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  1. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    This should be limited to maximum 150%, so its still appealing for the underdog but at the same time it cant go too high to dont encourage abuse (aka PvP mark farming) more.
  2. Why only some factions succeed while others only met failure?

    I think its because every clan at some point has conflict points with other clans, for example about which clan gets which port, trading treaties, attacking alts, crafting as a nation etc. If clans and players dont trust the others enough and if the problems cant be solved they feel like they are not fairly treated within the nation. Then people start hating each other or try to manipulate each other and its goes from bad to worse. In Sweden we are lucky to have some1 like Sveno, which most people trust and believe in his fairness. After wipe he was jumping from channel to channel almost daily solving some issues and talking to all clans.
  3. Why only some factions succeed while others only met failure?

    So...dont be Hitler, it fails
  4. Curbing PVP gank fleets

    Maybe they were just looking for a nice fight and were bored so they tagged everything they could find. There is also no place to find some action like in old PvP event zone, so where should players go to find fights? But yeah the game is pushing people towards ganking, there are many players who still dont have a fking clue what they are doing because all the fights they ever see is one of those.
  5. You didnt show any interest to join the tournamentso why do you want to talk about rules now or think that anyone here would care about your opinion? The poll about repairs was made with public votes so liq could sort out all the "trolls" aka people like you who are not participating and still somehow want to talk and vote about the rules of the tourney. on topic: If majority of teams dont like current rules we can change it. At minimum we should change that if you run with no intention to fight from the very beginning you autolose that match after 15 mins or so.
  6. [PVP EU] battle results

    time to flip some danish ports @LittleLamo @Cpt. Reverse Whats the biggest BR u guys can fight for in a pb?
  7. Tournament - Group Stage & Results

    Hmm, you still need 1,5x BR to win and if small ships play it smart and the big ship protects them its a pretty risky tactic imo.
  8. Tournament - Group Stage & Results

    Then play your matches m8. Bit more than 2 weeks left and you havent played a game yet.
  9. Tournament - Group Stage & Results

    Why did noone get the kill for the boarded Renommee tho? We got 2 assists for that lol
  10. Future Tournament Types

    Was won before, srupl just decided to to follow us 30 mins because he was pissed. You were part of PoDW you should know us shrouded, was impossible to fight with 10% structure and no repairs vs full life + 1 repair connie thats why 5 man roster. If those tourneys happen more regularly like in other games people stop taking it super serious and just sign up to get some nice fights.
  11. Future Tournament Types

    Whatever you do make it faster. For example: 5 man roster 3vs3 2 days per match then next round Or even tournaments just for one day. Single elimination 1 hour match length each 1,5 hours next match. It should not take 6 weeks for 3 matches.
  12. Eliminate small ship griefing

    Dont think so, would ruin a lot of cases where people chase a ship and only slowly come closer. It would be better if enemy needs to come close when you put your sails down or something like that.
  13. Eliminate small ship griefing

    Only problem I have with small ships is that they can keep tagging big ships from distance for the whole battle duration if they want with no chance for the bigger ship to leave the "battle", essentially keeping you hostage in the battle with no intention to fight. But then again its not easy to fix