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  1. So. Naval action is for RVR/Clan Players. (Large nations only need apply). Or small nations who can fight over neutral ports against AI. There is no room for solo players. small clans. traders. PVP only players or PVE players. Very, very bad direction. Offering all ships to all players even by different routes will promote different styles of play and thus more players. THIS new direction will be a new fine woods. please rethink and stop forcing styles of play onto people. You will create an elite game for 150 or so players. Its a shame because the merge was just starting to settle down.
  2. This will kill the game faster than anything you have ever done and is completely unnecessary. Please change it and let the merge settle in.
  3. OMG. Unbelievable. I am actually stunned by this. Top nations get more 1st rates. Lower nations get less.......so......top nations stay.......top.
  4. Flash Jack

    PVP servers merge

    Let's see how it turns out. It's to early to tell anything yet.
  5. Flash Jack

    Give some Love to the PvE Server.

    More pve player means more potential crossover PvP players. Look after the PVE players and improve everyone's chances.
  6. Flash Jack

    Port Battles and Hostility

    Yep. Six times in a row. No let up. Players are losing interest.
  7. Can we please make the port 'captured' and 'defended' cool down timers the same. At the moment if you capture a port it cannot be attacked for a couple of days. However if you successfully defend a port the attacker can flip it again the following day. This allows large clans to continuously attack a port until they eventually win it because the defenders have lives and fail to log on constantly. With the new single server this will only get worse with odd times coming into play. Please allow the defenders some respite after winning a defence.
  8. Flash Jack

    Forthcoming patch 14 Part 3

    Yes!!! Add it. I have to see this!!
  9. Flash Jack


    Sailing a wassa is like driving a smart car. It say more about the captain than he knows....... Don't do it. Dont sail a wassa. Don't drive a smart car.
  10. When is it happening??? That's THE most important question. To much delay will harm the game.
  11. FFS. Will all the people leaving shut the door behind themselves....there is a draft of irrelevance blowing in......
  12. We all ready did this on GLOBAL. We have clans that are SEA/AUS only, we have clans that are US only. We have clans that are around the clock. While numbers might not be high in some areas. BLACK had players from all time zones though EU was very week time. So we did most of our play during the US and SEA times for battles. If we are in a nation with a friendly EU clan we could cover there protection in these other time zones. I think he's meaning some of the pirate leaders where talking and it was one of the nations that came up more than once. Though I'm not going to comment on which nation until we have a proper metting between my clan members and than with the other Pirates. As for the other nations no clue what they plan to do . I assume some of the big US and GB clans are going to just switch over to those two nations. Which means we will be more than welcome to join a nation that is willing to fight them....you know old habits are heard to break after all. Though really with pirates being nothing special I think a lot of us are talking about picking a nation and joining them. We will prob have some hard core guys that will stay pirates (I plan to keep one alt Pirate that has been pirates since day one on EU). As for any other nation or clan we can't really speak for them yet and I don't think it's a time to make any calls until we get more info about what is going on EU and when this is going to happen. Yep. spot on.