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    The problem is not the pve server players. The problem are the players in the pvp server. Right now you have 35% of players trying to get in fights, hunt whatever you wanna call it and the rest just wants to pve, trade or come out to pvp when its 25-1 (its not just the US...). The only long term solution is to cut the map size down to what Black Flag had. You got south of Florida, Cuba, the Shallows, Jamaica and a little bit of Haiti. This map would have no safe zones and would be for the true pvpers and the rest that couldn't handle it, would have to go on the pve server. The only bad thing is, we'll be stuck fighting the same people everyday
  2. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    I have to start killing all my alts in battle and post screenshots about it! Seems like a common practice here...
  3. Whats up with all the National Talk ?

    I say we’ll have 200 - 250 players at night. That’s being optimistic
  4. [Caribbean server] Join Russia, Join the Empire!

    This is a thread about Russian recruitment. Now we’re talking about the US. The US in both servers is pretty much the same. A very small percentage of players trying to pvp at la torture and the rest will just stay in the protected area and stay irrelevant to the server. Just leave those of us trying to balance things out and either go to the other remaining server or go north of all saints and hide there doing missions with your precious first rates.
  5. Whats up with all the National Talk ?

    Mike, if you want to play the way we used to when the clan was..., ahhhh...a hardcore pvp clan, joining Russia is the closest you'll get. Almost no ports, no alliances and no capital or protection area. For those that want to be as close to a pirate that is probably the best nation. Poland and Prussia have too many ports already
  6. Whats up with all the National Talk ?

    Didn't you join king of crowns fan club back when they were camping Mort? You went French but I guess that one time didn't count. DUTCH FOR LIFE...kinda....
  7. [Caribbean server] Join Russia, Join the Empire!

    A small group of players taking on the rest of the server!!! Hmmmm, that brings back memories! This will be my nation most likely. Will never fight alongside Care Bears again so Russia is looking pretty good...
  8. Why did players leave?

    I probably have done more pvp in one day than you have in a week. Asking for more pve doesn’t make me a pver. Pve players are the prey for pvp players to hunt. Take away those players and all you have left is gank squads and counter gank squads. Pvp is at its best when you have a lot of players on. No mechanics work to encourage pvp when you have 100 players online. Most people do pve and most people are also prey so if you think you can get people back some other way i’m All hears
  9. Why did players leave?

    After you level up on rank and crafting there is nothing to do. Sinking ai ships for a specific book that you never get in the random loot is boring and annoying. They just haven’t had no true new content in a while. you need to create a lot of pve content to bring back or keep the pvers which make out the biggest percentage of players. Once you have hundreds of players in game again, pvp will come back. Pve generates pvp not the other way around. For the time being. I think shrinking the map considerably along with new content is the only way to go to revive the game.
  10. Speed CAP

    What happens when a wasa stays 250 meters away with longs vs a Connie with carronades? i’m not Sure what kind of fights you’ve been in but i’ve Killed a few Connie’s like that. Shoot their sales a little bit to slow them down and then just out dps them with your bottom decks. Enjoy you 11 pvp marks!
  11. How to make players come back?

    How to get players back? Pretend you’re a developer and you want to save the game. What would you do? What changes would you make or what features would you add or remove from the game? Basically if you were one of the game developers what would you do? One last note I don’t think putting the game on sale works because all you get is new players That end up quitting anyway
  12. Require pvp to play on pvp server

    I might be the only one who agrees with Malachy. Sure with 2000 people online, everything gets solved but we’ll never have that again. If all the care bears got kicked from the pvp server, pve server would have nice numbers and if you cut the map size by 10 in the pvp servers you would have an easier time to find players. I’ve been on the same boat as Malachy, spending 3 or 4 hours sailing with nobody to fight with. I play or played in the global server where this problem is a lot worse.
  13. Does vin diesel show up at the end of the battle after you’ve been drifting for 1 1/2 hours? Can’t wait for next patch we’re they introduce NOS for a little speed boost (will cost 650 pvp marks)
  14. Work on the turn rate of the Trader Snow next. That’s up there on the list of things wrong with the game...