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  1. Because it would be false advertising to call it PvP server
  2. hm According to chart endy is now fastest frig at all points of sail by large margin except surp at extreme upwind. Time to grind endy I guess EDIT: so sad looking at p frig. It's absolute garbage now
  3. There was no Page Up/Down in Arma 2 until the OA expansion. Even sniper rifles needed to use Kentucky Windage method.


    You can find some old videos from 2011 of this happening. Except for movement and one-shot kills, the game had fewer basic realism features than Battlefield does today. Different standards and different technology.

    Pistols and grenades could destroy tanks. No countermeasures on aircraft. OA was a huge step forward.

    1. Zoky


      hm you could be right

  4. ??? Even in Operation Flashpoint you could adjust sight distance
  5. An Argument For Dismasting

    Completely agree. #nerfLaserGuidedSternGuns
  6. You clearly don't play eve. Only thing people look at is ISK value of kill. And you missed his point about concord and high sec pvp completely.
  7. LOL I have no idea what you typed, but it isnt a sentence. I play Eve, pretty regularly have for the past 10 years. And you can easily PVP in the "carebear" high sec. You can wardec the high sec corps and just pop them with impunity, OR you can go out in one shot Thrashers, which are dirt cheap, you can commit a "crime" somewhere else draw the NPC police away. Then pop the PVE carebear take his stuff and jump around till your timer runs out. Pretty easy actually. Stop that! You make too much sense. Nobody is interested in truth, give us more protection so that we can grind for eternity coz we have no time to pvp on pvp server! EDIT: My girlfriend has more balls then some of the guys here
  8. Has something changed on eu server? Last time I played (5 days ago) we were barely breaking 500 during eu primetime. Funny, when I started playing my clan mates would tell me not to go hunting if there is less then 700 people online. Too little people, they said
  9. Farm PvP Marks ...

    There was port battle there last night, so maybe it's legit?
  10. Reinforcement Zones PVP1/2

    I don't like it. By the time you get 5th rate you should have acquired knowledge of basic skills and you should be familiar with square rig ships and their sailing capabilities. Besides we had green zone for testing new ship. If someone didn't know how to spawn mission inside it then that someone truly doesn't belong on PvP server. Alternatively we can have optional pvp flag on pve server and give certain people one way thicket there, and then get rid of the all bs training wheels for vet players on pvp server. #makePvPgreatAgain
  11. I used to play FSX, DCS and Xplane before NA
  12. Radius ? Time ? What is the keel length ratio relation of both sips ? How much wind can each ship carry ratio to weight ? I know how you feel but some questions must be asked. Well I'm not expert on that matter, hell I didn't even know that jib sails exist before playing NA
  13. Is it normal for vic to out turn p frig? Somethings off with new sailing mechanics
  14. Am I the only one who finds tacking in new aga easier then in old aga? Huge increase in turn rate made aga more enjoyable. Only problem that I see is OW speed, and only because other ships don't have updated sailing physics. #nerfwasa