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  1. Most everyone I see post about wanting to quit the game is due to not enough opportunities for individual fame and fortune in one way or another. A lot of people believe going pirate solves this. But if you are on PVP Global the pirates are not that option, as there are so many of them it is barely different than being GB. With that in mind several people just quit the game and come back on the next major patch to quit again. There are other options, such as going to a small nation, like on Global the Spanish, Dutch, and the totally not fascist regime "SS" of sweden. These nations need players, and are more than willing to help others out to achieve ranks and fortune. Save for maybe sweden. Short: Try a small nation before quitting. Help other nations grow and become powerful, and in doing so become rich and powerful.
  2. Itd be great if the players from the bigger player nations would come to the Dutch and Spanish.
  3. Port manifests

    hm yes. but in real life they didnt just get access to these. perhaps you could pay some gold or after you have traded enough goods in a port get access to it? you know. as a bribe or a trusted trader
  4. Why PVP Global USA Fails

    we are getting enough CMs to build every ship in the game with BPs for everyone. So yes We just need players to fill our ships. And by players i mean dedicated team orientated players. If you are going to just cause drama and cant handle pressure from larger nations now and then you probably wont last long here. just a disclaimer. our nation runs on cooperation
  5. Why PVP Global USA Fails

    Any US players that wish to play in a team environment and want to actually be of significant importance should come to us Dutch. We are low on numbers compared to all the other nations, but have the infrastructure and team orientated player base to support even the biggest nation. We just need players. Godspeed. o7
  6. PVP Global - Operation BOHICA

    Hahaha I am oddly very flattered?
  7. PVP Global - Operation BOHICA

    Honestly no point in feeding attention whores guys, this a role playing aspect of the game, and history will repeat itself I am sure.
  8. PVP Global - Operation BOHICA

    Just welcome to black. They love their wars to be justified, even over the silliest of things. Really just an accuse to one port nations and cause players they don't like to quit the game.
  9. Gb clans on global

    If you joined GB no one would even notice. Thats essentially the gist of it. Love GB to death, but some other factions need love. Such as us Dutch, or spain, or Denmark. (I would say sweden, but they are over run by less than to be desired individuals.)
  10. [RAT] Drowning Rats Recruiting!

    Just what this server needs. more rats Well cheers and best of luck to you. May our cannonballs find each other's ships! o7
  11. ICS Kill Competition *Completed*

    If only i knew what spy is telling us where your ships were. .-. thatd make my job easier.fml. let me know who please! Id love to get in contact with them
  12. depends what you bring if she fancy. I reckon we will cap ya. If it is a simple ship sink you o7 ROVER.
  13. Some Decent Victories today! And of course Props from our greatest and closest allies of our glorious dutch nation SMS!
  14. Noooo. I disagree with numero uno. Free ports shouldnt be used to attack a nation all the way across the map, that was always ridiculous. Their current use as outposts for staging only if you sail to and from them is advantage enough. Also being able to teleport to them with the current economy especially is a bad idea.