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  1. Who will be your ally in the fight for your shallow outpost? We surely both can agree that Britain has the clear superiority in shallow water, and unless you attack ports later where british numbers are lower you lack a real chance. The deep water battles have been entertaining to watch, they seem to not be unbalanced. I couldn’t attend due to time problems
  2. Lz3

    Upcoming Patch

    thanks, i saw that after rediii posted
  3. Lz3

    Upcoming Patch

    That's not what the admins original post said.. huh
  4. Lz3

    Upcoming Patch

    @admin the 1 BR ships are a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE idea. I will stop playing open world PvP, the point is gone. Players can now sail around in large ships and be COMPLETELY immune to attack. you might as well merge the PvP and PvE server.
  5. Lz3

    Today's port timers situation

    Oh dear.. USA does not have 100% american players, I don't know where you got that idea from. GB's ports are set during daytime and the 2 ports who are at 0-3am are owned by an American GB clan Russians have global players as well, however I have heard that the port timers are intentional to stop flipping I don't know if the french clans are in us time, possible
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    I did not post this until now because I thought it would be fixed in the 10th january patch. When in battle and in boarding, pressing rum will result in NO CREW getting healed. The timer will go to 20 minutes but no crew gets healed. This has no purpose as using rum directly before boarding works. It has brought my ship into extreme danger twice and killed me once (just now hence why I'm posting this). Please fix this as fast as possible as this is game breakingin a battle. I've heard of other people experiencing it after asking.
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    I doubt I will have recording software open but I will try to remind myself. I perfectly know it is very slow and whenever I'm not boarding it works.
  8. Your post is agressively written, I do not know why. So in response: If you would’ve read my post below that one you would see that I understand that. Oh really the game is made out pixels? Does it matter? You’re completing ignoring the statement with the reasoning “get pixels, stay up late”. Now please read my second post.
  9. I think the port battle system is good. Players in different parts of the world should be able to have port battles at their time. Otherwise it isn’t fair. However the issue persists that clans can get immune from their enemies attacks by setting it in the night. I don’t see a solution for this, it will just remain an issue
  10. you do not see the issue. The US clan who took it is in the European prime time. What the entire US has done is set their port timers in the middle of the night for their enemies. (Prussia, GB, France) so they are unable to take the ports. It doesn’t have to do with prime times. They simply set the portbattle times so they are immune to attack
  11. you present no damn evidence!!!!!
  12. This has to be one of the dumbest posts I’ve seen on all forums I’ve been on. First you accuse a guy of “hacking” with no proof whatsoever (video doesn’t prove anything). Then the admin suggests B was accidentily pressed and says that it is impossible to control another players ship. This is a claim that he, as an admin, can state and that is most likely true. Then I wonder how this is going to go on.. Expectation: “Hm, we will try to gather more evidence and respect your point.” Reaility: “we have so much evidence, this happens to many people, you are not real developers, you don’t care about this game!!!” And provide no more evidence except a claim “oh I didn’t press B” which has no base whatsoever. is this a joke?
  13. my experience with KOTO in battle has been great, if you’re a pirate and like PvP I personally recommend this clan
  14. Lz3

    US disaster Inc.

    We (RSC) went to the Bahamas in the hope of: 1. Dummie portbattles, practice 2. Victory Marks 3. Setting up a new safe place since around Christmas there was a horrible Belize-Navidad causing that to be compromised. 4. Getting other British clans to practice portbattles that have not had prior experience. The portbattles allowed us to go from competent hunters to organized-competent portbattle players. This is reflected in our new diplomatic agreement with the US that you, slim, surely know about. Nassau did not show RSC’s average performance; People did not join with the right cannons, at the right positions and with portbattle capable ships. Going into portbattle with major disadvantages it is fair to say that we didn’t do too bad. Going to the Bahamas was not to flee from the Russians, but to get the British nation to be able to organize a sizable and most importantly competent portbattle fleet. Once this is fulfilled I am sure that there will be action against the Russian invasion
  15. Lz3

    Issue with forts

    When I joined a battle on the British side to fight an American player, the British forts (although I was fighting WITH the British and had their flag in battle) started shooting me. Therefore I couldn't do anything in the battle. This is unrealistic and unneeded, please fix this. This was at Marsh Harbour, a port owned by GB.
  16. Lz3

    Le Gros Ventre Refit

    Currently the Le Gros Ventre Refit is a LGV with a nice paint job. The swivels hardly make any difference. The price has been lowered for it, but it does not change that this is not a very good ship for that price or for what it is (a refitted trader to a warship). I hereby suggest: - Give it 8 6pders on its top deck - Reduce the range of swivels, but drastically increase crew damage at short range - Reduce swivel reload by 10% - Decrease stern armor by 10-20% - Give it 5 knowledge slots like any other warship - Increase its turn rate which is currently awful - Increase its side HP by 10-20%
  17. They should be much rarer than they are now but you should NOT need to RvR and be in the top 3.
  18. Lz3

    Regarding port battles

    This post would greatly benefit from a poll that encourages discussion Option 1, because... Option 2, because...
  19. Lz3

    is marquis an alt

    The guy personally says he returned to the game and didn't know. He may be lying though as what he did is suspicious.
  20. Hello developers, while fighting for the port Atwood we experienced several issues that ruined a chance of victory for us and made us lose ships. I think I must make the following very clear looking at what certain Russian players are saying in the global channel: We are not complaining against the Russian Nation, nor their actions at the port battle. This is purely pointing out two underlying issues that ruined the port battle for us. We do not mean any disrespect to the Russian players who attended as this was nothing they could have changed or prevented. 1. When our fleet was approaching the port, two of our players could not click on the battle or port to enter. I myself have experienced this issue before the wipe when I was not able to click on the battle cross without restarting the game. This lead to two of our Bucentaures (we had three and these were the capital ships) getting tagged outside the battle and not being able to enter the portbattle. This issue is truly game-breaking and took any hope of victory from us. 2. When I myself left the portbattle, I was stuck in the "entering open world screen" for 20-30 seconds. I was able to press escape and F11 would disappear so I presume the actual open-world was behind this screen. This lead to me myself not being able to have any chance of escaping. My ship was lost in the battle that ensued. The time I spent in the loading screen was so unusually long that I did not have time to repair before I was in the other battle, I infact only saw open world for 2-3 seconds. In total from game bugs we lost two Bucs and one Wapen. This is very annoying for our clan as we will have to rebuild these ships and possibly raise hostility all over again. Please fix this issue. I am not sure if we would have won the port battle if these issues did not happen, but I am sure that we would have had a MUCH greater chance at victory. Because none of our ships were captured we would like to have our ships replaced as us losing them was due to game glitches. Thank you for reading. Please leave this post open for a reply from our clan once you've replied.
  21. The problem that creates all problems is this: We only have two developers and 2 graphical designers. The game progress is unbearably slow (see the time we've had before release) and features cannot be updated quickly. New PvE content and new features take too long. I know another developer will be pricey and cut into profits. But to make money you need to spend money. Or even better, hire an experienced person that has worked with MMOs for a long while and knows what he is doing and how to perfect a game. This all comes down to if the current devs believe in this game and want to spend the money to potentially make this game large. Because right now you started another game as well. I cannot imagine how this will ever work with anything less than 10 devs.
  22. Lz3

    'Global' Ship Market

    Setting up contract FOR a ship, yes. but i think that has already been suggested