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  1. Do I laugh? or Cry? All these econ balancing suggestions and combat/PVE/PVP marks suggestions and predictions of what's good and bad are mainly being made by players with an....alt who farms wood.....and alt who farms metals, and .....an alt who runs trades....who also has 30 clan mates...with alts......etc etc..... It seems the lone-non-clan player, is lost, before he even leaves port !!!
  2. Hotfix 3 for testbed patch 9.99

    Said this ages ago. Newbie start so tough now.
  3. Why would you need to unlock anything other than the ship you sail.?? (Time sink horror, more grind....) If I throw darts every day for a year, I will never get any better at throwing a spear. There is enough grind in the game.
  4. Preliminary patch 9.99 deployed to testbed server

    You dont get xp for capping traders. The ship is useless. You get what in the hold. Which is not a lot either.
  5. Of course but the combat, the marks, traders caps, progression, 1 dura ships and money making can all be tested from no rank cutter starts. The econ on the test bed is not being tested anyway.
  6. I suggest that players try the Testbed without using the redeemable. Testing with a million quid is not testing.
  7. Preliminary patch 9.99 deployed to testbed server

    Yeah I get that, but a game that includes all types of play and fills the seas, is a game that helps all of us get more PVP.
  8. Preliminary patch 9.99 deployed to testbed server

    Yeah that's all fine but......where are all these PVP players??? Without a system that encourages all types of player PVE AND PVP then it's just going to be the 50 of us......... Surely you can all see that? We need to encourage a bigger player base not make it so elite that the seas are empty. Personally I would rather players got rewards they may not "deserve" and have lots of different players in the OW rather than 50 old time PvPers complaining that there is no one to fight.......
  9. Preliminary patch 9.99 deployed to testbed server

    No one in a 5th rate should be able to touch a 1st rate. TBH the way smaller ships can take out line ships is silly and very unrealistic. Makes me wonder why the RN didn't just build Niagara and mercurys.
  10. Preliminary patch 9.99 deployed to testbed server

    Exactly that's why I hope they add more inclusive incentives for less hard-core players so the OW will be better supported.
  11. Preliminary patch 9.99 deployed to testbed server

    Played last night as well and thought I would share the following: Likes/Hopes 1. I love the ship exp system. Much better than before. Feels right. You sail it you get better with it. 2. AI ships much better balanced and again feels right. Would ike them to be a bit agressive if they are national enemy and have BR advantage. Would bring OW alive more. 3. Battles/sounds/repairs/surgeon all great. Dislikes/worries 1. Marks system. Needs To be tweaked. It's to prejudicial agaisnt different playstyles. PvP marks will be hard to get for the majority of players (not so skilled, new and so on) this could lead to elitism of the worst kind. The old system with all its flaws allowed any player the chance to progress and eventually get a great ship with great mods even if his personal pvp ability was poor. A lot of established players ignore this or attach the carebear label to it, (because it makes them look tough in the communties eyes) but without allowing all levels of captain to progress the game will lose the 70% of casual players who would have filled OW for all the elite players and clans to kill. Without them you face low server pop and empty OW and so on. The grind for pvp marks using pve marks is not viable. 2. Traders and crafters need to be rewarded for these tasks much more than at present. A lot of players who like this style of play will support the game and allow its natural growth. Without a good core of crafters and traders the cool 'hunters' will find the game more of a grind and the hunting will decline again leaving to low pop and lower OW. 3. Small nations will never be able to compete. Is this a problem...not sure. 4. Clans will quickly dominate the world....is this a problem not sure. 5. Teleport after battle should remain or a simple system of being unable to tag a ship which has escaped from battle for 10 mins will stop the bad old days of after battle gank/revenge/constant retags ..... 6. Most testing has been done by rich exp players. Overall. Looking good but needs tweaking to include all playstyles and thus broaden the appeal and thus populate the seas. Continuing to test.......
  12. Preliminary patch 9.99 deployed to testbed server

    Ok so I have tried to play as a PvP player only. 1. Rewards far to low. 2. Crew loss and repairs far to expensive. The reward to repair cost is not worth it. 3. You have to pve grind. Whether you want to or not. 4. Biggest problem I can foresee is if your a newbee, with low skills and no money, the grind now is really really slow. It's far to painful and I don't think newbs will stay. Carrot and stick needs balancing. Encourage pve fights to allow players to progress. Pvp only will murder new players. (Still continuing to test).
  13. Preliminary patch 9.99 deployed to testbed server

    Definitely. If this game is to be player supported economy, then traders need to be rewarded and encouraged.
  14. Preliminary patch 9.99 deployed to testbed server

    I agree that these changes will have far reaching consequences but I think the end result will be a great game. Remember this is the first patch part and will be tweaked no doubt. I also agree that there should be basic resources available to buy at many ports and then perhaps players could make them cheaper? I think you are right about the PvP cost. The overall reward V cost of combat is not quite balanced. And to encourage PVE play in a PvP world would benefit the economy and OW population so traders and crafter should be encouraged and well rewarded. I might even run some cargo myself then instead of trying to steal it....
  15. Preliminary patch 9.99 deployed to testbed server

    Thats excactly what they did. They worked under fire. Surgeon would mean all first aid really not just actual surgery. Plus whipping up the ner do wells and nearly injured malingerers... Also, small solo frigates SHOULD find it very hard to capture ships of the line.