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  1. Dont complain that you dont have many players then. A united france is very stronk. Stronger than russia
  2. Guess its your chance to bring prussia to life?
  3. thats how 1 ship moves trough a lake or something sailing backwards and stuff. No tactic/plan
  4. I have a tip for you. If you dont do something in real life but you do it in a video game dont say something is not realistic. It actually could be realistic even tho you dont like it
  5. there are many connie lovers
  6. I dont understand because thats already what is going on for ages now
  7. My wish is that NA focuses on new mechanics and killing of exploits aswell as making ports matter right after UI and tutorial. Making ports matter brings back OW pvp which is a important thing in NA
  8. In a war If you chase a trader If you have a juicy big 1st rate in front of you who is sailing alone and a noob You might be a justice warrior, others are not
  9. I would say its the case in every game that a big amount of players own but not play the game. Thats also why a nice release can work wonders in NA if its a good release with content to do a nice UI tutorial and not many bugs and exploits
  10. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    Only attackable by other neutrals. Thats so open for exploiting by alts I dont even explain it further.
  11. Basics

    The thing why NA is in such a bad position is because of exactly that. It was tried to also attract arenaplayers
  12. Basics

    NAL is for you. NA has to be about something else. If you make it as stupjd as now that everything is easy for fast pvp its just a bad NAL and nothing else. Crafting, trading, hauling, logistics in general, tactics before the battle and setup of your fleet has to matter and not be something thats getting easier with every patch until the OW is a bad balancer.
  13. Problems in NA which need to be adressed imho

    Then you just found a clan if you want to change the timeslot for a port
  14. Problems in NA which need to be adressed imho

    How about you change your outposts so you dont have to sail everytime?