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  1. Some information on NA Legends. Roadmap and Q&A

    No, because for me thats a basic part of any multiplayer game and I feel scamed if I have to pay for that monthly.
  2. Some information on NA Legends. Roadmap and Q&A

    Please reconsider. Making monthly subscriptions necassary for social features sucks big time and is one of those crappy F2P mechanics which you said you dont want to include. If someone in our group comes up with a new f2p game the first question always is: "Is it pay2win?" Answer here would be "No, but you have to pay monthly to play with friends." F2P should make the game playable and enjoyable especially for new players without any payment and playing in a group is basic and essential. Try not to force players to pay, make them want to pay.
  3. Some information on NA Legends. Roadmap and Q&A

    Does this mean if I dont have premium I cant play with friends?
  4. Server Health is a Game Design Issue

    Do you take small steps? I and many others constantly see drastical changes with very little balancing in major patches (ship knowledge, a lot are useless, some are must have to be competitive). Also you seem to test a lot of things which is nice but you dont seem to take very much from it (going back and forth with RoE and timers). Cant find any in small groups and ganking traders and noobs is no multiplayer combat for me. I want to support the game because it has an amazing core but if its no fun anymore due to latest patches why should I support it and defend it?
  5. Battle of the Bastards - PVP Global Duel Tournament

    Im sure Ill find some swedes for 3v3 or 5v5 to come over
  6. Balancing gank vs. revenge

    100% agreed. This is terrible, it punishes players who look for PvP and means more ganking. Biggest problem in my opinion is that losing a ship causes a lot of frustration. Thats why noone wants to risk losing his ship and only chooses "safe" fights with the odds in their favor. But thats boring. This could be solved by making ships up to 5th rates super cheap, so it doesnt really matter if you sink. You try stuff, you can yolo around, you can take challenges and if you sink its okay. You can get a new ship easily and go out and fight again.
  7. So kann's nicht bleiben

    Es ist schade, dass es nur noch darum geht andere Spieler zu ganken und das wiederum mit Coastguards oder ähnlichem zu kontern anstatt Kämpfe zu finden in denen beide Seiten ne Chance haben zu gewinnen.
  8. Problem is theres only one place to go when you want to find a fight: infront of enemy capital. But there are most new players and casuals. So there is no option to fight versus other PvP players reliably. This means its boring for PvE guy getting ganked over and over again and boring for the PvP guy because theres no challenge.
  9. Server Merge & Solution for Port Battles / Raids

    Prime time IF the defender put the timer on his prime time and not on the worst time possible for the attacker as last time as this was implemented.
  10. Server Merge & Solution for Port Battles / Raids

    I thought the reason you didnt implement raids was because NPCs are trash close to coasts. So how can this work now in PBs? And Im still not a fan of mixing PvP with PvE...
  11. Danmark-Norge & Sweden: Cancelling treaties

    Try again somewhere here is bermuda (also swedish), it doesnt even fit on this map
  12. Danmark-Norge & Sweden: Cancelling treaties

    The game is dead if didnt realise. 400 players on weekend in primetime on EU server even less on global. Theres nothing to join...
  13. Danmark-Norge & Sweden: Cancelling treaties

    Actually I miss the US guys now, it was at least fun to trashtalk with them because in contrast to you they didnt just talk braindead garbage from another world the big swedish zerg destroys the server because we take ports from poor small nations like france and pirates while we dont even have enough players to fill a pb anymore. meanwhile u eat half the spanish population, take another pirate port and trade ports with brits. Logic??? dracarys
  14. Farewell Naval Action

    Do u find find battles reliably? Nice combat system burried under so much boring crap. I log in and I dont know what to do. PvP is only ganking in fir fir ships, if I have bad luck I get chased and retagged without the option to log out after a battle. PvE is dumb as fck and Im forced to do it. On top of that there were only 420 people online on Saturday evening prime time. Some say its because of holidays but I dont believe players will come back. This whole direction of the last mega patch just destroyed the game (more afk sailing, more dumb grind, random drops, OP ship knowledge, less fights more ganks).
  15. Danmark-Norge & Sweden: Cancelling treaties

    Yeah you are pretty good at talking complete bullshit Now go back to NA do some more port trading, afk sailing with your alt and watch the game die. hf winning lul