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  1. Caribbean Invasion News

    Trashiroku better
  2. Themepark CabalalalalaLand

  3. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    Rename the topic to "german memes"
  4. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    If graf is horatio and batman is horatio... Are Batman and graf horatios alts?
  5. The Death of a Nation

    do not be bad with him, he is a very good guy, the only mistake he has is that he is hornblower
  6. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    I dont want to be in a clan with a traitor, sorry
  7. SLRN Change Nation

  8. Naval Action Meme collection

  9. SLRN Change Nation

    batman<bruce wayne>horatio hornblower
  10. Batman founds the Justice League

    shut up batblower
  11. British port battle fleet moving nation

    where is the problem? you have hornblower
  12. Caribbean Invasion News

    Dont forget about graf...
  13. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    I want to place a bounty on Thecap because he is a traitor 1 million
  14. Horatio Hornblower

    He told us in TS that @Batman is horatio. Go hunt him
  15. en principio es solo para las fragatas sin cazadoras pero piden que lo apliquen para todas
  16. [SPAM]

  17. Guerra o no?

    @Siegfried o @Hethwill se podria mover esto a national news? Casi nadie esta escribiendo en español y esta involucrando a prácticamente todas las facciones.
  18. Hello im Toto !

    You @HachiRoku killed otto kohl facking retard!
  19. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    not even close PB sandy point The closest PB i have ever played
  20. Naval Action Meme collection

  21. [SPAM]

  22. Guerra o no?

    Los holandeses llevan muertos (en cuanto a RvR se refiere) semanas o meses, tienen demasiado pocos jugadores para mantener los puertos que tienen, que tampoco son muchos... que mas da que les quiten un puerto que esta cerca de vuestro territorio si los teneis ya en las puertas de casa?
  23. What Is Your Favourite Ship Of Each Class?

    Im not used to do PvP so i dont have/use any frigate xD