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  1. [NAL] Good Battles

    In the battle of the first post, there is a bug and you cant destroy or you cant see how the structure is being damaged
  2. [NAL] Good Battles

    Btw @Liq@jodgi Is the "infinite structure" a known bug/issue?
  3. Resultados de BATALLAS

    Una cosa es algo que desconozca, como puede ser la técnica para tirar un palo o cualquier cosa por el estilo, pero conociendo las lecciones basicas de cualquier maniobra o tecnica no merece la pena consultar a "profesionales", en mi opinion vale mas la pena probar probar y probar hasta que lo consigas dominar la maniobra/tecnica por ti mismo, son mas horas que tienes de juego por delante y ya tienes algo que hacer contras las IAs, si no ya me hubiera pegado un tiro hace tiempo
  4. [NAL] Good Battles

    Has anyone seen it playing legends?
  5. Resultados de BATALLAS

    cada uno se ciñe a lo que sabe y lo que practica, si te ofreces voluntario te espero en el juego para unas clases
  6. [NAL] Good Battles

    A carebear can do nothing vs a god of the pvp xD
  7. Good night, sweet prince ( OW NA )

    Im having a great time playing! its a never ending PVP/PB it needs to be fixed for many things/bugs and balance but its a great start
  8. [NAL] Good Battles

    Just like [PVP EU] Battle results but its dedicated to the naval action legends battles! First! with a huge visual bug! despite my lack of skill ... it was a good battle!
  9. idc if i have to fight vs AI but the points men the hello kittying points are destroying my battles
  10. im done with this game and i have played just 2 games today... 1.- 4 people/1AI in the other team vs me and 4AI. 3 people goes for the circle and the other distract the AI What can i do vs 3 navybrigs fighting in a circle alone?: around 5 mins of game without giving more than 10 hulls 2.-2people/3AI vs me/4AI one of the guys (cutter) goes for the circle and i follow him while the other(navybrig) pulls me out of the circle, i managed to kill the navybrig and 1AI cutter before the game ends (by points obviously) 10-15 mins this is not even funny from my point of view... Its just me? is unbalanced? Does salt flow through my veins?
  11. I agree but pls make the points of the circles grow up smaller or slower because is so annoying
  12. its so hello kittying annoying, no battle, no fun, nothing, i have wasted like 3-4 battles because of this. after shooting at each other the match ends because one of the humans takes the circle and make the 1000 in 10 mins
  13. Naval Action Meme collection

  14. [PVP EU] battle results

    We defend Cartagena and we will defend mobile