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  1. clans allow who joins If someone doesnt listen and joines with wrong ship AND doesnt want to leave the PB so the right ship can join, then you kick this guy from your clan or the friendly clan from friendlist. No rosterfeature needed
  2. Yes and without edr you couldnt have fought the pb And in a active serious war you wouldnt have a easy time making hostility either. The first fun battles would occur there. Anyway its tribunal... sorry for offtopic
  3. old unity and old computer. I had 20 fps pretty much in every encounter. Watch my older vids
  4. I made the experience in recent months that if Edr doesnt turn up noone is turning up. Prove me wrong then
  5. Had a bit hope france gets their shit together again after terre de bas Im proven wrong
  6. This is a OW battle for example created by 2 circle roe (which would be even better now btw for these kind of battles) Imagine so many ships on both sides without a soundbug or delayed graphics of cannonballs ... would be a truly epic engagement
  7. Also, the bigger the battle the more important are formations. The less guys are in a battle the less you need any kind of organization which makes rvr good in the first place in my oppinion. I think even bigger battles than 25vs25 should be possible. Makes it more epic which makes better marketing aswell
  8. 25 vs 25 will not happen very often anymore... I even think it doesnt make much sense to compose your fleet with so many players after maxBR is in the game Depends on the limits tho
  9. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    pve global. I cant describe that even more. there are things known as fun in a distant universe. you even quoted me describing it. I dunno if I get trolled right now
  10. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    Old US was actually pretty bad And I just like the sleep, like many others aswell. You just lack the ability to find a good mechanic that would work on global because there is none Yep serverwide timers like I allways suggested Portbattles are limited on Global server too btw you just have a bigger window
  11. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    that few hours was atleast a week or something like that lol However, just take it back or something ... like ... actually play the game? But yeah you guys are right actually. Sweden forces the server to play the game and to pvp. hello kittying swedes. I dont actually care if you think im a liar monkey ^^ Well whats THE sugesstion then? porttimers are shit and timezones on the map are shit either.
  12. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    What are you even talking about? Sweden doesn't set rules for anyone. You blame us for winning too many battles?
  13. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    How do you expect us to react when some guys on global want to force EU server their style again? We shouldnt have it back because it sucked
  14. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    I dont use autocorrect so if I type something wrong its because I hit the wrong character