam reach would theoretically provide the most stable gun platform, heel permitting. Sailing downwind would result in the lowest accuracy, due to rolling. Sitting still with your sails depowered would be as bad or even worse, while heaving to properly would be quite comfortable. In practice the sea state has a big influence too, and that can interfere with the steadiness of the deck when close hauled, as the crests come with greater frequency and the ship is always pitching and scending.
  3. Yes. The ship is turning to the left in-game. It should be turning to the right. The foresail would be almost entirely useless at that angle.
  4. There are two reasons the sails make the ship want to turn: Force vector from the angle of the sail (I think you're referring to this as torque) Greater windforce being exerted on the bow, relative to the stern (or vice verse) We can argue over which effect is stronger in the case of the xebec, and probably you would need to do the math to find the right answer. That explains the discrepancies in points 1-3. But for #4, there is absolutely zero reason the vessel should be turning to the right. The sails are not exerting any kind of force that would lead to this result.
  5. maturin

    New ships by nation

    lol Every pirate ship in that show looks like a steaming pile of donkey chodes. If they don't care about the pirate stuff, what research do you think they did on the residential architecture of South Carolina? Edit: Anyways, this topic is at least the fiftieth time the issue has been raised, and it should be locked. It makes no sense to limit ship types by nation, given how similar the designs of most nations usually were, and how many famous warships earned their spurs in the service of nations that did not build them. We also don't have nearly enough ships to outfit every nation with a full lineup.
  6. maturin

    New ships by nation

    Charleston in this era would have looked more like Cuba than Boston. Its architecture was often compared to Southern Europe.
  7. maturin

    New ships by nation

    So you're saying you have no idea where Boston is. Not that I would be surprised to hear it.
  8. maturin

    New ships by nation

    We only have US ports south of Hatteras. Not much brick around there, nor industry.
  9. maturin

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    HMS Drag Queen Epileptic jellyfish canvas.
  10. Xebecs are going to be 'dodging' chainshot like crazy, which is pure trash.
  11. maturin

    Combat - Whats happening here

    Yes of course you lose distance and velocity with double shot.
  12. You cannot go over your cap of maximum labor hours. Ever. You're asking for a cheat code in an entitled manner.
  13. You're not going to get a 10,000 labor hour present from the devs, thereby screwing over the economy for weeks to come...
  14. maturin

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    Generally. Sort of. More appropriately, SoLs would set the amount of sail that was tactically appropriate. Nelson's fleet broke the Allied line with full sail and studdingsails set. And you can bet that the ships engaged in Cornwallis' retreat weren't carrying reduced sail as the sought to escape the French. And then you had two French SoLs foundering at Quiberon, which tells you they were heeling drastically more than any ship in this game.
  15. maturin

    Hercules ship feedback

    She doesn't look like she's riding high to me, judging by dark Youtube videos. Just fat and ugly by nature.