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  1. Reinforcement zones, too big, too many

    You guys are really funny. Most all the veteran players leave Pirates, they are left with mostly new players and not many "active" Pirates total. And you guys call them a Big nation ROFL..... Get a grip. In your mind Pirates are a big nation with lots of bad guys who wont fight - the reality is quite different.
  2. New Book Fish Collection

    No to this..... Right now we fish free...it doesnt cost us a perm slot, perk (unless you want extra) or knowledge slot. There are already rare fish that pay big money and there is already a consumable use in place that works well.
  3. Clan tax on gold earned in battles.

    Next thing you know...we will be forced to buy a fishing permit and pay warehouse fees...... Be careful creating new tax outlets
  4. Nights are too dark

    Perhaps its my monitor, settings...but I have no problem seeing at night. I quite enjoy the way it is now.
  5. Operation Octaflip

    Happy Birthday....im guessing youll hit 13 soon.
  6. (PvE) What is an interesting place to sail to in the OW?

    Guacata is really nice. You sail into what you think will be a small cove and it opens up to something very different. Enjoy
  7. Pood's

    If Poods could be crafted, then I see a problem. But as they were a gift and wont be replenished, i see no problem. Eventually they will not be in use unless issued again.
  8. PvP

    ...another consideration is... I know of 2 small clans that have stopped trying to PVP. Mostly new players - They were constantly losing competitive ships to ganking fleets at a rate that could not be sustained. Its easy to seek out PVP when we can replace ships easily and know what youre doing in battle - large clan/groups of Vets, etc. However, for many new/small clans/players, this is not possible. They have no PVP experience, no training against a player and no confidence. This is not an opinion, but rather an observation relative to your post. There are more than a few reasons for the lack of PVP. I wish the Devs would take away that bath tub fleet practice stuff and bring back Duel. At least we could teach the rookies, one on one and give them a chance to win, survive, or at least have the confidence to try PVP.
  9. PvP/Ganking Issues

    other things are worthy of a discussion, but the mast thickness needs an immediate hot fix IMHO.
  10. What Is Your Favourite Ship Of Each Class?

    7 -Trader lynx - 6 -Niagara 5 - Indefat 4th - Wapen 3rd - Bellona 2nd - Buc 1st - Santi
  11. Thank you for the replies. I have forwarded them.
  12. This sounds pretty darn good, however, I'd like to ask for an example - some help with understanding that I can pass along to several small clans/players. For maths sake, please describe how a clan with 5 players, (3-4 active) can or might participate in this/own a port - without the help of other clans. If a combined clan effort is necessary, please give an example of how that takes place. I know of and have helped many new players who now have small clans - most all of which, have asked me these questions. Regarding the part of your post that I quoted, please give an example of the steps or options a small clan would need to take in order to trigger a port battle and take a port/ or assist in. A simple short list would be nice. If this sounds like a newbie question, it is. Your response/example will be included in my emails to them, as well as a link to this post. How to choose a port? Whats important about choosing a port? What is hostility and how to create it. Triggering the PB, etc. If this information exists about the current game play, please provide a link. Knowing how a small piece fits in with the big picture helps to further the fun and avoid frustration. I really appreciate the Devs work and all the forum staff does - even though i may itch and moan sometimes. Looking forward to sharing your reply.
  13. I miss freeports!

    Its not just the teleport - its having a place on that side of the world that we can store ships/goods without fear of the port being taken or closed.
  14. Makes me want to switch to France, just so I can mess the alliance up with Russians.
  15. Is green on green allowed in fleet practice?

    Do away with fleet practice and bring back only Duel.