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  1. The pig headed cloud.....fly on poly...fly on.....you are remembered.
  2. On looting system and other MMORPG

    Forget realism....you ain't taking guns of a sinkng ship or most other things. It a good system at the moment. I never sink a ship at range if I want to loot it. Just hold off, close up and finish the ship, then loot. Please don't make it arcady screen type. Working for it makes it worthwhile and in combat with multiple ships you take a chance....or don't.
  3. Idea: Additional Nations for the future maybe…

    Norfolk n Chance matey.....
  4. No battle rewards for port battle caps

    Totally agree. It's dumb.
  5. Alts

    It dawns on me that some people are serious about putting alts on trial, even though the alts can change name in 2 mins...............facepalm, sigh, breathe slowly, lie down.
  6. Return the Pray Button

    I'm praying for its return.....
  7. Alts

    Spot on.
  8. Alts

    Yeah....yeah....thats all great...... Once found, tried, convicted and tagged and hit and shamed they can..... (drum roll........cymbak crash!) Change their name and start again...............that will show them. You pays your money you gets your game. Alts are part of the game. Spys were real. Live with it. Far more important things to worry about.
  9. It's to have new nations. That's great, yay.... It would be nicer to actually sort out the pirate 'nation' at some time.....
  10. tele port to free towns

    When more than one enemy attacks you its called a battle. Show me a battle in history where both side were equal. Real ganking was effectively stopped with previous patches. Players today use the word every time they sink! It was dangerous around Nassau and Tortuga in real life to.....
  11. Remove safety zones

    Freeports are full of fights and will remain pvp hotbeds. What we need is footfall and that comes in many playstyles. If you are new to this game it is now harder and more complicated than ever so safe zones stop new players swiching off after being sunk three times in a row. Lol....now thats a good point. That was the devs being a bit lazy I think.
  12. Remove safety zones

    The safe zones are fine. I am pirate and we don't have one effectively because bottom feeders can still seal club other players. PvP is out there go sail....look for it. If a player wants to sail in the safe zone, let them, they help the economy and some players like to play like that.. Stop hanging around capitals where mainly new players are and sail out to the neutral ports and you will find PvP. But then the players at those ports can fight back.....
  13. An answer to lack of PvP perhaps

    Reward all PvP. Win or lose. At the moment losing is to costly for NO REWARDS at all. It takes time and effort to become good at combat and the set back for new blood is to harsh. 30 mins battle. Lose ship. Lose mods. Lose repairs. Lose crew. AND get nothing in return.. ..... Not a clever mechanic for PvP growth.
  14. A port for each player