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  1. Capturing NPCs

    The NPC's have all the boarding mods and even better ones than the ones we can get. For example they have a higher percentage of marines than possible with the marine book in their class.
  2. hostility Missions

    you win the PB by points. If you have more circles than the enemy side then you gain points. For kills (ships,tower, fort) you also get points. The first side with 1000 points wins.
  3. hostility Missions

    The only option to help is to board the NPC's and let the other clan sink them. With kills you only "steal" hostility points from them.
  4. They should just get rid of these money printing things like muskets and iron fittings. It doesn't add anything to the game except a whole lot of money.
  5. I know that but I still don't care nor should anyone else with the increase of mission rewards and the decrease of the permit costs.
  6. Idea: Mixed fleet Port Battles...

    Why do you want to play with others who don't want to play with you?
  7. I find these raw materials in the national trade hubs.
  8. Maybe you should produce the coal. The market is yours as you've described it.
  9. Andere pvp Spieler findet man bei den gegnerischen Hauptstädten. Kann man jetzt wohl vergessen. Wo soll man denn sonst anfangen zu suchen? Das ist ja wie das Suchen der Nadel im Heuhaufen.
  10. Ich habe nichts gegen eine Sicherheitszone, aber die jetzige ist viel zu groß. Eine um die Hauptstädte herum hätte gereicht. Und warum sollten Spieler überhaupt noch diese Zonen verlassen? Man kann ganz ohne Risiko auf dem pvp Server spielen. Da passt doch etwas nicht.
  11. Wo cares about one victory mark? It's just 100 CM's now
  12. Dem kann ich nur zustimmen. Zwei 1st rates als Verstärkung pro Gegner im Kampf ist heftig. Komplett Jamaika und Pedro Cay ist bei den Briten ein Traum aller PVE Spieler.
  13. Port Battle Limit

    Does neutral also counts as a nation with max 3 pb?
  14. Placentia is an active PB but not all the others on the PVP EU server. It just says "no active PB started"
  15. yes. nothing changed for you.