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  1. Forged papers testimonials/reviews

    As a once famous Frenchman once said "Why use a white flag when you can waive around a forged paper?"
  2. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    I think we found a forum warrior that hasn’t logged into the game in at the very least several months....
  3. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    Except for that red message above the servers that was there for weeks before the merge?
  4. Today's port timers situation

    So I am the leader of VNM, a primarily US clan, of the Dutch Nation. We have more RVR players in our American time zone than in Dutch times. We set the PBs as a united Provinces to when we can best defend them against one Dane clan that has more members than our whole Dutch nation. So non issue. You clearly are not a clan leader/officer in your nation and do not know the inner politics between clans and nations.
  5. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    I don’t mind paper masts. What I mind is some players hitting my mast once, knocking them down, me literally getting over 100 “mast hits” on them, and them not going down. The upgrade meta is actually ridiculous. All masts should be able to be taken down by a few ball, or near impossible all around.
  6. Ports segregations due to time zone players

    Don’t set your pb times to times you aren’t on. And most ports are still EU time. This is a non issue
  7. Lack of chasers severly limits gameplay

    You know this playerbase is just one big Dutch rudder right?
  8. Why did players leave?

    Several other people swear in their posts, even the admin has. When I do it against one of their decisions. Off to gulag with me. I was given a warning and told the consequences if I do it again. Because this is a “respectful mature community.” Is that not the biggest joke you have heard? Anyway. It’s the small things mate. Just because you are pocket buddies with the devs and don’t see over those britches, doesn’t mean the rest of us are in the same spot as you. I know several people that have quit because of the admin or the moderator team especially, on this forum berating them, threatening them hypocritically, as s/he did to me. I have thick skin and don’t care so much, but it is a massive problem when you have a small playerbase. So don’t deny it’s existence because you personally haven’t seen it. I think several Jews denied the Nazis were genociding them when the Holocaust first started. Sure didn’t make it any less real did it?
  9. Turn inertia - discuss

    Adds a bit more skill and patience into the game, as it would be in real life. A captain needs to predict his shots a bit more in advance, and needs to be able to predict the way his ship is going to move. It also adds for some strategic maneuvers otherwise impossible.
  10. Carronade buff.

    certainly id agree there. perhaps this can be implemented in the future though. because this would also really improve ramming mechanics.
  11. Carronade buff.

    nothing more working as intended and realistically than the correct ballistics model for objects with V initial. it is actually a very simple conversion, velocity and mass to energy. put that into the game and have the energy dispersion along the wood types and thicknesses, and you could have the most accurate depiction of what a cannon ball against wood would do.
  12. Carronade buff.

    Fargo is correct. With a realistic ballistics model in game a Carronade in game would share the same purpose as it did in real life. It would naturally not over pen, and deal that extra damage. Or it just wouldn’t pen.
  13. Diminishing returns

    One word. Yes.
  14. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    Stuck up (explicit words) EU players that constantly bitch about PB timers as though us US players dont have it worse since most PBs are set for EU PB times. But whatever.
  15. I actually was pro NPC fleet in game, and still am? It is clear you just can’t see through your own Biasis. However it’s one thing to take the time to kill NPC ships yourself, and another to go in and have your NPCs kill the NPCs, get the reward, all while just going mission to mission doing that and doing nothing yourself. If you want a farm simulator go back to your Korean Grind games.