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  1. .............>"CRAZY"........"Pirate"..........couple of big "WARNING" signs there....
  2. Elite British Refit

    Of course the most accurate answer will depend on your play style - however, if your play style is "Turn fighting", then consider what that refit may do for you or your PVP ship...especially if your ship doesn't turn well.
  3. I do not understand why my cannons aren't reloading

    I have had the same issue a few times
  4. Time to hit the Reset Button

    Personally, I think something is suspicious about the recent changes. There came a point after the wipe, when virtually everything cost PVP or Conquest marks. People were out doing PVP a great deal more, the upgrades, ships, etc had value because of it and in general, most people seemed happy with the direction of the game. We did ask that an exchange mechanism for PVE to PVP be added for those who mostly traded, as well as the cost for farming resources be lowered some. Thats it. (I know there was more - just generalizing). Even the Devs were saying over and over...."We want to increase PVP - get players out into OW"...and they did that. SO....what happened? Why, in the middle of what seemed to be a good platform, did the Devs COMPLETELY change the game by making almost everything available for combat marks, destroying the value of PVP marks and doing away with any real reason to PVP? It gave me the feeling that they gave up - that they have elected to make a PVE based game out of NA and instead, have turned all their time toward the lobby game NL. I hope not. I honestly dont know what their reasoning is, but I can tell you that it took the wind out of many players sails. Population numbers that were slowly climbing are now slowly dropping. I know I probably never will, but id really like to know why the Devs made such a drastic change when things seem to be going well. This post is based on MY experience and is just an observation. Some will agree and others wont. Please understand, I dont need anyone to try and explain things to me unless you are a Dev.
  5. Mission location

  6. Deadman's Chest PvP Event

    My group and I went all over the event area completely...there was only 1 wreck. Thats all....and of course, it was empty
  7. PvP - what does it mean, captain ?

    Hunting...Killing...Stealing.... "Pirate"
  8. Upgrade Books in the Upgrade Chest

    Any upgrade can go into the upgrade section of your Captains chest. No skill books can be placed there. They must be transported like regular cargo. This is a basic mechanic that I understand will not change
  9. Sinking time of ships (too fast)

    I think if they took any longer to sink it would be too easy.
  10. The most desperate plea to the Developers

    Destroy is fine with me.
  11. Pirate vs Pirate ai Rewards

    All Pirate VS Pirate have no rewards - no xp - no gold. If its a real player Pirate, you can get the ship, but thats it.
  12. The speed meta is stronger then ever before

    Just a word about speed. No matter how many upgrades you have or what you stack on any ship, it will not exceed 15 kts. That is the max speed in game...(Battle instance)
  13. Single Ports for Port Battles

    I like the single port idea. That way every clan, big or small has a chance at PB and residual income...conquest marks
  14. Renommeé speed freak

    I believe the Devs said that 15 knts was max (battle instance) for any ship...no matter what is stacked.
  15. A nightmare for casuals

    Please remember, there are many, Id say most of the players appreciate and use it.