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  1. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    There are places that take care of people that say things like that. Over the years better treatments have been developed so there is a possibility you can get better
  2. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    I personally blame slim jimmerson for all of this (you know what you did)
  3. End of the server

    Well I don't want to anger the JG guy so I'll make this my last post. The solution to a longer life in this server would have been to have gone to pvp 1 where the quality of the enemy was better providing a better more lasting challenge. In conclusion, the server was too weak or the clan too powerful. Pick one. Having said this, I'm outta here...
  4. End of the server

    Why are the US players bringing out theirs 1st rates now and not before? That's the question I really want answered
  5. Legends player base

    Will the population from consoles and pc be mixed together or kept separate? I don't have the knowledge about game development so I don't even know if that would be possible
  6. End of the server

    Just to clarify, I'm not just using global' recent history but also pvp 2's as well. We've been here before where the US and GB retook their ports back after population went down and ports weren't being defended. That is the reason I blame the player base and not the developers themselves
  7. End of the server

    For a little over a year now, the pirate clan BLACK, has been the source of 90% of activity in pvp 2 or global. Now that population is falling faster than ever before with peak numbers of 115, I wonder what would happen if we just "vanished". I have to say that the lack of large engagements or ganks as the only source of pvp, really took a toll on our numbers and population as well. Possibly we'll come back if changes are made but there is nothing the developers can do about "bad" population that play in global. History repeats itself and again, now that they sense that BLACK is gone all the 1st rates and Bellonas start coming out again. Where were they before?! This just goes to say, enjoy your pve server. I blame this whole thing on the US and GB.
  8. Declaration of Independence

    So many morons in one place. Its amazing
  9. You guys don't need to worry about any of this. As soon as Legends comes out and to quote Slamz, all the rvr guys (people who like large balanced battles) will go over to that game and leave all of the traders, crafters, gankers and solo hunters to enjoy whatever is left of OW and none of these problems about taking ports or killing nations will exist. There will be no more port battles. Just give it time and don't stress out about it
  10. Server Health is a Game Design Issue

    In my opinion, the biggest problem with this game is that is meant for hardcore players who have the time and multiple accounts to play it. I used to be one of them. Most players have to be considered casual and can only play a few hours at a time. The time it takes to sail around doing nothing is amazing. I think ow is past the point of recovering. It has lost too much of its player base and it won't get it back in my opinion. The game has been the same for over a year with some number tweaking and back and forth with broken mechanics. I suggest you put all your efforts in Legends and use Naval Action's greatest strength ( combat) to its fullest. I suggest even trying the console market where you'll get a lot of players. OW is in hospice mode. Just let it go in peace.
  11. Reviving the game

    I didn't say the map should be smaller forever. Increase it as population grows. Trade runs can still be done. Organize an escort to do it. This is not a trading simulator. The main focus is combat so escorts fighting attackers would be nice pvp and the chance to see other players in ow being a lot higher, it would make the game more exciting. The only spots for pvp nowadays is to camp a capital and kill mostly new players all day. The majority of players that are unhappy with the game and could potentially agree with me don't visit the forums so it's hard to get a feel for what the community as a whole really thinks ( most of them quit already!)
  12. [Serious] Server Health

    So we're talking about organizing some type of planned and balanced pvp fights? Well we don't have to do anything!! Just wait for Legends to come out and it will be all set. It will be hard to get people that only gank to agree with fair fights. Those fights take... ahah.....skil...
  13. [Serious] Server Health

    Server merge is nothing but a temporary fix. Numbers will go down after. The problem is that the map is too big, people spend at least 60% of their time sailing with nothing to do. PVP is for the most part a gank or be ganked situation where if a ganking squad gets intercepted by a slightly larger ganking squad, they run using a serious of broken mechanics. The only balanced fights you can find are planned fights such as port battles and that's pretty dead as well. I say, merge the servers, make the map smaller and create a lot of pve content such as quests, bounty hunting, treasure fleets and other things I can't think of right now. You need to give players stuff to do and make it easier to encounter other players in OW.
  14. Reviving the game

    We do all that and crush you in port battles. Where do we find the time? Anyway, the purpose of this thread is to talk about shrinking the map size not argue with you
  15. Reviving the game

    But comparing to how many people you caused to quit GB, we're just amateurs. You should be working on your manual sailing instead of posting in the forums. I watched your stream and it didn't look too promising