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  1. rediii

    Make Hachiroku Moderator

    how do you even become Moderator? Semi honest question
  2. rediii

    Battlesail fighting

    Well when full sails is nerfed I just go 80% then
  3. rediii

    Battlesail fighting

    who cares about being on fire in NA? Normally its just a feature you can use to explode if you want and else it does nothing because survival is on anyway
  4. rediii

    Battlesail fighting

    yea you should geg a buff. You have a more stable plattform, you dont habe to fear a fire breaking out so much etc blabla. The only reason why ppl would like to go battlesails would be reload. Why? Because with battlesails you are slow and easy to hug.
  5. I think officers can actually promote ppl to officere (which is a big fail in the mechanic)
  6. rediii

    Kurländer Kaper

    Wenn man mal ehrlich ist seid ihr eigenständig seitdem es HREKK gibt. Ihr habt nur bisher vom guten Ruf der HRE profitiert und das soweit es ging ausgenutzt bis es jetzt gegen eure Interessen geschieht und der Ruf evtl. innerhalb Schwedens kippt. Diplomatisch habt ihr zb mit Blanquilla auch schon länger eigenständig agiert. Meiner Meinung nach wäre es nur fair gegenüber der HRE jetzt noch den Clantag zu ändern, viel Arbeit macht das nicht und das würde wirklich zeigen dass ihr was eigenständiges seid. Außer ihr wollt natürlich davon profitieren dass neue Spieler sehr oft "HRE" als Clan lesen. Ansonsten auch von mir viel Erfolg weiterhin, man schießt sich
  7. I would like to suggest a new form of boarding. How would it work? Boarding automaticly starts if you get close to someone (like 100m for example). Window automaticly opens You get actions depending on several factors. Musket fire is available at 100m Attack/defence is available at 10m and if both are less than 5kn fast Grenades is available at 30m and if enemy has less or equal decks as you (Brace allways ofc) Also while the boarding is happening everything is normal. You can reload and fire and you can sail like you want. If you are farer away than 100m boarding window just dissappears. I think it would be better than what we have currently. What do you think?
  8. rediii

    Additional Buffs to Battle Sails

    also its a more stable plattform
  9. it doesnt, this is changing a whole lot more than a musketfeature. But we are testers so lets go
  10. so we asked for something and got another thing And you say we asked for this thing we didn't ask for
  11. maybe YOU asked for it but I didnt see any topic about this change
  12. rediii


    Otto is dead. LONG LIVE TOTO
  13. rediii

    Additional Buffs to Battle Sails

    for battle sails to be usefull a big buf is needed like 30% increase of reload. and 20% turn increase also less crew needed for sailing would be good. A problem I might see here is that small ships go faster into battle sails and get additional tur speed which makes it even easier to sterncamp but we could give it a try. Reload % is the most important in my oppinion. In a brawl battlesails would be the way to go which is the target here