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  1. Headless Parrot

    wows player here.

    Hey. I alpha tested and have played wows a long time too. I came to NA and now have over 3500 hours - rarely play wows. Up until recently, i was playing on a system older than yours with a gtx 650 - and i was getting 25-45 FPS. There is a solo game. It can be simple or complex, it depends on the time you give it. I have played as a single or one man clan player for almost all the years ive been playing. I can trade, fight on my own, help another clan, build ships - whatever i want. As for sailing and trading...again it depends on your goals as to how tedious it becomes. Trading for money, trading for resources to sell, trading for materials for upgrades or building a fleet of ships. What you should know about playing is this: Complete the tutorial. Ask for help. Joining a clan can be very helpful. And most importantly...Never forget...ITS JUST A GAME
  2. Headless Parrot

    Dismasting / Destruction

    I agree with what HachiRoku said. In addition, I believe the addition would involve substantial artist time. I can certainly see it as a layered patch series down the line though. It would be pretty awesome.
  3. Thank you for the update. Good luck with the repair.
  4. Headless Parrot

    Labour Hours Shortage

    Use labor contracts. you can buy them, or exchange 150 combat marks for 10. each contract gives 500 hours
  5. Headless Parrot

    Rare books DLC

    Buying flags that carry bonuses, or dlc with copper plat. carta, etc. However, I think some of the rare books need to stay rare and only found in game.
  6. Headless Parrot

    My reasons why this Game will never Succeed....

    I already got my 40 dollars worth of fun a long time ago...so all the fun Im having now is just gravy. Yes, things need working on, but I still believe this game has a bright future.
  7. Headless Parrot

    bring back storm battle or storm istance

    The Devs have already answered this request. They will never have the large wave battles again - no matter how bad we wanted it. They said that was their final word. Their artist would have to redraw everything again they said. Like you, I wish the big waves were in the game.
  8. Headless Parrot

    Hurricane Regatta ... a tribute

    Parrot Shipyards proudly presents: Hurricane Regatta ...the deadliest race on the water. A word of tribute to those who will die... ...and to those watching them die. Very soon, a date will be announced for the Pirate Nations Hurricane Regatta. Of course, players of all nations can play by hunting Pirate contestants - 3 of which will be worth 1 million gold each. For the Pirates finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd - a Grand prize package awaits you. Lets just say its value is already WAY above the 20 million of my last contest - and still growing. (Thank you to all players - pirate and non pirate - for your donations to the prize pool so far.) ....and now for the tribute.... Captains, Right now, even before the date is announced... Captains are preparing, building some of the fastest Trader Lynx to ever sail these waters. They are enlisting the help of others as escort and body guard. Discussing strategy, guessing about routes and trying to plan for the unknown. Even with the knowledge that they may face an armada of enemy - they sail on. To those Captains, we salute you. o7 And right now, as those Pirate Captains prepare...others plan. Enemy from every nation are building incredibly fast chase ships - hunters that will show no mercy. They are researching routes, hiding places. They are planning hunting groups and staging deadly ships everywhere - trying to be a step ahead. They are resolute in their job as the bringer of death. To those Captains, we salute you. o7 To all Captains, Make no mistake, many many ships will be sinking during the Hurricane Regatta. During this carnage, it is important to remember - it is just a game! Plan ahead. Make several back up ships. Good luck and fair winds to all. (Regatta date will follow the next economy/crafting wipe)
  9. Headless Parrot

    Yearly/six month map wipe

    Dont like the idea of seasons at all.
  10. Headless Parrot

    Cannot connect

    I get past shards, then player selection and my name comes up - i select it - i get the black dot in the left lower corner as usual....and then nothing - it hangs there and does not continue. Anyone else? Devs? Suggestions?
  11. Headless Parrot

    Happy treason day to my fellow ungrateful colonials

    Im sorry, but any army that marches through the woods in Bright Red and white uniforms is asking to be shot. Its nice to know you fellas are into bright colors though. If i ever need a dress for my wife, I know who to come to.
  12. Headless Parrot

    Suggestion Summary mid '18

    Great list. Id just like to add... 1. A wind direction indicator in port. 2. The ability to buy sell non-dlc paints in shop.
  13. Headless Parrot

    [ONION] Onion Knights (US Caribbean)

    Good luck Onion. I look forward to sinking...uh, i mean seeing you soon.
  14. Headless Parrot

    Blame devs for everything

    I wonder...if NA had 3000 people playing everyday - how very different the forums would be, how many issues would disappear and what kind of new rhetoric would ensue. Perhaps we will see one day. Never get 3000 you say? lol I have seen stranger things happen online. Ever hopeful - always Pirate.
  15. Headless Parrot

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Im excited about the patch. Will there be things to adjust or correct? I'm sure - but for now, lets see what we have to work with as a testing community. I understand the concerns, but after playing this as a tester for thousands of hours and through many BIG updates/wipes, (and losing my mind on occasion too)...things will work out and the game will continue to be fun. Stay positive.