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  1. Since this is a thread people are paying attention to, I have a suggestion. Get rid of nations altogether and just have clans and the ability to create their own flag. Maybe a nice random map about a 1/3 the size of the current one to match its player base. I think these would be nice changes to the game
  2. Since historical accuracy is out and it’s all about pleasing the player base, you guys should add Australia as a nation since we have so many players from there. I mean if Russia or the commonwealth ( Poland-Lithuania) are in, why stop there? We have a Chinese clan in Global so add China as well. I’m Portuguese by the way and i’m Pissed!! Lol
  3. This will no go down very well in my clan where me and at least half of them want to be in a 1st rate. As of right now, many only log in if there is a 1st rate port battle going on
  4. [PvP Global] To all Nations please HELP me...

    I sank flipper outside la navasse once in a duel and killed a bunch of elite member when I jumped in their mission. As for you, you either smoke some good stuff or the voices in your head are getting you confused about reality and your dreams. Gotta say, ELITE taking on BLACK or protecting them!!!! Is some funny delusional stuff. Still, you guys always had a good attitude so you got my respect
  5. [PvP Global] To all Nations please HELP me...

    I have killed almost all in that list in one single battle by myself. Either I'm great or they're not very good. Pick one
  6. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    Reading all these posts with all the role playing and politics that mean nothing except for a few people that think that they are leaders or in charge( lol) helped me a lot! Thank you! I needed to quit playing this game and have been slowly playing less and less but having to be in a server with you guys really made the whole process a lot faster. Thank you. Gonna join the rest of my clan members that stopped playing. See you guys in Legends
  7. Request for Global Ceasefire

    How long until everybody quits and stops playing waiting for another reset, after this coming reset?
  8. Best RVR clan in games history

    Why is it stupid? Can't we talk about the history of the game and about the clans that populate it?
  9. Best RVR clan in games history

    I wanted to start this thread because even though I know a lot of clans from both servers, I don't know them all. In your opinion which clan has been the most powerful or effective in RVR in the past 12 months? I will suggest BLACK but I'm bias because it's my clan. What about you guys?
  10. [PvP GLOBAL] George Town is about to explode…!!!

    Can you guys flip Sant Iago instead. I would like to do a 1st rate battle once in a while and not just 4th rates. Change it up a bit
  11. Why did players leave?

    I know that there are bad mechanics in the game, I know that the game consumes a lot of time and a lot of it is doing boring things(trading, crafting and moving stuff around. I also know that we have different time zone players in the server and that makes it harder for decent port battles. With all that said. I'm curious to know specific reasons why people in global quit. I know that a lot don't log in to the game but still check the forums. So, why did players stop playing?
  12. Duncan I agree with everything you suggested. The only thing I think still needs to be done is the map size a lot smaller and less ports. We should be able to sail from one end of the map to the other in about an hour. Make it bigger as population grows. One quick suggestion to the developers: show on the map where the hot zone for the day/week is and make selling goods there 3x more everywhere else.
  13. [PvP Global] Political Situation and Port Battles

    The Americans had to put as much effort as the pirates. This was the first time( most likely the last) that they used their 1st rates that they built a long time ago with conquest marks. Why do people feel so sorry for the Americans? I know some of them act like they are handicapped but we shouldn't generalize and just feel sorry for them
  14. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    There are places that take care of people that say things like that. Over the years better treatments have been developed so there is a possibility you can get better
  15. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    I personally blame slim jimmerson for all of this (you know what you did)