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  1. Rumor from below

    Nah, i'm already playing a ton of games of different kinds, Naval Action fullfills my wants for naval realistic stuff ( along with CMANO and silent hunter in different styles ), i don't see what this game brings that i don't already play. And as for the price, i'd rather put that into other games as well, or some books. Or a stupidly over-expensive fancy rice cooker. Which reminds me of this article ( great website btw) https://medium.com/war-is-boring/eating-too-much-rice-almost-sank-the-japanese-navy-f985772c81a6
  2. Twitter & conquest activity

    Nice work, not as good as the beetlejuice or over 9000 bot, but definitely more useful.
  3. Scourge of war series.

    Speaking of which the scourge of war serie is on a proper discount right now on steam. ( as is a bunch of other good titles, command air naval operations, war in the east/west, flashpoint campaigns, ageod games, etc... good sale for strategy lovers )
  4. Snowfall

    Reminds me of Archeage, where people would casually cheat and just fly around instead of walking/sailing. Admit it, you're using a buddybot aren't you?
  5. Scourge of war series.

    As a side note if you like "to be a commander in the napoleonic era" i cannot recommend enough the book the campaigns of napoleon by david chandler, pure masterwork.
  6. The Death of a Nation

    Now i'm stuck with Death Youth Of A Nation in my head...
  7. Scourge of war series.

    Good serie, however Scourge of War is more worth it for the civil war era which lacks this kind of games, since the napoleonic era has the better Histwar serie, pretty much at all levels but especially in scale. Then for either era and more eras if you don't mind the graphics of either of those series, do give a try to the turn-based HPS simulations games ( but check beforehand which one as they focus on different battles and they are very inequal in quality - scourge of war too actually )
  8. Questions for the Historians

    There weren't really any aiming help, they didn't quiete use deck line fire neither, everybody reloaded and shot as fast as he could usually. Aiming was more a question of xp, like if you would kick a football or play p├ętanque , no aiming help, but do it a few times and you are good enough. Remember that combat was usually pretty close rather than at maximum distances. So yeah reload speed. Especially since after each shot the recoil didn't leave you much time to re-aim. And most cannons weren't that easy to move anyway even if you were to aim. As to steadiness, playing with the ship speed and direction.
  9. Questions for the Historians

    Originally it was about raiding trade routes not defending them, and for obvious practical reasons they stayed more efficient as such. Also one part that is usually overlooked it that they are independent whereas a ship of the line is not.
  10. We are the USS Lincoln..

    Not actually a true story at all despite being usually called that. https://www.snopes.com/military/lighthouse.asp
  11. Ship names...

    Today I Learned a new word.
  12. Black Screan

    Unless it's a dusty laptop under max load that seems awfully high to me.
  13. Jane's video

    7mn video about Jane's mentionning its naval wargaming origins, great website that i ( regulalry ) highly recommend ( as well as NOSI and The Diplomat which specializes in asia with all it implies in terms of water )
  14. First Documented Eyepatch

    The first documented eyepatch is from the game's era: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rahmah_ibn_Jabir_Al_Jalhami
  15. Ship speed increases from 1750-1830 at varying wind strengths

    Good stuff, thanks for sharing.
  16. Please Explain This

    There has to be a real-life story behind this XD
  17. historic boarding?

    Well it was still used by regular captains due to the prize system, which could make one rich ( as well as create a lot of trouble over jurisdiction with different people claiming the prize which might end up in lifelong rivalries etc ), it's just that it was still less common than depicted in movies and usually used more as a finish-move of an already won fight than from the start of the fight. They would rather board lone merchants or someone braving a blockade than ships of the same or higher strength. Also note that sailors might train in gunnery but i don't recall reading about any training in boarding for regular navy sailors, with maybe an exception or two for very specific operations. Here is a famous example of a dispute caused by prize money, sorry for the Mirror link, it just came up first in the results and i'm too lazy to look up a better one, at first glance it seems good enough thought: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/admiral-nelson-threatened-navy-bosses-10048324 edit: also blackbeard had some lit fuses under his hat supposedly to scare hostiles during boardings, but i am not sure how practical it would be, maybe with some wet hair... i'd take that with a grain of ( sea ) salt. Althought quiete a lot of ships were captured they mostly surrendered due to the initial difference in combat power ( whaler vs frigate ) or when the fight was clearly lost ( btw sand could be used to allow sailors to fight without slipping on the blood of their buddies, that's how slippery the floor was getting from the quantity of blood -i remember some sailor mentioning goats and chicken getting decapitated by cannonballs as well since they were also onboard -it was really a bloody mess and there wasn't always sailors to spare for boarding, they were needed to replace the dead and injured manning the cannons, ships could surrender because they didn't have enough sailors left to man the cannons after battles that could last hours, so again boarding was rather a secondary mean of asserting victory rather than a primary mean of obtaining it).
  18. historic boarding?

