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  1. sounds like a good patch devs! as a smaller nation player, this definitely helps the whole community out
  2. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    Even better!
  3. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    I'd hate to see another tea ship that I'd have to unload its cargo in a harbor, but if so, that one would be an honor to raid its tea from! It is a very beautiful ship and just hope you all can see the raw beauty of the Dutch ships. United Provinces Unite!
  4. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    It isn't a gift I'm paying for it Admin. Here. Pay me 40 dollars and we will "give" you gifts. What. No. It is still in early access and as such anything I pay is for the development and additions to your game. So if your team is making them, it isn't a gift. Community made ships are gifts, game developer material in early access is not. But that is besides the point. Im not asking for gifts. I'm asking for an answer as to why the Hamburg and this Swedish ship were added over Dutch ships? Because I don't remember a poll for either of those two ships. So that sure isn't player decision. But if you link me the poll that shows both of these on top I'll gladly cease my "inappropriate" tone. I have played your game for well over a year, ever since it first hit steam, and I even got the chance to play it before then when there was no open world. And as far as community builders, I do believe there are several Dutch ships completed or near completed by this community if you care to go and look in the Dutch Ships forum post. Trust me, I am more than aware of the community builders I did not pay, who are giving gifts. And am more than grateful and that is why I am upset at you Admin and your team. You throw their work aside, even despite popularity in other polls. It seems to me and several other players of this community there is an extreme bias occurring and personal judgements being made off of grudges and ill will. And trust me, it is felt. I only hope the best for your team and this beautiful game. I have invested a lot of time in it to make it better, which is why I boldly reply back to you. I do not like your threatening tone, it is no way to approach a player of such dedication and commitment, but I understand your passion and frustration so I forgive you for it, but please, return the same favor and understand most of us are frustrated long time players. *most is the key word. Godspeed, OneEyedSnake
  5. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    I would also like to add: a Portuguese ship I am fine with. Their presence in the game is 0 despite actually being pretty big in the Caribbean. If we had Portuguese ships I'd be fine with it. But if we get another nobody nation ship, or another *cough Russian* ship that who the heck knows why it's in the game. I'm just going to continue to be a salty sea farer
  6. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    And to add to it, we have had other polls where the Dutch ships came in second I believe and they said they would add two ships, I believe that was the hermione poll. And who the hell voted for the Hamburg. Or this Swedish ship? Don't get me wrong, it's a cool ship. But the swedes were nobodies at this time in this region. Well almost nobodies. The Dutch were a massive trade entity that used to rule the seas in the 1600s. And yet this major nation has no ships? It really is a statement of bias in my opinion.
  7. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    Swedes get a ship before the Dutch get a ship. Lol what a joke
  8. The Bellona should not carry 24 pounders

    why does the santi carry 42s in game and not 32s? and why isnt the ocean forced to carry the 36s? compromise and balance.
  9. Indefatigable

    indy also takes a better hit than the connie in my experience, and you can put full carros on her
  10. News Flash! Denmark Pearl Harbors France

    I have seen the light. and Ports are not needed in France. We cant wait to see you all
  11. Forged Papers

    have you seen pirate global????
  12. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    come dutch *waves dutch flag*
  13. Most everyone I see post about wanting to quit the game is due to not enough opportunities for individual fame and fortune in one way or another. A lot of people believe going pirate solves this. But if you are on PVP Global the pirates are not that option, as there are so many of them it is barely different than being GB. With that in mind several people just quit the game and come back on the next major patch to quit again. There are other options, such as going to a small nation, like on Global the Spanish, Dutch, and the totally not fascist regime "SS" of sweden. These nations need players, and are more than willing to help others out to achieve ranks and fortune. Save for maybe sweden. Short: Try a small nation before quitting. Help other nations grow and become powerful, and in doing so become rich and powerful.