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  1. no they didn't have more numbers. At baracoa you were just stupid and went 100% for screening. We thought you have a portbattlecrew to defend
  2. They didn't ask us to be there, no need to be disappointed. I spit on you!
  3. Oh well, thats what you get for helping poland I guess everyone is a enemy anyway. arent you from betep? We helped where we could and you should know it.
  4. more than staun atleast Except something changed again now that russia supports denmark and strength shifted again lol
  5. rediii

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    sailing doesnt need to be boring if many ppl do it because then you find enemies and get fights.
  6. ? Now that russia is on your side you want to keep getting attqcked? We attacked to help poland, your differences were put aside and we still wanted to go for PB because we dont do pve for nothing. Attack us or deal with it now to be a dead nation again
  7. we just went everywhere and helped low BR/smaller numbers. But anyway, have fun. round 3 now?
  8. You chose by attacking us, don't be pissed now Also noone talked about a alliance, we just have a enemy now
  9. would be nice to attack sweden then tho. Didnt you want to take a break from forum?
  10. don't give us bad ideas We were already joking some time ago to go sweden and attack denmark
  11. Yea we didn't calculate with russia turning up. However it helped us too for our next long term goal.
  12. rediii

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Yes it does
  13. rediii

    Flags Flags Flags

    I like the first more, is more in line with other DLC pictures
  14. rediii

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    nice! Thank you very much
  15. Noone mentioned havoc/swedes in public, yes In reality denmark realized they cant win this without sweden and pulled back fast. Poland should ask themselves if denmark can be such a good long term ally if they change their mind from day to day