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  1. Flash Jack

    La Requin nerf needed

    And here's a tip. 1. Use your telescope. If the xebec has Carros sit off it and tear it apart. 2. Stay downwind of xebec. 3. Use your "historical" stern camper to historically stern camp it. " snow etc" 4. Fire at the very exposed rudder. 6. Sail with upwind taggers. 7. Don't get close to xebec. 8. Plan your sailing to fight downwind of xebec. 9. Use new tactics if how you have always won does not work. 10. Don't expect your 'favourite' ship to be able to beat everything. 11. To summarise. Stay downwind. Don't get boarded or pushed around into wind. Use manual sailing to keep your board speed above 4 knots. Use your telescope. If losing run downwind. 12. If he's board modded he can't shoot for shit. 13. Hopes this helps you all with the terrible xebec bullies. Xebecs are only as good as those they fight against.
  2. Flash Jack

    La Requin nerf needed

    For the hysterical historical whinners. Just Google the xebec. "Sea-going Mediterranean peoples greatly favoured xebecs as corsairs. The corsairs built their xebecs with a narrow floor to achieve a higher speed than their victims, but with a considerable beam in order to enable them to carry an extensive sail-plan. The lateen rig of the xebec allowed the ship to sail close hauled to the wind, something that often give it an advantage in pursuit or escape. The use of oars or sweeps allowed the xebec to approach vessels who were becalmed. When used as corsairs, the xebecs carried a crew of 300 to 400 men and mounted perhaps 16 to 40 guns according to size. In peacetime operations, the xebec could transport merchandise."
  3. Flash Jack

    La Requin nerf needed

    What DLC in what game is not a bit OP? This is why they sell. All the historical arguments are BS. Most of you on here whinging, happily stern camp much larger ships in snows etc that in real life would have never happened. People boast of taking down a first rate with 6th rates.... Realistic??? Only if it suits you.
  4. Flash Jack

    La Requin nerf needed

    People have paid for these DLCs and those that don't like them want them nerfed. More crying cause the game don't fit with their idea of what it should be. This game is for everyone to enjoy at whatever level they like. Stop whinging and whinning at every ship that you find hard to beat or every rule you dont like and get better at the game.
  5. So. Naval action is for RVR/Clan Players. (Large nations only need apply). Or small nations who can fight over neutral ports against AI. There is no room for solo players. small clans. traders. PVP only players or PVE players. Very, very bad direction. Offering all ships to all players even by different routes will promote different styles of play and thus more players. THIS new direction will be a new fine woods. please rethink and stop forcing styles of play onto people. You will create an elite game for 150 or so players. Its a shame because the merge was just starting to settle down.
  6. This will kill the game faster than anything you have ever done and is completely unnecessary. Please change it and let the merge settle in.
  7. OMG. Unbelievable. I am actually stunned by this. Top nations get more 1st rates. Lower nations get less.......so......top nations stay.......top.
  8. Flash Jack

    PVP servers merge

    Let's see how it turns out. It's to early to tell anything yet.
  9. Flash Jack

    Give some Love to the PvE Server.

    More pve player means more potential crossover PvP players. Look after the PVE players and improve everyone's chances.
  10. Flash Jack

    Port Battles and Hostility

    Yep. Six times in a row. No let up. Players are losing interest.
  11. Can we please make the port 'captured' and 'defended' cool down timers the same. At the moment if you capture a port it cannot be attacked for a couple of days. However if you successfully defend a port the attacker can flip it again the following day. This allows large clans to continuously attack a port until they eventually win it because the defenders have lives and fail to log on constantly. With the new single server this will only get worse with odd times coming into play. Please allow the defenders some respite after winning a defence.
  12. Flash Jack

    Forthcoming patch 14 Part 3

    Yes!!! Add it. I have to see this!!