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  1. maturin

    Victory - too much hull exposed

    No, they have to ballasted down to the same waterline, otherwise they won't be stable. Making the timbers lighter doesn't do anything to reduce the weights of guns, men, rigging etc, which is all placed well above the center of gravity.
  2. maturin

    Please for the love of god please fix loot mechanics....

    IRL you could send a boat over... But IRL you would also be expected to evacuate the whole enemy crew. So count your blessings.
  3. maturin

    A new approach to Portbattles, with troop ships involved

    Like a Conquest-related Troop Carrier mod that takes up hold space.
  4. When you capture a ship and scuttle it, the ship should be set on fire and left to explode. This is both more historical and more visually interesting.
  5. maturin

    HMS Henry 3-2nd rate, 1656-1677

    Zapped. It was a very nice drawing. Where can it be found with your permission? In a certain book or on a website?
  6. maturin

    Changing Sails (0-20-40-60-80-100%)

    Cerberus, Belle Poule, Lynx, Snow, Pickle, Merc, Renommee, Constitution, Cherub Surprise, Trincomalee, Santi, Cutter, Brig Victory, Pavel, Niagara, Bellona 1 = Dead Slow; 2 = Battle Sails; 3 = Slow; 4 = Half; 5 = Full Of course, there were less ships back then.
  7. maturin

    Changing Sails (0-20-40-60-80-100%)

    The 'raise sail-drop sail-raise sail' oddness is actually based on real sailplans and practices. It just doesn't look right when you do a bunch of things in quick succession. IRL a warship would try to handle all sails simultaneously.
  8. maturin

    Changing Sails (0-20-40-60-80-100%)

    I drew up a better sail sequence for every ship a couple years ago. They haven't gotten around to it.
  9. maturin

    Mortar Brigs Overhaul

    Friendly source? Mortar vessels were built like brick shithouses. And the mortars were still too inaccurate to be useful for much besides terrorizing cities anyhow. Pretty much a weapon that navies really wanted to work well, but didn't. Being built like brick shithouses they were often very useful for arctic exploration, though. So yes, we should never see them outside PBs.
  10. maturin

    Make Naval Action more realistic

    Paintings are an excellent reference, unless you're too lazy to be a historian and interrogate your sources. Many visual depictions of ships and battles were executed by seasoned seamen or even eyewitnesses. The work of ignorant hacks was not appreciated by an informed public; the best nautical artists did their research and had access to people who were on the scene. At the end of the day it's art: different creators have different aims. Sometimes it's Picasso, sometimes it's socialist realism, sometimes it's photorealism. Maritime art involved a lot of the latter. Topgallantmasts and even topmasts could be replaced in a few hours. Spare lower masts were not carried on board.
  11. Sounds like a reasonable number for penetration. There are better sources, of course.
  12. maturin

    Will there be an OW model quality pass?

    Some frigates didn't even have port lids amidships (L'Hermione). For the purposes of buoyancy and staying dry, the gundeck counts as the top deck.
  13. maturin

    Rename the Pirate Frigate

    It's just marketing. Someone has to be dumb enough to fall for labels like ALWAYS LOW PRICE SAME GREAT TASTE. And these people have money.
  14. maturin

    How demasted ships sail?

    They could just furl the sails on the mizzen and there would be very little difference between center of effort and center of rotation. A bigger problem would be the lack of forestays for the main.
  15. maturin

    How demasted ships sail?

    You don't need perfect balance; that's what the rudder is for. Once you furl the spanker, the mizzen topsail is very small, and you can quickly rig up some main staysails which straddle the center of effort. Every vessel is different. I sail a ketch that goes upwind or downwind in a fresh breeze under mizzen alone, without a hint of weather helm.