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  1. Any info about thickness/penetration changes?
  2. The Great Balancing of The 4ths

    This year is 22 days old
  3. The Great Balancing of The 4ths

    A bit offtopic, but any plans to change thickness/penetration anytime soon?
  4. Want to buy / Want to sell

    I know there was a topic for this before, cant find it tho. Anyways: WTB Bellona classic white paint - 5 PvP marks PM me here in forum or ingame (same name)
  5. Paints, yes this again

    Or because they just dont give a shit.
  6. Paints, yes this again

    They need months to realise Wasa and thicknessupgrades are broken, BR which is essential since PBs are BR-based are still not adjusted even tho there are multiple community BR lists which they just have to copy. Eventually it will come, it just takes some time (years prob)....
  7. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    Payed. I heard @Vernon Merrill is busy crafting his new Santi =) Ram Dinark and Moscalb still waiting to get sunk
  8. Mise en garde Russe

  9. Capsized Trincomalee

    which upgrades/knowledge did u use srupl?
  10. Mise en garde Russe

    You had the choice of fighting Sweden or Russia - and again you choose to do nothing, almost as if you hate RvR. Most boring decision you could have done. If they ever introduce Swiss as nation you should join them. Stay neutral and watch.
  11. Caribbean Invasion News

    Cant see you behind that wall of Russians screening for you. xd If you know KoC just a bit then u know hes doing what he wants
  12. Caribbean Invasion News

  13. Caribbean Invasion News

    Its like a game of thrones PS: We are not going to stop the wheel, we are going to break the wheel. Best regards - the server police
  14. GUI Problem

  15. GUI Problem