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  1. Farm with friends - marks confiscation

    Hmmm... currently checked, didn't receive any notification in my game account and my marks hold is intact - but i should be on the list. @Pagan Pete : Please insert one of your great sentences to shame as famous last words ;-) Reason: Made with a befriended player some duels to have PVP fun without toxicity and for training (just beginning PVP), and got PVP Marks on this way - a nice to have side-effect, i hereby admit. It was my idea, so keep the other guy out of this. As a consequence and to keep my honour I deleted the player (same name as forum) by myself and taking a break from NA. For my usual habit of playing games it was a extraordinary long time, playing different styles since August 2016. And even if part of my play instinct is still itching to try the new port battle rule set, level out some more ships or battle some old friends one more time - but it's currently to complicated or restricted imho: no outlaw battles any more; more and more restrictions when, who and where to engage; PVE- vs. PVP-camp war; RvR vs. solo hunt usw. The simple sail out, sank and get sunk, meet friends, talk, smuggle, trade, explore where and what you want is currently out-of-favor - within the devs AND the player community. But i would imagine that's a necessary phase in the development process of a MMO (especially pre-release), you have to decide for a ruleset, the framework all game mechanics have to fit in so this should not be a bitter parting - especially i won't give NA a bad review. As a EA it's tremendous fun especially for people who like constant change and always discover new things (good and bad, that's the nature of EA). An it's GOING TO BE a great game, i'm sure - and i will check this after release, at last... Please hurry, devs! ;-) Always six feet water under your keel! Bragan Benigaris tl;dr: It was me - shame me, but creative! ;-)
  2. Shipstats math

    Good idea, perhaps i can provide some data from the API, even if it's not complete and i'm not the SQL guru like some other users on the forum. Something like: ShipStats https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_9Bw_dZmWI5BahYCga3Rgy7gUslv-ru7/view?usp=sharing ShipDeckClassLimits https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_5bbUNP7QDgpguGC-eiMes_A1989Cgv8/view?usp=sharing ShipSpecs https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q3H5qPrfHZdEJ5CLdKeasytxA_ztGkj9/view?usp=sharing Had to split the queries because i currently use powershell and till now didn't find a way to expand more than one json-object with it - but that's maybe my own incompetence ;-) For the MaxSpeed in the ShipSpecs is a way to convert the values somewhere in the forums ... have to dig or ask @jodgi ^^ As far as i know, there's no way to convert the values from the TurnRate or TurnToSpeed until now. About the repairs i didn't find any real usable values in the API, but could provide the ones i noted from my own ships.
  3. Balancing gank vs. revenge

    About solution II: Why? If you increase timer from 3 to 5 mins that should be enough time for any defenders to grab their ships and enter battle. Don't forget you're already in the vicinity of the capitol. About solution III: Better a similar solution like invisibilty now, than a 100% safe teleport to port. With the first one, you could balance the chances of raiders and defenders, the latter is a sure win for the raider...
  4. So kann's nicht bleiben

    Eine lustige Diskussion hier... Darf ich noch einen Aspekt einwerfen? NA beruht auf Segelschiffen in einer OW, welche ein ziemlich großes Stück Meer umfasst und einer Epoche, in welcher Nachschub/Verstärkung/Revenge Fleets mehrere Stunden bis Tage benötigen sollten, um einem überfallenen Handelsschiff zu Hilfe zu kommen. Somit wäre - auch in einem derartigen Spielsetting ohne Zeitbeschleunigung - ein Handelsschiff immer dem Untergang geweiht, wenn es 1-5 oder mehr feindlichen Schiffen begegnet. Die Verteidigung dagegen kann nur sein, entweder das Schiff mit einer Eskorte oder den Seeraum (insbesondere um das Capital) mit Patrouillen abzusichern. Wenn wir auf Grund der Zeitkompression bei einem von Piraten, Dänen ;-) oder ähnlichen Ganoven überfallenen Handelsschiff nach der eigentlichen Schlacht eine Flotte vorfinden, welche im Age of Sail üblicherweise über die ganze Karibik verstreut war, ist das eine Spielmechanik, welche eher in moderne Militärspiele mit Verstärkung aus der Luft o.ä. passt. Es sollte nicht so sein, daß man am Ende eines Überfalls von Nelsons Flotte gestellt wird. Da wir aber um die Zeitkompression nicht herum kommen, ist die Unsichtbarkeit eigentlich eine gute Möglichkeit, um den Versatz des Raiders zur ursprünglichen Position des Überfalls zu simulieren, eine andere Möglichkeit wäre, ihn am Ende der Schlacht auf eine zufällige Position im nahen Seeraum zu setzen (geht aber nicht, wegen evtl. Landmassen). Die Hyperspeed in Kombination mit der Unsichtbarkeit ist aber zu viel, denn mit der Kombination Unsichtbarkeit/Hyperspeed/Unabhängigkeit von Wind haben auch eventuelle Patrouillen kaum eine Chance, den Solo-Raider zu erwischen. Sehr viel besser wäre es, wenn die Devs nur die Dauer der Unsichtbarkeit heraufgesetzt hätten, wie von zahlreichen Spielern vorgeschlagen wurde. Denn lassen sich die Chancen beider Parteien besser austarieren - die des Raiders zu entkommen wie auch die der Verstärkung, die richtige Position zu erraten. PVP/PVE Meiner Meinung nach geht es nicht ohne beides - zumindest wenn man eine OW mit Handel, RvR, Nationen, Piraten und hin und wieder neuen Spielern haben will. Außerdem empfinde ich persönlich es als angenehme Abwechslung, aus den unterschiedlichen Möglichkeiten auszuwählen und gerade immer das zu tun, wozu ich gerade Lust & Zeit habe. Warum soll man denn nicht beide Ansätze auch mal mischen dürfen? Ein Trading Run, u.a. durch feindliche Gewässer (sogar zur Prime Time) finanziert mir 2-3 (meist verlustreiche) Raids.
  5. What about if you enter a foreign port of another nation and warships are hold there for neutrality reasons till next maintenance and warships and trader ships have to pay harbour fee?
  6. What about if you are treated as a neutral in a foreign port and had to stay till after next maintenance?
  7. Defending against gankers. Should it be possible or not?

