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  1. “Being Prepared…” and Norfolk’s hard lesson

    LMAO....sounds like a great fight wish I'd been about to rub it in.
  2. Outposts on Final Release

    I tend to agree here. Without a challenge in the form of quality or quantity of enemies from other nation states including dare I say the un-mentional brethren. The map runs the risk of becoming stale and dead fairly quickly. When talking with clan mates I would say the common factor for enjoyment of the game is both the risk and reward side of things. Without the risk there can be no real sense of reward IE Satisfaction of a job well done.
  3. The Junkie & his Dealer…

    My Name if "Flipper"....and I am an Addict.
  4. Map Tools

    Hi all, Siegfried has kindly updated his map to include the region names and some missing ports. Siegfried does all this work on his own, so a friendly many thanks or wave to him appreciating his work is highly recommended. The link at the bottom contains the AutoCAD files required within a zipped folder. I have scaled and tested initial values for extremities only as per the previous version using AutoCAD 2018. The zipped folder is a 115MB containing three files. Folder size is due to the native .PNG file of the map provided by Siegfried which reduces image quality loss at high levels of zoom in. A$C3B794C68.dib - this is the CAD import file version of the native .PNG of the map Siegfried has produced. Naval Action.dwg - AutoCAD drawing that references the .dib file. Naval Action.bak - Automatically created file from CAD. As before download the zipped folder and extract. Keep the three files in the same folder location. Open the Naval Action.dwg via your CAD package. NOTE: I have not tried other CAD packages myself but would imagine that they should be ok. Fair winds... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz_-JJV6Mm3ALWJnRG9uYmJacTA/view?usp=sharing
  5. Map Tools

    [Belamy] As a former military man myself. I get what u say. However as I have said this adds content for me on a personal basis. Perhaps it should be a matter of choice, IE those who want position to be provided should be able to enable it. For me if the choice was there I'd prefer not to use it, but that's me. Fence sitter I guess, I have no opinion either way on what should and should not be available to others as its a personal preference to my mind.
  6. Map Tools

    I totally agree. However for now we makes do with helping the devs in any little way we can. CAD for me allows me to add content myself for free. I'm no cartographer but I will take great pleasure personalising my map. I'll be using a layout per voyage leaving the original map in model. Thus I'll have a personal log as my experience grows. Cant wait to find my first "here be monsters" moment to plot.
  7. Up to 3 Points Using Protractor

    Have a look at Koltes thread map tools. You might find something interesting to have a look at
  8. Map Tools

    After receiving the OK from Siegfried, who without his scholarly work and pure genius and skill this would not of been possible in such a short time. My hat's off to him and total respect given. I won't insult anybody's intelligence going into CAD use. There are many tutorials on you-tube for those who have not used it before. But for the basic things, functions guys will be doing. I am pretty sure if you can use paint YAWL (pardon the pun) be running in no time. I used AutoCAD2018 as I am most familiar with AutoCAD. I believe AutoCAD allow free download of version 2018 for both trial and student access. For those experts in CAD I did try to embed fully the image file so that only the .DWG was required. However sometimes on re-open I would just end up with a blank image. Hence by doing by reference I have had no issue. I'm guessing the issue with embedding fully is to do with file size of the image. The ".zip" file is a zipped folder containing all the required files to open in AutoCAD. Just click on the link download unzip keep the content in the folder and open the contained ".DWG" with your CAD program. Anyways fair winds and good landfalls. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bz_-JJV6Mm3AU29rR01pYlhVdEE?usp=sharing
  9. Map Tools

    [Archaos] I never thought, assumed you were being critical. Apologies if this is how I seemed. For me rather than banging on to devs about not being able to locate position or for those who perhaps cannot spend the time or effort without the GPS or grid line numbers this is an alternative that might appease. Thus allowing the devs to concentrate on those things they wish. Truly I'd love to see more technical challenges in navigation, I do like the idea you suggest. I was speaking this morning with Norfolk nChance, we were talking about sextant use etc. But as time runs so quickly in OW and in RL the speed of the rotation of the earth can effect accurate usage of a sextant apart from those maybe well practiced in the fine art. I doubt a practical fix could be taken in OW by this method even if the "DATA" positioning of the sun etc was correct. My thought process is that something that takes some small effort is better then nothing.
  10. Map Tools

    I appreciate [Archaos] that the method does not in anyway reflect what was available back then to find position. Hence in my earlier post I said but for the purest navigator. The point for me is that you have to put the effort in to use etc. For me that's a plus as well as being able to plot all those things we find on our travels shallows, rocks, wrecks etc.
  11. Map Tools

    Dooh, seems it was me being a DmbAss.............rofl. For this test location was Port Morant 3, points of data from the trader tool was Tiburon, Portillo & Pedro Cay. I am sure everybody clicks onto the fact that the map can be used for chart plotting etc etc etc. But I love the idea that the chart will have some in accuracies that reflect the time period and we can all independently update modify our own charts recording anything we so choose. Flipp
  12. Map Tools

    For all those interested I've managed to import and scale Siegfried's map into CAD. Free versions of CAD have all the tools we would wish for. If you want to see a sample of the testing I have been doing this morning, have a look at my profile page. As for the life of me, I cannot seem to get attachments to work for me when replying to threads. Probably me being a DmbAss. But after I have checked with Siegfried I am more than happy to put up the CAD file for everybody to use. Flipp
  13. For all those interested, I managed to import and scale Siegfried's map with his permission this morning into a free version of CAD. I've done a load of testing using the trader tool for distances etc. The only real error is probably the original inaccuracy in the cartography to produce. I must stress there is NO complaint here, as I love the idea that the accuracy of the map probably truly reflects the time period. However for all those interested its a simple thing and with all the tools we wish for as Koltes has already put out in his map tools thread. I cant wait to start using. I am more than happy to share the CAD file we everyone after first checking this is OK with Siegfried. Below is a sample of result testing using 3 point data from the port trader tool. Location Port Morant, points used Tiburon, Portillo, Pedro Cay.


  14. Map Tools

    Its funny how people different sides of the globe can come up with exactly the same ideas. Been toying with exactly the same principles ideas as explained and the easiest way to implement all day while working. Koltes you've saved my poor fingers as they've been keyboard bashing all day. Great work, I reckon what you have suggested would go far in satisfying all but the purest navigators out there. Might I add that providing a linear scale to one side of the map that adjusts accordingly with map resolution and via distance results obtained from 3 points already available from the trader tool. It would be fantastic if the proposed divider set idea was able to be fixed one end at one of the distance result locations in turn and then arcs drawn on the map from the divider free end. Thus 3 arcs will intersect or at least box in an approximate area of location. I appreciate you know this etc. Bat that kinda functionality I'd take the greatest pleasure in using and applying as I am sure others would too. Flipp