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  1. stormridersp

    Hotfix for patch 9.97: Land in port battles

    Some of those good people I mentioned are BLACK, as I am, that includes you; I´m not complaining about BLACK at all. I understand that I might have gone too far with my comments, but they´re the results of months exposing the flaws in the mechanics and see nothing getting fixed and only new ones continuously being broken, patch after patch while the players continue to leave.
  2. stormridersp

    Hotfix 6 for patch 9.97

    Nice, now we can use this old slow weak useless ship in port battles races too!
  3. stormridersp

    Should I get a refund?

    Solo play? The thing is: The grind is enormous. It´s even worse if you do it solo. The player evolution is simply how many crew you can command. Each ship has its optimum crew size (its maximum), so, the more you advance the ranks, the more crew you can command, which means that your ships are bigger, or, your fleet ships, those ai ships that ride along with you in battle, can be better and bigger. The grind is enormous. People sell a very needed ship crafting resource, like compass wood, in PVP1, for 36k a piece, that means about 4 millions to build an average ship, only in this stuff alone! And it was even worse a patch before, only so you know. Your best bet to play solo in small ships is to join pirates.
  4. stormridersp

    Hotfix for patch 9.97: Land in port battles

    Back then, when those wicked fine woods were introduced, I had no pleasure at all at sailing in PVP2´s OW; no pleasure other than an occasion meeting with a brit named Jakeedaman21, which I dont see in months, for a few chases around tort´s area (no battle cause he always fled!); but that kept me going and returning, doing my best to gather stuff to build the fastest and most capable ship that I could; and I also had the opportunity to play some good lineship battles in port battles, along with some of the finest players in this game, some unfortunately, are gone already and not returning. My old clan, for example, COM, ceased to exist in about 2 weeks after that cursed fine woods patch was introduced and pirates were left with no resources what so ever, really, all we had was oak and fir............. Players, not only those of my own clan, kept continuously leaving the game with total disgust for the continuous fuck ups done by these devs. If one look at PVP2´s map, one will notice how many pbs did pirates fought over the weeks: we had dozens of pbs. Even badly outnumbered, mainly caused by the FLAWED broken mechanics introduced by these devs, which resulted in killing the player base, in special our player base, screwing pirate nation badly; we could still, occasionally, create and win a few pbs and get back a few regions, that, even against a coalition of nations that still spans over 70% of the entire server population (US+Brits), yes that´s right, 70% of the entire fucking pvp2 server is allowed to form one single alliance, but yet, suddenly, to make things worse, when devs said they were going to introduce yet a new feature before fixing the broken ones, land, yes, fucking land and its real towers, they fucking also, those bastards (I know they like this word) introduced a whole new mechanics, some bullshit arcade king of the hill mechanics, copy pasted straight out of World of Warships or worse, that has absolutely nothing to do with age of sail and that killed any chance, at all, of a nation like mine, populated only by hardened sailors but badly outnumbered, who are used to win by skills alone, any chance of ever winning again. Devs killed my last remaining joy, which was playing port battles; even loosing a port battle was already a joy because it was fun. It was the very last opportunity for some real good PVP. Even if those towers floating in the middle of an open ocean felt quite awkward, they were actually more useful than these current pretty ones over land, that means absolutely nothing other than some pretty background. Now the game is left with an empty OW, an enormous grind, a bunch of useless AI fleets, a bunch of broken mechanics, NO PVP, no player base, broken economics and a complete shit racing game port battle, that I´m afraid could be won solely and easily by a bunch of teenagers that knows absolutely nothing about real naval combat, sailing only renomees against an entire van of ships of the line, just because that´s what it is now. Honestly, I just can´t understand how devs can continue to listen to these forum arse lickers that love anything that´s thrown up at them, the arcade the better; pvp shy gankers, blind to the fact that the player base continues to die in face of all these crap new features and def by hope alone that one day, this unpolished jewel that was this game, will ever turn out to be something really worth it and ever match our great expectations. I lost my hope.
  5. stormridersp

    Should I get a refund?