    Hi, first of all boarding wasn't used all that often due to the difficulties of it, it was mostly used against merchant vessels or when you wanted to capture a vessel itself or sometimes someone aboard or maybe even some documents, but regular naval combat with splinters, cannonballs and limbs flying all over the place was much more common ( there exist some very graphic depictions in letters ). Faster vessels had the advantage, since they could choose to board or escape boarding. Obviously pretending to be tarzan and launching yourself from some line while trying to yell some warcry while biting a sword and shooting dual pistols ( therefore holding the line with your legs i guess ) wasn't the usual method. It was rather small boats ( nice targets unless you are too low to fire at ) or grapling hooks ( to get closer, not to play tarzan ). No planks. Nobody has space or weight to spare for boarding-specific planks, and ships weren't necessarily of the same height. During a while grenades were popular as were shrapnel shots that could "make some space" on a populated deck. Marines were also introduced or re-introduced to fight during boarding ( but also to fight on land to ( try to ) capture some fort ( and die from some sickness ). So basically it was still rare and used rather when you already had the advantage against a crippled ship that was slower due to damage and had lost a lot of crew. Pirates obiously had more interest in boarding, and that is also why they resorted to morale/scare tactics/reputation/propaganda to enforce quick surrenders and avoid costly boardings and damaging the ship and its goods overly. Really boarding was much more popular with in the Mediterranean during roman/greek/venetian etc times than during the age of sail on the high seas. Also shiny pointy swords erol flynn style weren't common among sailors nor practical, axes were much more common ( here we go again with limbs flying all over the place ) I think this book covers the subject a bit but to be fair i still haven't read it ( so many books, so little thym: https://www.amazon.com/Sea-Rovers-Practice-Techniques-1630-1730/dp/1574889117 )
  19. French Frigate L'Hermione

    steampunk ship spotted at 1:42 refugee or pirate spotted at 2:45 chinese tower ship spotted at 3:26 monitor ship spotted at 3:49 missed broadside opportunity at 4:36 didn't notice a single baguette, but there's a fair amount of wheat.
  20. New ship tv serie The Terror

  21. New ship tv serie The Terror

    Reminds me of a good movie taking place on a ship with Bill Nighy, The Boat That Rocked, based on a a true story http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1131729/
  22. New type of ship class . (Galleon , WarGalleon)

    A quick search brought several threads, here is but one of them Here is a very basic thread that might interest you as well
  23. Whaling

    Not every pirate was raping, or for that matter even murdering, some made it a point to capture ships and crew untouched by forcing them to surrender. Sometimes more for practical reasons than a good heart. Sometimes their terrible reputation was of their own invention for that very purpose, sometimes it was an "embellishment" by the authorities. I'm not saying of course that there wasn't unethical horrifying stuff, rape etc, or even in the best case just refusing the recognize your king, mutiny etc Indeed everyone has their reasons and always thinks that theirs are good, but that's precisely why it's important to keep in mind that pirates, from their own point of view, had ethics. Ethics in their purest definition are no more than not causing harm since we are able to perceive and understand harm ourselves, but of course there is no such person who hasn't caused any harm, or a case where causality, points of view etc come into play. Also since you mention it note that morals and ethics are two different things, morals are very much personal. I guess it would be more accurate to say that both pirates and countries were ethically wrong, but both were morally right. So i guess your point about removing pirates for being unethical stands XD But you get my reminder XD
  24. Whaling

    -i am very strongly against whaling IRL, or for that matter any similar or worse actions, but i have no problem whatsoever with whaling in games. I don't actually hurt neither players nor whales. - 1812 war and slavery... no. It might maybe have been used as a justification, or propaganda. That some related attacks were carried doesn't make it one of the reasons of the war. Btw i recommend Pierre Berton two volume work on the subject, the invasion of canada and flames across the border. Good stuff despite being dated ( 80s) -i'l just remind that there is an argument to be made towards the ethics of pirates in a world and society that they might consider unethical, at least for some of them, and without resorting to the romantic popular imagination. Many a pirate has stated their reasons for become a pirate when they were tried, which is often their utter poverty and exploitation, of course mainly by the rich, and their will, should we say right, for a better life, not to mention freedom ( from landowners etc more than from the government ). Then of course there is the whole democracy vs kings... it's been discussed elsewhere, just saying as a reminder.
  25. Star Citizen

    Is anyone playing the Alpha of Star Citizen o planning to buy it later on? It's basically the next gen space mmo, by the legendary chris roberts, and as of now it has an ever growing funding of close to 150 millions, crowdfunded. It is already recognized as a technical masterpiece in the works, althought there are some reservations about the final product once it will come out and the price of the ships ( initially got the game with campaign included, with a basic aurora XL for 25 dollar at some sale ). The price of anything more than basic stuff is to finance the game ( (5k for a ship made of pixels? wtf!!) Got a carrack with a friend, as well as a terrapin. ( converted from a banu merchantman ). There are plenty of videos around about the game itself, but in case you've seen some here is a video of the separate solo/co-op campaign instead of the MMO. From already playing the game with friends, we are all having a blast even thought it's just the alpha full of bugs, from small groups of fighters, to multi crewing larger ships, via FPS onboard space stations or on the surface, or inside the ships themselves. I definitely recommend it if you can get it for like 25-30 dollars, whether you want to pay hundreds or thousands for more advanced ships instead of earning them in-game is up to you XD Also remember that due to multicrew ships, there will be plenty of spots on other players large ships. I reckon a majority of naval action player wants to sail the back sea of stars as well ( +damage model, fps boarding and whatever 150 millions can buy in features ) Here is my shameless referal code for you to get some in-game bonuses and credits and for me to probably not get a hello kitty vehicle if you are interested in getting the game: STAR-56QS-JJRX As it is possible to be in multiple organisations ( clans ) we can make a naval action org in star citizen? Perhaps bring some SC players to naval action as well?