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  1. I hope not! At least for me a close-down of the PvE server to push the PvP part of the game wouldn't work. I never play against other human players, not in Naval Action and not in any other game ever. I would stop playing Naval Action if the PvE server would get shut down.
  2. I haven't played Naval Action for some months, I have 40000 XP points and 50 million gold (PvE), and because I read about an upcoming asset wipe I started the game to see what had changed since I played the last time - and I found three redeemable ships waiting for me: a Wappen von Hamburg, an Endymion, and an Indefatigable. Why did I get them, and when? Will these redeemables be lost when the assets are wiped in April? (If yes, what are they good for then?)
  3. Tilvaltar

    Custom Battle Mode

    Will it be possible to edit the opponent's troops in Custom Battle mode? Right now I can only edit my own forces.