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  1. Work in progress: Working title.

    Rule The Waves + Naval Action +... Mechwarrior Online? Excel Spreadsheets needed to optimize everything like a boss? A forum where everyone shares their various designs? Sounds good to me.
  2. Useful books on combat, sailing and naval history in the age of sail

    Can you get the ISBN or the author? It's probably an exclusively Chinese publication, local at that, which is why there are various titles in english. If you could share the links you have i can try to dig more, so far i have no luck neither.
  3. To battleship specialists

    There is an anime about your family.
  4. Why sailors started pulling nails out of their ship

    English sailors on the HMS Dolphin in 1766 discovered that native women on islands would trade sex for iron, and began pulling nails out, this trade became so extensive that the loss of nails started to threaten Dolphin's physical integrity Although traditional Tahitian culture did not sanction extramarital sexual relations, within 48 hours of Wallis's arrival, Tahitian husbands and fathers were encouraging their wives and daughters to swim out to the Dolphin and offer the sailors sex in exchange for iron nails. Aware of the brisk trade in iron, later explorers such as Captain James Cook brought supplies of nails and hoop iron with them to barter. https://books.google.pl/books?id=vf4TBwAAQBAJ&pg=PA682&dq=english+sailors+hms+dolphin+iron+trade+in+tahiti&hl=en&sa=X&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=english sailors hms dolphin iron trade in tahiti&f=false
  5. Should NA Legends have friendly fire?

    Yes to friendly fire, allow reporting, but possibly by voting within a team.
  6. HMS Prince of Wales is a Go Go Go....

    Speaking of UK & F35... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4798236/Cost-Britain-s-F-35-warplanes-balloons-80m.html
  7. This land is my land - new game in development

    Awesome, i take it that it should have acceptable historical accuracy if it's made by you, and open world is always welcome. -Would it be possible to know what books and other sources are being used ? Amusingly enough i am reading a book about native americans atm struggle for the land, native north american resistance to genocide, ecocide and colonization, it marked me that from the starts it says that native americans are not fighting for equal rights but for their rights as nations. Lakota woman was another great book. ( both modern books ) -Any support for mods? -Any ethnologist helping with the accuracy? -Any native americans having a say on the game?
  8. Bomb Vessel Video

    it means that it is so amazing that it is almost not credible that it can be so amazing. ( i'm not native neither btw ). The same goes for several other european languages.
  9. Bomb Vessel Video

    Always check "more" under the video to see what sources he uses. He has an incredible collection of books.
  10. Duchy of Courland (Ship Identification)

    How do i delete my own post, i replied to the wrong topic...? I only seen able to edit it... thanks...
  11. Ancestor's Units During Historic Game Play

    I know exactly what you mean, i know parts of my genealogy tree coming back to the middle ages, and thus i feel somewhat involved in many a battle on many a side pretty much all over europe when i play games. Sure makes me micromanage their units all the more when i know them. Got some family portraits hanging around for a few of them, large paintings for the colonels, generals and the like, small drawings for some of the 1800s, black and white pictures on shelves for ww2... The first virtuti militari is in some branch of my familly and i see it hanging in another home. I can play a game and ask a portrait "what would you have done great great great great great whatever" or tell the portrait "ooops sorry i think you just got wiped the hell out of the face of the earth" It brings a different perspective on life to know that you are only here because all your ancestors, and there is a Ton of them, survived some war, some battle, some hunger, some black death or whatever, and any stray arrow or bullet would wipe out all the generations to come. This being said, if you rather believe on the theory of evolution rather than us being created by god or aliens, we are all family and every war is essentially one giant fratricide party.
  12. Android/IOS NA-app

    2 factor auth is always welcome, But i'll never install it and rate it abysmally if it ever wants access to my contacts, files ( including sd card and photos ), call logs, other apps used etc Also note that there is already a 2 factor auth app for steam which is needed to launch the game ( and that app requires a ton of unnecessary permissions as well )
  13. Ship book grid poll

    3-3 also that would make more pages which i prefer, as it would give more of a book feel instead of only a couple sheets of paper.
  14. The Royal Navy and nationalism

    i recommend that you ask in reddit askhistorians, they have a couple of people who know their stuff and never miss the obvious: ask the royal navy itself as well as dan snow and the bbc. Those last two should have some sources to quote for their claims. I'd ask greenwich museum too. If they can't substantiate their claims, send them a broadside publicly.
  15. HMS Euryalus

    A geoff hunt painting of it
  16. 'L'Amarante' French Corvette. 1747 (With Plans)

    Good name.
  17. Ship of The Line & more

    http://www.richitis.co.uk/ShipOfTheLine/index.html http://www.richitis.co.uk/ShipOfTheLine/details2.html via https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2017/07/21/the-flare-path-tidal-energy/
  18. Sailing Movies

    Not exactly naval action timeframe, but it is centered around the sea... so... yeah...
  19. 14 Juillet

    Faites peter l'champagne, gare aux photos compromettantes, et allez-y mollo avec les touristes
  20. Hello Game Labs Forum

    Welcome aboard.
  21. Nobody eats fish anymore (PvE)

    Yes. Just sell them vegan fish instead.
  22. Privateers and gentlemen

    Everything he touches is gold. pirates, gettysburg, civilization, railroad tycoon, silent service... the guy is a genius!
  23. Glad to have finally found this great game

    Looks like more patrick o'brian to me.