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  1. The Wren

    The Newbro Problem

    Here's a theoretical question for you guys: What would you do if, when the game finally launches, ALL of us were reset to absolute zero? No XP, no gold, no craft XP. Would you be happy looking forward to the incessant grind and vulnerabilities that the new guys are currently going through or would you end up moving on to something else?
  2. The Wren


    Try this: In Steam right click on Naval Action in your library Got to properties then the Local Files tab then hit the "Verify Integrity of Game Files" button This should analyze and correct any file errors that you have.
  3. The Wren

    Deleted valuable outpost by accident please help

    I've made the same mistake unfortunately.
  4. The Wren

    Buy Bid Sniping

    Tax should be paid by the buyer not the seller.
  5. Imagine the activity you could have if you could just loot some of the shipwreck and then when you leave it it makes the shipwreck visible to everyone else on the server! You would have mad dashes to the location. You could also then start using shipwrecks as traps to lure players into an ambush. That could get really interesting.
  6. The Wren

    Merge the nations!

    And NO taxes!!! Pirates don't pay taxes to anyone, that's why they're Pirates.
  7. Good luck! It'll be nice to run into other English speakers in Spain!
  8. The Wren

    server switch questions

    Nothing transfers between the PVP and the PVE servers anymore. Neither rank or labor hours. Completely different universes.
  9. The Wren

    Crew animations

    That's why you have graphics settings in the game. Build the game for the top end computers. That way you either upgrade to enjoy the nice eye candy or you lower your settings to improve your performance. Building for the lowest common denominator would be a mistake.
  10. Have no fear! I'm sure that this post will lock with: "Investigation complete, appropriate actions were taken"
  11. The Wren

    Lack of benefit in surrendering

    Koltes did a whole write up last summer about surrendering with honor which would make the act of surrendering a viable option for the two captains involved. I'm not very search engine savvy but I'm sure that someone can locate it and link it here.
  12. The Wren

    Lost All Money. Negative gold

    And then issue a stern WARNING!
  13. The Wren

    In Regards to the Recent Mass Scale Alt Farmings

    Keep dreaming fellas. No one is going to get punished for anything. At most they will get a warning or maybe even a stern talking to with a very disapproving look on the Devs faces, but no actual reasonable punishment is going to happen. Here's a solution, get caught alt farming and instantly all of your ships turn bright pink with hello kitty faces on the sails, All of your guns now only shoot marshmallows. All ships remain like this until you complete 10 hours of actual PVP combat against a real enemy. It's not a permanent ban but it would be something you would have to work through instead of just not playing for a few days.
  14. The Wren

    US Senate Resolution 8 Peace with GB

    I can't vouch for all of what koiz is saying, but these two statements are 100% fact. NPG was my very first clan and it was pretty damn great. Once it imploded it kinda ruined that entire aspect of the game for me. I've never felt really comfortable in any clan since. As far as guys role playing as President and VP of the US......I guess whatever floats your boat. Have fun with it but try not to take it so seriously lol.
  15. The Wren

    King's Council Announces Peace With The United States

    This is what you thought was going on.... No such luck.....