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  1. Increasing Ship Visuals while making Devs Money

    Yes, defiantly only if the paints are useable for that ship again and again. I would be afraid to lose my ship if it's worth 10$ and wouldn't want to take it out
  2. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    yes yes yes please! This is something the game needs!
  3. You say you are addressing battle ratings - could you please give a list of all the new battle ratings?
  4. bow- and sterntanking

    From my experience the only thing that needs changing is rum. When I was sailing in my Prince and I got a couple of Wasa's cannonballs going through my front with no hull armour left I lost 20 crew, my pump, and got considerable inner structure. Note this was far from the entire broadside hitting.
  5. New nation

    yes and they should have the ability to forcefully add any other nation even if they don't want to do so, so there is no PvP and only one great nation!
  6. Promoting more PVP

    Every single post I've seen from you so far is hating on PvP / PvPers. Maybe you should switch to the PvE server and live in Wilmington?
  7. Increasing Ship Visuals while making Devs Money

    +1 under the condition that if this should be released, EVERY ship has its paints and every new ship gets its paints. no exceptions!
  8. Curbing PVP gank fleets

    Without me taking any sides here; This has to be one of the worst discussions I have ever seen. First the original poster shows that the issue effects him in his very first sentence and after that starts degrading and insulting all 'PvPers' on being close minded. Then he complains about not being able to have a discussion. What's the point of this crap Yngvarr? Grow up or lock this.
  9. ADS!!!!

    Just saw this play before my video!!
  10. Surrender in PvP

    Yes. This would furthermore put a shame on surrendering.
  11. Surrender in PvP

    Even with your way of keeping exploits down this will still be heavily heavily exploited. One friend in one nation deals damage to the first rate, the other friend in another nation surrenders. The surrendered guy gets his ship back and the money is split into 750.000 per player. This can probably done in a very short time if you craft a fir victory just for this purpose which amounts to tens of millions in an hour.
  12. Surrender in PvP

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!
  13. Eliminate small ship griefing

    Here's a picture of HMS Victory to prove my point. If you, in any type of vessel, ram the vessel in the furthest forward point of the bow (where it is very thin, almost like one long board) it is very easy to turn the enemy vessel. if you do it incorrectly and your side hits that part you are going to be pushed along. If you let too much of 6th rates bow hit the enemies bow your bowsprit will break off. But if you, with the left side of your bow in this case, hit the victory right there where the two broadsides come together into a figurehead then you can turn whatever ship you want. Example: Tugboat. The Victory is actually a more difficult ship to turn because as you see in the picture, its front is still quite round. Other 5th-1st rates are suprisingly easy to turn. I suggest you go into a battle with a friend, shoot his sails down to 50%, and then attempt to turn him this way. You will find, if you don't make mistakes, it works very well.