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  1. End of the server

    You go on living in your world, and look at your poor port
  2. End of the server

    My complaint? Maybe, and expect a new patch
  3. End of the server

    Since last year, most people have complained about BLACK kill servers. They haven't made any progress, Just complaining all the time.
  4. End of the server

    But what I see is that many unsuccessful people are complaining
  5. End of the server

    So the losing party is always complaining
  6. Continue to sleep,Waiting for someone to wake me up again
  7. Now can enter, but without any updates
  8. merge servers (PLEASE)

    US server would be a good choice
  9. merge servers (PLEASE)

    I don't know, but here's what I show here
  10. merge servers (PLEASE)

    ... Today's network seems even worse than usual,Going to the EU serve will kill we clan completely
  11. merge servers (PLEASE)

    Most of China's VPN has been banned by the government ,I'm using SSR now. But I still don't want to go to the EU server because it will lose packets (Request timed out
  12. merge servers (PLEASE)

    EU server probably 400-500ping ,After using SSR, I can drop to 300 ping
  13. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    A good thing. We'll soon wake up from hibernation
  14. Wanted: British Patrol Captains

    Let's sleep a little longer