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  1. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    Will you two get a room already, christ.
  2. Hello Kitty - Naval Action

    I don't understand, what point is this even trying to make? There's a picture from 3 years ago that the admins deleted but Sru saved on his computer because??? and this proves?????
  3. Ship class personalized for each nation

    This would be a nice quality of life thing and a good thing for artists with spare time to work on while coders are busy fixing mechanics but it's hardly a priority. Paints are now becoming a little more accessible thanks to the pvp events, but I'd still like to see more of them. Maybe anyone who gets a kill at all in the events gets a paint? But only the top 10 get ships?
  4. Battle screen camping, log off camping - final proposal

    Sorry for the double post, but think about this from a balanced perspective for both sides. If the attacked can't join the PB for 30 minutes after logging in then there needs to be a rule that the port locks down for defending teleport's 30 minutes before the battle starts, and any defender undocking from that port needs to wait 30 minutes before he can join the battle. Otherwise it is just crippling any chance for the attacker to get in to the battle unless they either have overwhelming numbers or the defenders just decide to let them in to get a good fight.
  5. Battle screen camping, log off camping - final proposal

    Something to allow people who escaped a battle to really escape without having to sit playing chicken in the battle end screen is definitely a positive change. I'm not sure the proposed solution is really ideal but I can't think os a better one and it's always going to be a bit of a cludge just by the nature of the game. However regarding the second point, please think very very carefully before implementing a 30 minute timer for port battles. Quite apart from hugely and unfairly punishing players who don't have such a good internet connection it will also make port battles essentially a numbers game and very little else. Screening already massively favours the defender since they can instantly teleport in and if they die they can just undock straight away in a new dura or even if necessary a fresh npc bought ship. Combine this with the narrow window to get into the port battle in the first place and even if the attackers can manage to find enough players for a full PB fleet and screeners, the chances of managing to fight your way through even a vaguely organised screening fleet and get into the port is very slim. This problem is compounded for 4th rate pbs where the attackers are forced to come in 4th rates but there's nothing stopping the defenders using 1st rates to screen. I understand the frustration with the log out tactics but with the other mechanics as they stand it is the only way that a smaller nation can attack a larger nation. If you want to reduce the game to being surely the greater numbers win, why even cap the pb at 25v25? Why not just make it the first 50 players to click get in and if that ends up being 40v10 then I guess the smaller nation should have just bought more people. Personally as a long term solution I think it would be cool to add a multi day series of battles of different classes and maybe even sizes, and the side that does overall best wins the port. But something like that obviously ins't going to happen any time soon.
  6. Full Sails vs Battle Sails

    Let's face it however realistic a chance to set your sails on fire would just not be fun or viable for a game. I do think it's a shame that the default approach is to be at full sail all the time, but I think the easiest and really best solution to that is simply to make it require far more men to move the yards if you have a large amount of canvas out. If you want to sail in battle at full speed in your Santi it's not right that the game the game prevents you in a "hard" way, but make it so that you need 700-800 men on sailing to be able to tack? That seems to me like a good choice to offer, there are occasions when you would want to to do that, but most of the time you are going to want to use battle sails so you can man your guns too. Likewise I don't think we should try to turn this into a sailing simulator. It would be cool to have ship's taking in water if lee port's were open under water ect, but I don't think it would really improve the game. Quite apart from anything else that's another rack of controls to keep track off as you open and close ports as you tack and the wind changes ect ect. That's how it worked in real life, yes, but in real life there were a lot more officers on a vessel than just the captain. Add in how fast everything happens in game and you would make it even more interpenetrate for newbies and I think even some people who are fine with the game now would be put off by that level of realism. The same I think applies to weather damaging your sails. Yes it would be cool if in some conditions a smaller ship couldn't risk tgallants, say, but I don't think you could gracefully implement that in a game. If you are on the deck of a ship feeling the waves and wind around you, you ca judge the conditions. How do you translate that into a game? Do you just have a wind speed slider and when wind is >x then ship y must take in sail z. That's just adding busy work to the game as every captain would have to learn off by heart the optimal sail configurations for every ship. That is just too much like a job, sorry. TLDR; exponentially increasing crew requirements as you increase the amount of sails you raise would be very good, trying to do more than that would be overly heavy handed in my opinion.
  7. PLEASE fix Signalising perk

