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    Testbed - Teleport fees

    I fully agree with those opposed to this idea. For many, this will be the last straw.
  2. Headless Parrot

    Liquicity and Nick the cursed

    Hey guys. I am no longer going to hold the Hurricane Regatta. I have heard nothing back from the Devs about their donation, after more than one request. And after seeing / experiencing the new UI/patch, I am not really interested in playing any longer. The new format is painfully complicated and the frustration level is more than i want in my life right now. I would like to give your donations back. Please see me in game so that I may do that. I will make an effort to be on often over the next couple of weeks until these donations can be returned.
  3. Headless Parrot

    Liquicity and Nick the cursed

    thx mate
  4. Headless Parrot

    Hurricane Regatta (a post for NON-Pirate players)

    All donations are being returned to those who gave.
  5. The Pirate community has a contest coming up after the material wipe. It is called The Hurricane Regatta "...the deadliest race on the water." YOU as a non-Pirate player can enjoy this contest as well. Here is how: As a non-Pirate/ "Enemy player" you will have tons of Trader Lynx sailing everywhere, in groups and alone. That means plenty of chasing, escaping and PVP. Now, to make this worth your time, 3 Pirate Captains (chosen at random) will be "Bounty ships". Each of these 3 ships are worth 1 Million in a Gold Bounty when sunk. So, no matter the number of contestants, 3 of them will be worth far more than a couple of PVP marks. No one will know who the bounties are until you catch and sink one... surprise! Each Bounty Captain will be instructed to declare if they got sunk and by who so that payment can be made. Below is a short post with some news on the Hurricane Regatta: The Hurricane Regatta... "the deadliest race on the water." Hello Captains. The Pirate Headless Parrot here. So, in my last contest for the Pirate Nation, I gave away over 20 million worth of Prizes with the "Pirate Captains Tour Contest". Congratulations Captain Privateer. Now, Im working on another and would like your help. The new contest/race will be called the " Hurricane Regatta " - ...the deadliest race on the water. It is open to any Pirate player of any rank. Every contestant Captain will be in a Trader Lynx (made any way - with any upgrade and any knowledge skill he has access to) and MUST be flying the smuggler flag. Once selected, the date and time of the regatta will be widely advertised and known to all other nations. In other words.....MANY enemy will be hunting you while you're trying to speed from port to port. If you get sunk, get another Trader Lynx, the 5 required items and try again. The winners will be the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Pirate Captain who posts all 5 required screenshots. To avoid out right slaughter at the start, the first leg and destination will not be revealed until the moment the race starts. Subsequent legs/port destinations of the race will be revealed in National chat, in 15 min increments after the race has started to insure that locations are not totally known to enemy players until the first hour is up. This is to help contestants get started and once all locations are revealed, the player can take any route to any location. Make no mistake...you can expect more and more enemy as you near the end of the race. Much like my last contest, a screenshot will be required from each leg of the race. The screenshot must include, the contestants Trader Lynx at (or passing by) the destination port, the port name clearly seen in the background and the 5 items (specified later) in the open hold. There are 5 legs to this race - each revealed over the first hour. Estimated time for contest 2 hours. (will be held on a weekend) The contest will be advertised for a few weeks prior to the actual "Hurricane Regatta" to insure maximum participation from Pirates and their enemies. o7 Captains. Look forward to more updates on "The Hurricane Regatta" soon!
  6. Headless Parrot

    Hurricane Regatta (a post for NON-Pirate players)

    CANCELLED. This event has been cancelled.
  7. Headless Parrot

    Sank Fleet Event

    If it randomly respawned the rewards and location 3 times in a day...maybe I can see it working...but not in its present form.
  8. Headless Parrot

    TESTBED - Port User Interface Feedback.

    Well said. I agree with all points. I have ended my effort to achieve the reward ship. Too frustrating
  9. Headless Parrot

    TESTBED - Port User Interface Feedback.

    I played it for 45 mins and had to stop. Way to confusing and frustrating just trying to do simple things. Ill revisit this tomorrow with a clear head.
  10. Is there a server status thread? If not, please create one when it goes live again.
  11. Headless Parrot

    History of the captain

  12. Good Luck. I look forward to sink...uh, I mean seeing you. o7
  13. Headless Parrot

    Pirate Party Tonight

    You say content...I say strategy...and a good one
  14. Headless Parrot

    Full Manual Rudder Control

    As an option, yes. Not as a standard mechanic
  15. Headless Parrot

    Development plans for the H2 2018

    Thanks Devs. Looking forward to it.
  16. Headless Parrot

    Overloaded shipwrecks

    The game assigns a rng wreck prize, spots it on the map and assigns any ship to it - for cosmetics. The weight of the ship and contents have never matched up.
  17. Headless Parrot

    OW Navigation

    I played when we had lat and long and Ive played after they were removed, using the protractor. I see no problem and have no difficulty navigating. It sounds like some want a way to have exact coordinates in order to coordinate attacks better or for calling help to an exact location. I get it, i just dont think we need lat and long again. Protractor works well.
  18. Headless Parrot

    Desperat need of ships in the US

    I dont think they are using Basic Cutters due to lack of ships. Using basic cutters has become a common practice in the patrol zones...has been for sometime.
  19. Headless Parrot

    Reuse the old Connie model USS Chesapeake.

    I swear the first time i read this, I thought you were asking for the ship to be named the "USS Cheapskate". lol Funny the tricks the eyes play on us.
  20. Headless Parrot

    Le Requin is ruining the game for me!

    Hi Hethwill... Id like to ask you to please elaborate on the mindset or possibilities you expressed. I have a good idea about most ships, but Id like to know what ships you might have had in mind when you made this statement (the one I quoted). I think that short, but important list, if posted and shared, would do a great deal toward easing the "Le Requin Issue". For example, I know that, handled correctly, a Pirate Frigate can take down a Le Requin and sails downwind better - especially with the help of a mod or skill book. But, Id like to know what ships you consider to be the match of the Le Requin in each of those sailing profiles you mentioned. Id really appreciate you doing this and I imagine there will be quite a few other people interested too. With respect and in gratitude...Headless.
  21. Headless Parrot

    Crafting gold ships

    Thats about normal
  22. Headless Parrot


    Ignore or report. Chat is vital
  23. Headless Parrot

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    ATM there is no place a new player can play safely except for a small area right in front of MT/ Capitol area. The "R" zone is a joke. 99% of a newbie mission will be in or outside the "R" zone. Yesterday alone, new players were sunk 11 times in "R" waters. There has to be a way to help new players. It seems many pvp vets dont care about that at all.
  24. Headless Parrot

    Aquiring meaningful Data for calculating Battle Rating

    My brain is getting tired from having to figure out so much in this game. Used to be simple and fun. Now i get the feeling that to play this game, you have to learn way way way too much.
  25. Headless Parrot

    Crafting gold ships

    I have crafted tons of ships and have never gotten, not even once, a gold ship.