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  1. It shouldnt, there should be content both for smaller groups and for big groups tho. Grouping up in massive fleets where playerskill doesnt matter much and only 5 people talk and the rest has to follow orders like bots isnt fun for everyone.
  2. Sweden declares war on France

    But why not try to defend ports in 25vs25 PBs? Instead you give up and do nothing?
  3. [PVP EU] battle results

    This Prinz Eisenherz guy lost a bunch of stuff there
  4. Sweden declares war on France

    Have u asked RDNN for permission?
  5. Work in progress: Working title.

    "Naval Warfare" or ""The war at Sea: WW1" (if its in that timeframe)
  6. Best OW PvP clan in games history

    Russian pirates around dron, moscalb and ram dinark.
  7. Pvp tip for everyone

    Its just a bug stop whining
  8. Mit dem Todesstern als Hauptstadt, die in der Mitte hin und herschwimmt
  9. Hat hier noch jemand den Überlick.....

    Der sorry john snow hat n perma bann und alle seine posts hier im Forum wurden gelöscht^^ Er spielt grad ziemlich viel Train Fever glaub ich
  10. Hat hier noch jemand den Überlick.....

    Kann man dann in jedem neutralen Hafen nen Outpost machen? Und wie funktioniert das mit dem Teleport?
  11. Battle modes ideas

    Domination Its an objective based gamemode. There is one zone which is changing its position every 10 minutes. The team with more ships/more BR in it will gain points. It forces you to constantly reposition and to make active plays to get control over the zone. Team size can be anything really. Can be also played with more than 2 teams (for example 4 teams with 3 ships each).
  12. Best RVR clan in games history

    @Lord Vicious