    Well I think it would be good if for the pvp zone signalling is forced on for free, i.e. people can keep joining until the br is more or less even. I agree that the 2 minute rule is making it really unfun to be anything but the largest gank fleet in the zone.
  8. Please Admin, fix it

    Don't forget guys the more you shorten the tag timer the more powerful defensive taging becomes. It's easy to think that if you had instant taging you would be able to be very aggressive and force combat. Infact you would get the opposite effect against a target that was paying any attention, as soon as you move into the small circle they will tag you at max range then leave battle long before you can be in reliable range. I do kind of think 20 seconds is maybe a bit too long but 5 seconds would be terrible in the other direction, you would never be able to attack anyone who didn't want to be attacked. The large circle is really good to, in my opinion. You should absolutely have to pay attention to the surroundings, not just a tiny circle around you. The problem there I think is there are far too many powerful AI fleets. If there were more reasonable amounts of AI forces around then it would be fine, occasionally your target would find cover but just plan your attacks better, at the moment it is quite hard to find opportunities to attack.
  9. Technical problems and bugs

    Submitted an F11 report for a teleport bug today that on further investigation was traced to me being tired and stupid last night.
  10. NA has too many Nations to ever work.

    You can't do this as it's not fair on people who want to join friends. You could have some kind of invite system I suppose but it would never be very good and open to abuse that would make it pointless in the first place.
  11. what's next, the puppet master defense? Really running through the book aren't you?
  12. Why would I want to ignore such a delicious font of tears?
  13. Current state of crafting

    You can't, only the "best" contract is displayed. Say I want to sell something to my guild mate at cost, if I put that up obviously everyone will jump all over it and buy it. If he puts up a buy contract then someone will just overwrite it offering slightly more. Some kind of private deals system has to be added, and quickly too. Even if it is very clumsy in it's first iteration, anything would be better than what we have now.
  14. Current state of crafting

    I'll start by saying I think the new mechanics are definitely a step in the right direction of a fully player controlled economy. However I have some grave reservations. The level of cooperation needed between players to make this system work is simply unsupported by the game as it stands. In order for a shipwright to collect materials from his suppliers he must be online in the same port at the same time as every person who wants to supply him. Given that it takes 4+ people making resources and components to keep one shipwright fully occupied this seems from my experience with the patch to be unsustainable. Requiring people to all log on at a set time is a very good way to make the game seem like a job and kill people's enthusiasm, but at the moment there is simply no other way to transfer resources. Combined with the travel times this means if I, as a shipwright say, sail away from the collection point to play the game a bit, and someone comes online to trade with me, I will have to make them wait until my battle is over then at least 10 minutes of travel probably unless very lucky. And if they've got bored during this time (and who could blame them?) then go back to stage 1. That might not sound like such a huge deal, but do this every day and it is very rapidly going to become a drag for everybody concerned. I feel this game already struggles with user retention - it is truly fantastic when it all comes together but there are so many hoops to jump through to get to the good stuff. I would regard myself as someone who has above average time available for games, I can't imagine how people who can only play for an hour or so at a time can manage to find fun in this game, and I rather suspect the answer is they can't and we shall see a very high rate of attrition with such players. Anyway this kind of wandered off a bit since I'm super tired after a day of spread sheeting and trying to herd cats into a crafting system, but I think the point stands all the same. We really really need some way to transfer resources between offline and online people. Be this a shared storage area, eve style contracts (current contract system doesn't work for this) or some other solution.
  15. [PvP1] Dano-French Alliance

    I for one welcome our new Russian overlords