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  1. Jon Snow lets go

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    "Add to group" What about the chat windows? Do they not count towards OW UI?
  2. Jon Snow lets go

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Yeah cuz it sounds like pay2win and like stuff you buy in a free2play game like WoT.
  3. Jon Snow lets go

    The top 10 problems of NA, my view.

    How could they sell 300k copies of the game if it wasnt released yet? The game was on a steam sale for 50% off I believe and you hardly noticed any change in player numbers so I really doubt that the sales will skyrocket when they leave EA. I think most players who are interested in the game have already bought it and a finished NA would only bring a lot of the players who quit the game back to try it again. So yes state of the game matters for DLC sales but thats about it. And even if you could make the game suddenly great (with huge investment), why would you when you can just sell it as NA2 to the same people again?
  4. Jon Snow lets go

    The top 10 problems of NA, my view.

    I agree on the 2nd part, but the first one is just a joke. Why would you invest money into a project which has seen most of its sales? They finish their promises (UI, translations) and add some stuff which brings money (ships, DLCs) and everything beyond that is just a gift. They should just move to NA2 and fix problems which cannot be fixed in NA anymore. Like for example economy. How can you make a nice economy if the server only updates once a day? Its simply not possible, noone wants to check every port all the time for items just because the game is unable to give infos about it or allow 3rd party sites to show items currently for sale. They can also partially use the UI and translation which they are doing right now for NA2 and ofc the combat system and ship models. @Justme NAL is ofc dead since they stopped working on it and turned off the servers.
  5. Jon Snow lets go

    RvR - Bringing back a better Flag

    Hostility is a big part of the problem tho. Its boring as fck, takes hours and noone wants to do it.
  6. Jon Snow lets go

    Deutsche Spieler Ingame

    Dann aber auch nicht vergessen die weiße Flagge mit einzupacken
  7. Jon Snow lets go

    Fragen zum Spiel

    Genau das gleiche kann man über die PvP-Änderungen sagen Die PvP Zone hat Kämpfe, die 30 mins offen sind. Das ist komplett bescheuert und fast jeder sieht das so. Trotzdem hat sich daran seit Monaten nichts geändert. Die Schiffe sind immer noch unbalanced, die Ocean ist viel besser als andere 1st Rates und im Allgemeinen sind 5th Rates schon echt schwach grad, obwhol sie den Großteil der Schiffe ingame ausmachen. Über Upgrades fang ich hier lieber erst gar nicht an Ach ja, und RvR ist auch ziemlich tot seit sie die port taxes eingeführt haben. Ja ich find das Wirtschaftssystem auch scheiße und glaub nicht, dass sie es jemals halbwegs hinbekommen. Ich glaub nicht, dasss es am geringen Interesse liegt sondern eher an der Art und Weise wie sie patchen. Sie bringen ein großes rework von irgendwas raus und anstatt danach zu schauen wie es läuft und Probleme zu beheben springen sie in den nächsten Bereich und reworken wieder etwas. So klappt halt fast nie irgendwas richtig.
  8. Jon Snow lets go

    Fragen zum Spiel

    Ach Dominique, sei doch nicht so.... Als ob die Devs noch nie versucht hätten z.B. die Wirtschaft hinzubekommen. Jetzt versuchen sie es schon wieder
  9. Jon Snow lets go

    Spain Land Jump

    Probably just would get closed like your last topics cuz u cant write a single post without being biased lol Its sad how many are defending this exploit because they benefit from it.
  10. There is no global alliance where people say "Hey lets not fight each other, lets only kill noobs around capitals, its much more fun." Sure those people exist, but the main problem is that PvP zone RoE is completely broken. Where else could you go to find a fight? Do a PB? Well have fun grinding stupid AI for hours first to have a fight tomorrow. And even then most ports are worthless and you would be better off without them. So when you throw around the argument that clans are avoiding each other, can you name those clans please? The only one which comes to my mind is Taler and BF since they are allied. Yes its stupid and it got suggested many times for years now that rewards should be depending on BR on both sides to make ganking less attractive. What else can you do currently? Economy is broken, PvE is literally one mission with no variety at all and for PvP you need 3+ hours at least. Not too sure about the state of RvR atm but I dont think there is happening much either.
  11. Jon Snow lets go

    Newbie protection suggestion: make PvP marks tiered to ranks

    Rank means nothing, there are still players with 1k hours who cant shoot straight in a fight. Elo ranking would be the best for this problem. Every player has its personal elo and if you kill someone you gain elo depending on the difference between you and the enemy. If you die you lose some of it. On top of that you get a "gank multiplier" to lower the gains for the higher BR team and lower the losses for the low BR team. Now you can give players rewards based on their performance, based on their enemies and based on the circumstances. This will discourage ganking and encourage fighting stronger enemies. Example how it could work: French kill US over and over again. That means US elo will be low and it will be unattractive for anyone to attack them since the gain is small and you could lose a lot. On the other side Frenchies will be hunted because the gain for killing them will be very high. So US get a break from the constant ganks while Frenchies get hunted, both are happy. There also should be rewards for high elo every month or so to encourage people to get high elo Cons: - can probably be exploited as everything in this game - doesnt make much sense with such a small playerbase - needs time to implement
  12. Jon Snow lets go

    Looking for Desk Suggestions

    Do yourself a favor and get a adjustable table.
  13. Jon Snow lets go

    More content to game!!

    And then you hunt them to increase profits
  14. Jon Snow lets go

    Event Zone RoE

    I dont get this comparison at all. Not all streamers are nice guys (DrDisrespect is one of the 10 most followed twitch streamers), hes not educational and people watch him because they want to see him raging. Same for Tyler1 btw (also in top 10). Difference between DayZ and NA? DayZ used to be popular, you cant grow a channel if noone wants to watch the game. And whether you like him or not, it does not seem like he is going for a "rush" to get viewers since he quits his most viewed game and streams some other niche games noone watches. You are never critical to anything towards NA and here you suddenly compare apples with tomatoes...
  15. Jon Snow lets go

    Event Zone RoE

    Its just gamelabs, they introduce some broken shit and instead of tuning it until it works they break some other stuff noone asked for. And then they call it open development.