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  1. Headless Parrot

    World Cup (annual event)

    Maybe next year. Right now, there are too many things that need attention in this game to divert any effort toward this event.
  2. Headless Parrot

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    5th rate against a 1st rate.....sounds right to me
  3. Headless Parrot

    [suggestion] Not So Empty Bottles change

    Im hearing.....Please change the game so i can steal peoples wrecks. No , Id rather they didnt. Example: It takes 5 weeks and you finally find a bottle..... you open and its stolen before you reach it. How many time would this have to happen before you have no interest in bottles. (meaning another part of the game becomes worthless) There are much better ways to create PVP
  4. Headless Parrot

    [suggestion] Not So Empty Bottles change

    I dont like that idea at all. There are better ways to generate PVP, player OW traffic than adding this mechanic. It serves no purpose that I can see, except providing more reasons for players to quit. Sealed bottles lose their appeal once youve had the (atm) rare rare sealed bottle opened and then stolen before you have a chance to sail to it. You have lots of good ideas Hethwill, but I dont like this one. Some of my best memories of starting this game were the sunset, night fighting and the first time i sailed to a wreck. Dont make that just another hard part of the game. There are enough.
  5. Headless Parrot

    Treasure Hunt/Exploration Mission

    In addition, there might be: a "Captains Adventure" port tour mission. Once chosen, you are given a list of 100 Global ports to visit (at the players leisure)and collect an Inspection or Passport stamp from. There are smaller tiered rewards for 10 ports visited, 25, 50, etc. Once all 100 Ports are visited - you receive a Santa Cecilia, 5 million gold, 2 rare upgrades. Can only be done once. This could also be made an element of a more rare book acquisition like the present "Art of ship handling" or even another "Naval Clock".
  6. Headless Parrot

    getting the exclusive ships in another way

    Ive never played the game the poster mentioned as an example, but what I believe he means, is that there needs to be a path of some sort to acquire some of the more rare ships like the Santa Cecilia. Id love to see something like the following: You could choose a "Captains Adventure" port tour mission. Once chosen, you are given a list of 100 ports to visit (at the players convenience) and collect an Inspection stamp from. There are small tiered rewards for 10 ports visited, 25, 50, etc. Once all 100 Ports are visited - you receive a Santa Cecilia, 5 million gold, 2 rare upgrades. Can only be done once. This kind of "tour" event could also be used to acquire rare books like the present "Art of ship handling". Off Topic, but valuable: To promote vast amounts of travel around the map. the following is suggested: Lets say you wanted to craft a Bovenwinds. There are none on the market. <example> In order to craft one Bovenwinds, you will need: 1. 50 Rigging parts 2. 20 canvas rolls 3. An inspection stamp from this free port: <example> - La Mona (Random) 4. Return to National port to craft. <example> A Pirate would return to a Pirate port to craft. Imagine how much it would slow down the churning out of mods and super ships if a journey of inspection had to be made - even if all woods/resources were available in every area. PVE players dream...Now imagine how much PVP with so many people traveling all over the map...a PVP players dream. <example> To craft a Copper plating you will need: 100 Copper Ingots 100 Iron Fittings An Inspection stamp from these 3 free ports: Great corn - La Mona - Shroud cay Return to national port to craft. Now, imagine - basic upgrades and mods available on AI and Missions. All others require an Inspection stamp - a stamp that cannot be traded. These are just suggestions...some relate, some dont.
  7. Headless Parrot

    [suggestion] Trade hostile take-over

    I dont see how it will make a port more valuable in that most people will remove goods/ships contracts when they know a port is in danger of being lost.
  8. Headless Parrot

    Player nation control of AI fleets/ships

    They had an "Alliance" system like that already and did away with it. In many ways it allowed the same things.
  9. This is a great idea and I am also speaking for all A.I. Captains and Crew. In case you didnt know, all A.I. crew of every Nation are the members of Parrot Shipyards Local and International work force Union. (Local 111/Int 777). This was confirmed by Headless Parrot who is also well known to be the obvious secret leader of the A.I. Nation of Crew/NPC/Bots. If the posters idea were used, a small but fair monthly fee would naturally need to be paid to Parrot Shipyards International as they are also the directors of the Local and International A.I. Crew Unions. We halfheartedly endorse this idea of an "Independent Crew Working/Crafting Force" subject to receiving the customary fees, upon which, we will wholeheartedly endorse this idea. ....And remember.... "Parrot Shipyards" .....where everything is rigged! ...actually, I find your idea to be a splendid one.....despite my lame attempt at humor.
  10. Headless Parrot

    Defense options against 'spies' in your nation

    There will always be spies. You have to use a Private message chat channel, a Group chat channel, or a battle group chat...or clan if you are in one. There are ways to communicate around spies.
  11. Headless Parrot

    Battle Joining Circle

    Join upwind, as close to the X as possible. What you find inside the battle will vary from fight to fight. It depends how long the battle has been going and what direction those inside have sailed to. As a general rule, join upwind and close to the X.
  12. Headless Parrot

    Serious game lag

    Thanks my friend. I will look to make sure.
  13. Headless Parrot

    Serious game lag

    Anyone else experiencing this? Big lag delay while in port...and while in battle. I lost all control a few times. My ping/internet shows no problems.
  14. Headless Parrot

    Private Warehouse

    Did you know you can expand the warehouse you have? Besides using the warehouse space at a few outposts, as was suggested already, you can also park an Indiaman and load it up - using it as a warehouse.
  15. Headless Parrot

    Wood Types and Thicknesses

    Will there be a wood modification any time soon? I heard that there might be changes to woods - changes that would make woods other than Teak/ White Oak more valuable. Perhaps ships made out of certain woods would be more inclined to get perm slots - other woods might get better random trim....some combinations have a better chance of both. Im sure there is a way to make other woods more valuable. Right now, it seems the whole game/ crafting is based on Teak/WO/LO The only exception might be Patrol area ships as players tend to bring cheap ships. I was just curious.....