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  1. Fragen zum Spiel

    Schmugglerflagge anschalten
  2. Chat problem?

    @Tio Mensalão: Have you tried to click on the "+" in the chat window to add a chat?
  3. Like the last pb between poland and denmark. 15v15 and I'm sure they had fun on both sides.
  4. No need for a public discussion here. Green on Green is forbidden and most likely for the first tribunal he will receive a warning. Dear french captains solve this on TS to unite your nation to fight your enemies.
  5. Namensänderung ist nicht möglich, Gebäude und Schiffe in freien oder neutralen Häfen bleiben erhalten genau wie deine XP und dein Gold
  6. Combat feedback

    Players won't leave due to a function they don't know exists.
  7. Steam -> Bibliothek -> Rechtsklick auf Naval Action -> "Review verfassen"
  8. Fragen zum Spiel

    Mit dem "use" hast du das Buch gelernt und kannst es auf deinen Schiffen unter "ship knowledge" auswählen. Einige Bücher wie die Hammocks sind Klassengebunden (1-3 rate, 4-5 rate, 6-7 rate). Schau auf dem passenden Schiff nach. Du musst aber genug XP mit dem Schiff gemacht haben, um wenigsten einen dieser "ship knowledge" slots freigeschaltet zu haben.
  9. Books in Admiratly store

  10. [PVP EU] battle results

    George's Town was my first shallow pb since the wipe. I forgot how much fun they are. Thanks swedes for the content and I'm looking forward to the next fight.
  11. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    go Dutch (Wreker)
  12. [crafting] Wood and trim modifiers [Patch 11.0]

    They've lowered the amount of damage to internal structure if armor HP was already lowered.
  13. [crafting] Wood and trim modifiers [Patch 11.0]

    ship will retain thickness for a bit longer when losing HP That's nothing he can extract from the dumps as only the devs know the magic Nummer.
  14. Tow system re-added

    let's do this
  15. Tow system re-added

    I can live with that