    I can´t say yes or no, but the game is dying, and everything the devs do is: for every step forward, 2 steps backwards, that is, to fix one broken feature, they introduce 2 new even worse broken ones.
  6. stormridersp

    Hotfix for patch 9.97: Land in port battles

    Was it too difficult to just introduce land in port battle without all these stupid king of the hill mechanics?
  7. stormridersp

    Port Battle Mechanics

    Thatd be a decisive victory already, with far more combat action that current system, isn´t?
  8. stormridersp

    Port Battle Mechanics

    My suggestions are updated in the OP as people provide new ideas. Currently they are: 1- Remove the silly king of the hill mechanics, that is, to race towards a marked area and stay there until winning points are reached, even if that means that no shots are fired. 2- Points are calculated by ship sunk + coastal defenses sunk or survived. 3- Stalemate is broken by a 1.5 hours battle timer or either team is destroyed or left the battle, whatever comes first. 4- Points draw gives the win to the defenders, which cant just flee from battle because of the fact that Forts also give points when destroyed or damaged 5- Defenders have just enough time to position its ships before decisive engagement, let´s say that defenders are allowed to join in the port battle 10 minutes before it opens to the attackers. What to think now is how to calculate the points, in such a way that a decisive battle is the only and most rewarding path to victory.
  9. stormridersp

    Port Battle Mechanics

    Even if that was the case, that would give the defenders a tactical thinking opportunity in such way to prevent such scenario, emphasizing a basic concept of naval combat and the purpose of a navy, according to one of the greatest naval tacticians of our time, Mr. Wayne P. Hughes Jr. At Sea (1) assures that ou own goods and services are safe, and (2) that an enemy´s are not. From the Sea, it (3) guarantees safe delivery of goods and services ashore, and (4) prevents delivery ashore by an enemy navy. The Seat of Purpose is on the Land
  10. stormridersp

    Port Battle Mechanics

    No, your assumption is wrong. If the defenders flee, then by taking out the coastal defenses gives the attackers just enough points to win. If the defenders decide to stay and fight, then the coastal defenses represent points like any other ship, perhaps a bit more.
  11. stormridersp

    Port Battle Mechanics

    The solution are the coast defenses. They can´t run so if the defenders run, the attackers just need to take the coastal defenses out.
  12. stormridersp

    Old player back again, my thoughts.

    Every step forward is a 2 steps backwards.
  13. stormridersp

    Port Battle Mechanics

    Thanks for the heads up, added your suggestion to OP.
  14. stormridersp

    Port Battle Mechanics

    IMO, this new pb mechanics, the conquest circles and timers, killed the last remaining chance for good capital ships PVP in this game. How come that a pb battle should end before major cannon fire is exchanged and most SOLs are sunk?! It really makes no sense to me. Why is it so difficult to just get it simple at least once, instead of all these bs mechanics everywhere? I mean, you got the land in the port battles, that´s really nice, but along with it, came a bunch of stupid mechanics that just make no sense what so ever. To be constructive, my suggestion is: Keep the land in the port battles, give it a 1h30 battle timer, a 10 minutes join timer, allow defenders to spawn close to shore and attackers in a distance far enough to allow defenders to organize their line. When the battle starts, count the points of sunk ships and, after 1h battle, if there´s still anyone left, the team with more points win with the sole exception that a draw gives the win to the defender team. Just get rid of these arcade WoW conquest mechanics. If I wanted to play it, I would just play WoW instead. EDIT: Adding @koltes suggestions and timer modified to 1h30: Side are getting points equal to the BR of the sunk ships. In order to win one team needs to reach certain BR in points. EDIT2: Adding @rediii suggestions: Defenders and Attackers must stay inside the Battle Area, which is a circle, centered at the Port with a range big enough to allow 25 SOLs to comfortably fight. Every ship that exists the battle area, counts as a sunk ship. EDIT3: Solution for the problem where Defenders would just leave the battle to win by draw: The solution are the coastal defenses. They can´t run so if the defenders run, the attackers just need to take the coastal defenses out and win by points.
  15. stormridersp

    Love and Hate Post

    I hate the new Port Battle mechanics. It killed the game for me. It killed the last remaining good PVP combat with these stupid mechanics. I don´t see any of those stupid conquest circles in there. Why is it so difficult to just get this right and simple?