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  1. Seems like you never tried that, you only very rarley find someone this way to fight you. Dont ask me why but it is how it is. Hostility is cancer so no clue about that one... Some days ago my friends noticed that I have 1.5k hours in naval action and they asked me about the game. I told them: The best community ive ever yeen in a game and a nice combat model where you can outplay your opponents. When you kill someone you can loot their stuff or capture their ships. Realistic Carribean map with different factions. Trading between ports. Sadly economy is completely broken and its hard to find fights. And if you find them its unbalanced most of the time. And also you have to grind a lot, it almost feels like a free2play game just without the option to pay to skip the grind. I know they are not the kind of guys who would grind 50 hours just to get started, but still their answer nailed it. "Sounds like a game with huge potential." Potential and a great community is all this game has sadly. And to be clear I dont want to blame devs for this, I just think the project is way too big for 2 programmers and the servers are just too shitty (everything just works via daily mantanance) to enable a good working and fun economy.
  2. Dunno if thats on topic, but Id like to see some more incentive for trades with other players. I like economy and trading, but in this game its boring because its so static. Actually most of the time its not actual trading, its just outbidding other guys by 1 gold all day long until the item drops. Some ideas to improve trading: Auctions for rare stuff like books or upgrades. All prices are hidden until server maintenance and then the highest bid gets the item. Would be even more ideal if it is only possible in one single freetown so it acts as a trading hub for all players (so that would be a hotspot and players try to smuggle their stuff in and out while others try to steal it). Possiblility to set up trading contracts in the capital. For example offer 2 mill gold for 1k hull repairs in a specific port. So traders can check it regularely while noone would see it if I place this contract in a small port rarely anyone visits.
  3. Jon Snow lets go

    Prussian Ports For Sale

    The fruit fly (Drosophila) shares about 60% of its DNA with humans https://www.genome.gov/10005835/
  4. Noone said that lol. But its not a PvE server either, so if you sail out of safezone you have to open your eyes at least. You dont see who you are attacking so I dont get this argument. You should play in Sweden before judging me. I am aware that most are casuals who just run a mission or do a traderun a day/week, thats why I said I think less than 10% interact in PvP at all. But that doesnt mean those people should do it in complete safety. All the time people talk about immersion, about realism. Where is that realism when you can choose your mission in complete safety? So many dont even see the hunters and sail straight to their mission, because they dont have to look around anymore for potential danger. Its boring.
  5. I dont think its so hard. Manual sailing, angling and you win vs most of the players already. Its just hard to practise, also with the potiential loss in the mind a lot of players play unneccassary scared. Thats why the skill level in this game is very low.
  6. Its amazing to see how many people suddenly post here when something disturbs their little PvE only bubble on the PvP server, when all they have to do is open the eyes before entering a mission. You have to sail 20 minutes to your mission? To get PvP you have to sail much longer and sometimes wait for ages, while a ton of ships just ignore you and enter their PvE mission. On. A. PvP. Server. Would be interesting to see a statistic about how many of the active players participated in any non PvE action. I bet its less than 10%.
  7. Jon Snow lets go

    Caribbean Invasion News

    And if they see u they hunt u down for hours <3
  8. Jon Snow lets go

    Caribbean Invasion News

    How are the playernumbers atm?
  9. Jon Snow lets go

    Good reviews

    Its your opinion that the game dont deserve these negative reviews, but the good thing about steam reviews is that everyone can share their own opinion and its hard to buy good reviews in contrast to reviews from IGN or similar. It would have been better if you just ask about a honest review of the game. (mine is positive btw, but I also understand a lot of the negative ones)
  10. Jon Snow lets go

    LV NA needs you

  11. I dont understand why people want limited ball at all. Even if you play amazing you will die against a bigger number of players because you have no ammo left. How is this skillbased? It just promotes ganking even more... And what tactic is this? Just because there is a limit on chain (which we dont even know yet) doesnt mean angling and positioning are irrelevant.
  12. Nice change, it will force people to play more agressive and not just chain for the whole duration. Its also good for new players imo. Often you see them chaining a 40% target instead of killing it.
  13. Jon Snow lets go

    PvP Leaderboard

    Leaderboards with rewards were nice in the beginning, because everyone wanted the blueprints and also the paints were very valueable. A lot of people came into PvP zone only for the rewards. After a while every nation had dedicated crafters with the blueprints and also paints got inflated, so the rewards lost most of their value and noone gave a shit about them again. I believe the amount of rewards given out needs to be dependant on the amount of players online to keep them valueable for a long time. Since the devs were unable to do this with other stuff like trading goods or Victory marks there is no point in implementing rewards like in old PvP zone longterm. Also a lot of people check leaderboards after every fight. That means they care about it and that it is motivating to be on the leaderboards, even without rewards.
  14. Jon Snow lets go

    1st rates + economy/crafting

    No need to whine here victor, just make your own topic