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  1. Wapen von Hamburg

    The Burger is a fine ship and worth playing. The Wasa is still horribly OP and usually only used by players with a low skill set or by those who rely on the OP ship to help them survive. Play the Burger and master it. Eventually, the Devs will nerf the Wasa. When 90% of people in the game know its way OP, it will be changed - we just dont know when. Honestly, when someone says they accomplished something in a Wasa, it doesnt mean anything to me. Bragging about a kill in a Wasa is like bragging about being able to beat up kids as an adult. ....just not impressive.
  2. reinforcement area, how to

    Missions in protected waters close immediately - no bad guys can join. However, If you attack an AI fleet/player in protected waters/ or do a mission outside protected waters, then the bad guys can come into your missions. You can only call reinforcements if you have been tagged by an enemy in protected waters.
  3. Thinking out loud: "Caribbean server" new RVR mechanics

    I like it the way it is
  4. Connie be-all end-all

    Helping with spice....
  5. My Christmas-wishlist for Naval Action

    Liq stated it well. That is the best wish list I could imagine as well. Good job Liq......except the killing the Pira...uh, I mean Bandit part. o7
  6. escape and telescope

    The telescope already has a good use....seeing what kind of cannons your enemy is carrying.....
  7. Please consider carefully about yard turning speed. I understand you want people to plan further ahead, however, many of us already do...in fact, many of us dont execute a yard turn until last second. We delay the yard turn until the last second to disguise our next direction or make a sudden turn our enemy doesn't expect. If you slow the yard turn too much, it will eliminate this tactic for the most part.
  8. Limit chain like double shot

    I respect and appreciate both of the previous posts. I would like to clarify that I know this will stir some debate and the initial post doesn't contain my opinion so much as it poses a question. However, to all future posters, please understand that what we are exploring here are the "What if's" of limiting chain, as well as possibly all ammo to some degree. I can see both sides because I have been both Victor and Victim due to chain. When responding, also consider the effect it would have in 1v1 and 1v 2or3. Both of the above posters make good points. What are your thoughts Captains?
  9. Limit chain like double shot

    This is just a desire for your opinion. I really enjoy playing this game (over 2100 hours so far) however, I wanted to know what some of the other Captains in the game think about limiting chain. I understand its purpose and its effectiveness when used correctly. However, it seems to be an unbalanced aspect to battle/consumables. I can post a few pro reasons for unlimited chain and a few cons against....but what do you think?
  10. Graphics stuttering

    Im getting some stutter as well. With over 2000 hours played, this is the first time. I have a few friends who experienced the stutter as well. It is especially noticeable when ships are entering an instance/battle or mission - at least for me. I have made no changes to my system and it is running clean/problem free. I suspect the issue is on NA's end/server side. If it is, the Devs usually handle these types of things quickly, so hang in there.
  11. The Mast Collectors club.

    I hope this problem is corrected soon. Demasting should not be nearly as easy as it is.
  12. Poll

    ...Pirate Frigate is not OP.....
  13. Server Crash 14-11-2017

    Was just kicked off and saw the population go down to zero online. It seems the server has crashed.
  14. West India Trading Company

    As a Pirate, I salute your efforts and wish you well Captain. I look forward to sinkiin...uh....I mean seeing you on the ocean. o7 Mate.
  15. AI Aggression

    It seems, at least to me, that the aggression of AI is still too high. Can the enemy team be beaten? Yes, but I think its too rare - especially for new players with no former NA experience. The friendly bots seem to play as if they are blind most times and the enemy never seems to miss.