    If for traders the lonely pirates ot the raiding groups are a danger, why not form a convoy with a warship escort?
  8. Before the wipe, on testbed, when we didn't have to much high-% speed upgrades which can sum up to nearly 20% the speed cap and the meta wasn't a big issue. So one of the issues is the amount of % every upgrade gives and the stacking of them. Perhaps a tuning down of the bonus to1-2% per upgrade as already suggested would be helpful - and it reduces the salt about the rng in dropping them, because the boni from the woods (who should stay and are without rng available) will be more important. The speed cap itself isn't so bad at all, it only renders in its curent state some sailing profiles useless (like the one of the reno). An individual cap per ship (x% of it's base speed) or at least different caps per rating (e.g. 7th rate 17kn / 6th rate 16 kn / 5th rate 15kn / 4th -1st rate 14kn) would be better.
  9. What is the point?

    Really don't understand what these fixation on the teleports is good for... Living mostly on Kidds Island, using Free Ports (no tp) as base of operations i spend some of my 12-14 hours per week on the water - but still the bigger part in battle instance. Only exception is when i trade/smuggle or resupply. If I'm in a hurry, i use my Fir/Fir Lynx and reach most of my bases within half an hour. And sometimes you find really good prey on your way... ;-)
  10. Pirate Frigate Permit - How to find it

    The latter one. Both, the Blueprint and the Permit are available in the Pirate Den (Admiralty Store for Rats) - as far as i know exclusively. But for a price, rats are even selling their own grand aunt ;-)
  11. Essex

    In addition to the mentioned traits she's the ship with the best balanced battle sails mode. In my experience she is perfectly maneuverable under battle sails compared to the other frigates and even some 6th rates. Maybe because she has 4 sails on fore - and main mast?

    Started last year in August '16 as a total casual noob and the start (ships, outposts, buildings, upgrades, operational cash) was and is always hard. Back in these days i needed about 4 weeks till i got settled in a nation and had my first regular meager income. The real breakthrough for me btw. were the fine woods, because they were the perfect source for trading with players. ("You need some copper ingots on Bermudas? Well on my journey to gather my Fine Bermuda Cedar i could take some with me...") Now not even two weeks after the mega-patch i have enough ressources to build a shipyard or the cannon building - as a solo player, who has about 4-5 evenings (2-3 hours) a week for gaming. Is it still fun for me? Hell, yeah! People are great, the battles fierce as ever, the hide-and-seek in foggy weather tense as always and the gathering of sealed bottles around Kidds Island has his own appeal ;-) Is it easy? Nope, but easy is boring. I wouldn't stay any longer if otherwise... Would i change something to make it new players easier? Perhaps only one thing: Give 'em a starting money of 10.000 or max. 20.000 Gold Doubloon - from their rich uncle, the dowry or what else. They will loose it faster than they could spell "Frigate", but will earn invaluable knwoledge of the beautiful but sometimes harsh Carribean Sea... Always six feet water under your keel!
  13. Yeah, really great idea!!! May i propose a ship chronometer as a fith tool, so we could measure the time on sea? It may help especially with the journey to Kidds or Bermudas - if you don't see land after a certain time on sea, you're really lost ... :-D
  14. Hotfix 9 for testbed patch 9.99

    @hiclipucli Great Tool!! Thank you very much!