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  1. @admin Any plan on introducing mechanic that lets us upgrade 3/5 ships into 4/5 or 5/5 ships? Like how countries upgrade tanks and stuff. Something like for cost of 50% of mats for new ship we can upgrade of old one. That would be nice and people would stop trashing 3/5 ships and would actually use them for something
  2. Zoky

    Tutorial feedback 2

    I have done final exam on second try by boarding both ships as soon as I could. Problem is that final exam is not teaching pvp but how to exploit AI. And it is too hard for new players. Last two exams (endurance and final) requires a lot of NA knowledge to be completed. Problem is that those knowledge is not obtained from previous tutorials/exams. Lots of things are not mentioned in tutorials that new guys need to know in order to finish exams. 1. Boarding minigame is not explained at all 2. Preparation for boarding is poorly explained. "Press 9 to board" is not valid explanation and should be explained more about wait time and danger of being in boarding mode 3. Repairs are not explained at all 4. Chaining is poorly explained which is ironic considering that this patch was in part about chain rework 5. Demasting is poorly explained. There should be mention of different mast sections and their different thickness 6. Crew management is not explained at all 7. Using grape is poorly explained. There should be mention that grape is best used against stern of the ship and there should be mention about range and tactics of grape use etc, etc... In general tutorials/exams have completely skipped to teach tactics of PvP so in my opinion they are not valid as tool of teaching PvP and are more of challenge mode for PvE.
  3. In my exam AI cerb had double ball loaded when i captured him and transferred to his ship. As far as I can tell we players don't have perks active in exams, so its cheating
  4. Tutorials are bad. Really bad. AI is cheating like there is no tomorrow. Endurance exam is confusing since you don't know that second ship will spawn. Final exam is worst of all. I went with boarding immediately and what do I find? AI cerb had double loaded! Shame, shame, shame... And there is no way new guy can finish these tutorials. I have 1000+ hours and I struggled with some of them
  5. Zoky

    Good reviews

    1. Be very careful with asking people for positive reviews. Steam will remove game from sale and ban developer from steam if they think you are dev and/or dev alt asking people for positive reviews. It happened not long ago with some other indie game and I would hate for you to ruin fun for people who still play NA 2. Positive reviews have to be earned. In my opinion this game in its current state doesn't deserve positive review, simple as that EDIT: 1. I'm not accusing you of being dev alt. But like you said there is lot of negativity around this game and some shifty and buthurt people might report this to steam 2. I just read your review for dayZ from back in 2014 and you felt same as I feel now for NA. Its not worth it in its current state (and in case of dayz it will never be worth it coz is dead)
  6. Zoky

    Open world hunting

    You guys must be living in parallel universe or something. Numbers don't lie and are easy to check at steamcharts. Great wipe happened in may 2017 (patch 10) and as usual there was spike in activity that lasted for quite a while (more then 30 days, unusual for this game) until devs started nerfing hunting ships and speed upgrades (along with other nerfs to ow pvp). That's when NA lost more then 50% of playerbase (all the gains since wipe and then some). After that came patch 11 (safezones) in september 2017 and for the first time mayor NA patch didn't get huge spike. It was stable for a while but since then its back in red and not even new patches managed to get it out of it. That tells me that players who left NA have completely lost faith in this game and don't even want to check new patches. I personally just browse these forums from time to time in futile hope that something will change. As for "new ui will bring players back" its bs and everyone knows it. At first it was "players will come back at release of game" and now this?!? I guess people lost faith that this game will get released so they had to change catchphrase I didn't left coz of ui and neither is any of my friend/clanmates/acquaintances! We all left because game is not fun in current state and we don't like where it's going so we don't think of coming back anytime soon! TLDR version: rollback to pre fine-wood patch #makeNAgreatAgain!
  7. Zoky

    Solo hunting is dead

    At this point going back to patch before fine woods would make game 10 times better. All the progress that was done after fine woods patch is not worth it. We are back at rng crafting, balance between ships is worst then ever before and pvp both ow and rvr is dead, pve is the same (crap) and same with trading (crap). I honestly see no reason to not revert back to pre-fine woods patch
  8. Zoky

    [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    I think that PvE is in worst spot closely fallowed by OW PvP. Trading/crafting and especially RvR got all the attention of dev and all development time is spent on them. And when it comes to solo vs group its obvious that NA prefers large groups with lots of alt accounts.
  9. Zoky

    Unequal battles

    WTF? Ty for helping me decide whether or not to come back to NA. I guess its I will continue with my retirement
  10. Is this the return of p frig and surprise? According to chart p frig is faster then any other frig at 135+ degrees and surp returned as king of upwind
  11. @admin You should really start giving us numbers in patchnotes. Increased, reduced, adjusted etc. means nothing, we need numbers!
  12. Because it would be false advertising to call it PvP server
  13. hm According to chart endy is now fastest frig at all points of sail by large margin except surp at extreme upwind. Time to grind endy I guess EDIT: so sad looking at p frig. It's absolute garbage now
  14. There was no Page Up/Down in Arma 2 until the OA expansion. Even sniper rifles needed to use Kentucky Windage method.


    You can find some old videos from 2011 of this happening. Except for movement and one-shot kills, the game had fewer basic realism features than Battlefield does today. Different standards and different technology.

    Pistols and grenades could destroy tanks. No countermeasures on aircraft. OA was a huge step forward.

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