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  1. Fix the Port Battle PLEASE

    You have battlegroups now + the tagging circle is on the defender so single ships or low BR groups have no chance of dragging you into battle. As defender you can position yourself for the portbattle which is pretty important depending on the wind. If you would join from inside port where should you spawn inside the battle?
  2. Danmark-Norge & Sweden: Cancelling treaties

    Super close fight, without your DC it might have been different.
  3. Danmark-Norge & Sweden: Cancelling treaties

    Calm down Bismarck some people dont want to play this game like a politic sim but as a naval fighting game. If you wanted a fight you shouldnt have attacked us while we were in a PB and while 4 other nations flipping our ports...
  4. Danmark-Norge & Sweden: Cancelling treaties

    :/ Нечего на зеркало пенять, коли рожа крива.
  5. Danmark-Norge & Sweden: Cancelling treaties

    Difference is we are not the biggest nation, some mod showed a ranking of the playerbase. Pre wipe your alliance had 70% of the server pop so please dont compare Sweden to this lol Brits have more, Rats have more and DN is probably equal after VLTRA joined them. But hey, sorry for playing this game. Maybe we should hide in a corner and be too scared to do anything like French? Fun gameplay? Whatever tho, at least we can try to slay some Russians tonight...
  6. Danmark-Norge & Sweden: Cancelling treaties

    Lost 1 screening battle so you call 4 other nation to help flip ports against sweden while they are in a PB. Not really honorable so theres only the second option
  7. Service Historique de la Marine 4 boarding only?

    Hey, are you sure it works in boarding too? I mean for example if I have it and do "Attack" into "Defend" will I lose 15% less crew then without the knowledge?
  8. nope, base speed difference is 1 knot between surprise and bellona + bellona sux at bad wind.
  9. Current hotfix (10.4 hotfix 3?) Speed nerf

    Whats the point in customization if you cant specialize due to stacking penalty? Might aswell remove upgrades and knowledge completely.
  10. Good hotfix. Next step: Give more XP from PvP. Nerf Cartahena or make it more accessible as its the only item which provides thickness.
  11. Its true tho, check this stats http://www.navalactionwiki.com/index.php?title=Ships Surprise isnt meant to outrun every ship in every angle.
  12. Port Battle Points not awarded

    Thats good because it means nations have to go offensive to get points.
  13. Danmark-Norge & Sweden: Cancelling treaties

    Fck off and do some PvE in Belize or we one port you scrubs. (no smiley)