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  1. the glorious east

    First, the majority of the player base is not Russian. (according to the Devs) Second, if you sailed around for 21/2 hours without finding someone, you're definitely sailing in the wrong places.
  2. Can I play Naval Action on my Laptop

    Im running a GT660 and I do fine
  3. A port for each player

  4. End Battle screen

    Very near the end of a Battle, the screen flashed- the battle was over and then this screen appeared. I was in a Cutter for the battle. The incorrect ship name is obvious, however, please also look at the player name and gold/silver. I restarted the game and it corrected the problem. It has not repeated.
  5. Which 1st rate should i build

    Santi... a real beast
  6. Trim by the Stern?

    Quicker turn if manual sail turning and slower if you are auto sail rudder turning....I suspect
  7. Specs and Performance

    FarmAnimal Main Frame 2017 Quad Chipmunks on dual path treadmill 15 1/2 Ram (one is a baby) 100 Acre Hard Plow drive ...and my 6'1" inch Processor (my brother in law who ciphers good) I can only get about 2 frames hung per second (if I want them straight) However, I will say holding on to that dang mouse is a royal pain.....
  8. On Map Protractor.

    Kidds/North Inlet/Rum Cove are really the only places you'll find that difficulty. To solve it, Go to Kidds and select a mission close to the entrance to the port and leave it. That way, when you leave Kidds or want to return, you have a reference to use your protractor on - the cross swords of your mission .
  9. Kids Habour

    Kidds is not open for port battles. Its cursed. Anyone who attacks the secret island is marked for death.
  10. Irma is gone and I still have a house.

    Hello fellow Captains. Not long ago, I posted that I was going to be away as I had to evacuate ahead of hurricane Irma. I received many well wishes from friend and enemy alike and I just wanted to say thank you. I came home to find my house in fairly good shape and the water that did get in is being cleaned up as I write this. So...I'm back and looking forward to seeing you all again soon - at my side, or in my cross-hair...either way....lol. Thanks again my friends.
  11. Hurricane Irma

    Hello my fellow Captains. It seems the sea has thrown another monster at us here in the SE US. I just wanted to let my friends (and enemys-lol) know I am evacuating and I will be off line until after this Hurricane has passed...as long as I have a house to come home to. I live in Savannah Georgia so we will see. Take care all.
  12. .............>"CRAZY"........"Pirate"..........couple of big "WARNING" signs there....
  13. Elite British Refit

    Of course the most accurate answer will depend on your play style - however, if your play style is "Turn fighting", then consider what that refit may do for you or your PVP ship...especially if your ship doesn't turn well.
  14. I do not understand why my cannons aren't reloading

    I have had the same issue a few times
  15. Time to hit the Reset Button

    Personally, I think something is suspicious about the recent changes. There came a point after the wipe, when virtually everything cost PVP or Conquest marks. People were out doing PVP a great deal more, the upgrades, ships, etc had value because of it and in general, most people seemed happy with the direction of the game. We did ask that an exchange mechanism for PVE to PVP be added for those who mostly traded, as well as the cost for farming resources be lowered some. Thats it. (I know there was more - just generalizing). Even the Devs were saying over and over...."We want to increase PVP - get players out into OW"...and they did that. SO....what happened? Why, in the middle of what seemed to be a good platform, did the Devs COMPLETELY change the game by making almost everything available for combat marks, destroying the value of PVP marks and doing away with any real reason to PVP? It gave me the feeling that they gave up - that they have elected to make a PVE based game out of NA and instead, have turned all their time toward the lobby game NL. I hope not. I honestly dont know what their reasoning is, but I can tell you that it took the wind out of many players sails. Population numbers that were slowly climbing are now slowly dropping. I know I probably never will, but id really like to know why the Devs made such a drastic change when things seem to be going well. This post is based on MY experience and is just an observation. Some will agree and others wont. Please understand, I dont need anyone to try and explain things to me unless you are a Dev.