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  1. Do we still need a wipe?

    Guys, Guys, Just because other people in the game have more than you is not a reason to wipe the game, I"m talking about actual developmental reasons for wiping the game, and how is the economy screwed up? what cant you get? still no reason to Wipe the Game. i remember when the patch for buildings in ports came out, nobody could even get iron. let alone silver. that"s a messed up economy. This economy seems to be better than at any time in the game. and for the people that want a wipe because they aren't as far in the game as other people. how are you going to deal with the game a year after release? The fact is less than 1000 people are playing this game, how much damage would it do to go persistent?
  2. Do we still need a wipe?

    By no means finished, i just said nothing is going to be bigger in the development of the game than switching the game engine. they said they might wipe as far as i know, not that they would. not finished, persistent, meaning not ending,
  3. Do we still need a wipe?

    Just wondering, since we just switched to unity 5 engine can we just call this game persistent? i mean, nothing else in the game is gonna be bigger than that, so, lets just call it a game and say no more wipes,
  4. Wipe slightly delayed - tavern version

    yeah, i know, done when its done, just calling the next wipe announcement as delayed before the actual announcement comes out,
  5. ive been in large groups of ppl that just can't handle them, just wondering, can we get slightly smaller epic battles, right now nobody is doing them due to the difficulty, lower it until ppl actually start doing them, then see how things go.
  6. Just wanted to get some ideas on tactics i have seen done when entering a large pvp battle. i'm on pvp 2. This is the scenario: you are in a fleet with larger numbers attacking a smaller fleet with larger ships, lets say over twenty ships in your fleet, 3 class 2's, 4 class 3's, and the rest smaller. 4's and 5th rates. attacking 5 first rates and about five other ships smaller of any size, no smaller than a 5th rate, i have seen three or so battles like this and the larger ships just clean up, every group tactic i have seen attacks the first rates first, even target just one of them, i think this is wrong. we never got the first rate down less than half, before he is lost in the mix. i want to put the word out that the larger fleet should take out the smaller ships first until its around twenty to the five first rates, that is the only way captains in the bigger fleet stand a chance to take out the bigger ships, can only be done without the smaller ships firing on you. What do you think, can the larger fleet with smaller ships even win at all?
  7. So i found a gray fireship fitting from a mission and tried it. my ship caught on fire the first volley i recieved, it was in a fleet misison, never could put the fire out, in a long battle, yes i know how to put fires out. I changed ships and for the next four of five battles i caught on fire again, not sure if its related, could be coincidence. i tried the ship with the fireship fitting again. and again, the first volley i caught on fire, couldnt put it out the whole fleet mission, i had to sink three renommee's and a suprise all while burning from a huge fire that had taken over my whole ship, Was just wondering if anyone is having the same problems, has anyone tried this upgrade and had it catch the other guy on fire? I was i a buc, over crewed.