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  1. Why are there deep water ports with less BR than shallows

    The balance between big and small ships will not be realized until you have a real advantage for a shallow drafting ship in the battle. Being able to sail a small ship directly to a capture point in a snow while a 2nd rate has to sail around the sand bar and island would do it. Like in historical battles, the big ship would have to sail in the channel while a smaller ship could dip in and out anyplace in the mouth of the port. Some ports should be like this.
  2. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    I don't mind trading. I liked building ships and then sailing them or giving them away. Getting enough resources is key to the process. I know guys who get satisfaction having a huge bank account. That is what they like. What I don't get is people who go out and kill random people. I never took joy in going out and sinking other people minding their own business. That never made sense to me to wreck someone's play time and I don't see the attraction for that activity.
  3. which ship?

    Plus you learn to manage bow and stern cannon.
  4. Chain boarding

    In "reality" you should have multiple ships able to board at the same time.
  5. Fun PVP for everyone!

    Well, you do have to PvE to unlock upgrades and get books. So unless you want to sail very disadvantaged, you need to do a lot of PvE.
  6. Safezone? Yes! For max lvl too? No!

    Pretty well. But I disagree on the PvE stuff. Plenty of successful games have engaging PvE with PvP beside it without forcing people to walk out to slaughter nightly. But then again, they have thousands of players regularly.
  7. Safezone? Yes! For max lvl too? No!

    Life is so much easier when you stand up your own strawmen to attack. Actually, it fits perfectly with this game and this debate.
  8. Safezone? Yes! For max lvl too? No!

    Successful games gather players as they develop. Successful games build more servers as they grow towards release. This game is doing the opposite. It is getting less playable and popular. Successful games see forums that get busier and busier, this forum is dead too. The idea it will make it to release is laughable.
  9. Safezone? Yes! For max lvl too? No!

    This game is a good example of the Tragedy of the Commons.
  10. Safezone? Yes! For max lvl too? No!

    I'd explain it but you wouldn't bother to read it. Have fun, I hope someday you find enough folks that will provide you the game you desire.
  11. Safezone? Yes! For max lvl too? No!

    I think the game was more popular when it was much harder on gankers due to adequate timers and the signal perk. You could do it, but do it too much or too close to someone's home and your ship was gone. A ganker was much safer if he found out of the way corners to do his craft.
  12. Safezone? Yes! For max lvl too? No!

    I agree with that. You get tired of being camped and decide to go to the enemy camp, you just end up sinking other newbs while the gank fleet goes and camps another capital. They don't care what you do in their backyard. They have an alt network for trade goods and do it in off hours. If you get a credible defense fleet for home the gank fleet goes off shore, logs and then plays with an alt for a while. In a bit, a gank alt logs in, sees the defense fleet is clear, the gank fleet logs back in and does it's damage.
  13. Safezone? Yes! For max lvl too? No!

    If I am on, doing PvE and something fun PvP wise pops up, then I will jump in. If i am not on, then I will never PvP. If I am planning on a couple trade runs and I can intercept an enemy for a friend, I will do so. If I am not on, it never happened. If I have a meaningful PvE goal, I will log on. When I get on, I will ask around for what is happening. If it looks like fun, I am in. If it does not look like fun or nothing is happening, then I'll do my PvE. I can get on and grind slots, I will do so and be a better PvP player when that time comes. Both leveling the ship and learning to sail it better. Maybe snag that rare book or upgrade... nah just kidding. You never see those. Ever. Want another swing bed? The Savannah S&M community already has too many and don't want more. I don't mess with RvR anymore because it's too much time and effort. Time to get the ships, time to get my ship in place, time to grind hostility, time to get in the attack fleet for the battle, time to do the battle and the post battle ganks. All for nominal reward. I long ago got sick of the free port in and out dance. My goodness, could someone actually invent a worse gameplay if they tried? I used to really enjoy helping new people out. But since they will quit after a month tops, why bother. In fact right now, I am not playing Naval Action and playing a game that has many of those components. I really need to get on NA and make my redeemable ships from the merge before they are wiped, but why? Now when I get on, see very few of my old clan mates on at all. No joking around in nation chat to speak of. We all say hi, maybe some of them are sailing a half hour away doing patrols. If they were on doing PvE we might chat a bit. I piddle a little bit, maybe go do an AI and get off. If there is a big gank fleet around I'll just get off. I actually don't know what the current Victory Mark ship deal is. I know that for me it was unplayable a month ago. I don't care if they fixed it. Actually they lost me when they put it in place without talking the the community before hand. I only come here because I can post while I sit on hold at work or if I need a quick mental break; and I have some hope the game becomes playable in the future. Because I love the game. It could be great. But by August last year I was just trying to play something I stopped enjoying and lost hope it's going to get better. Because the only thing talked about here is how to force people to sail out and get sunk in numbers to make the PvP full time crowd happy. Have fun guys. But much like the passenger pigeon, you kill enough of them for long enough... eventually, they stop being around at all.
  14. Safezone? Yes! For max lvl too? No!

    I have always been a defense guy. The times I go out and hunt other players, even if it was a good, fair fight just don't satisfy me. In a fleet running down an enemy coast... not enjoyable if you find action or not. Now sailing with buds up my coast to defend it... love it. I don't like breaking other peoples stuff. I loved the flag era. Everyone that joined in those fight was agreeing to put it at risk for the cause. But going out and looking for a trader or a combat ship to sink when the guy is minding his own business... no, not fun. Not something I have ever gotten joy from. But defense is useless now.
  15. Safezone? Yes! For max lvl too? No!

    When joining a battle was possible, there are often a couple guys around capitals and ports near the capital. Some will sail into the fight. Some guys are crafting or waiting for a group. I might be in Shoud Cay waiting for some buds, the call goes out, I teleport to Cayo Biscano, grab a ship I have there and run out to join the fight. The bad part of that meta was hidden gank fleets. You would put bait out there with guys in a nearby port or logged off at sea. The fight would start and ships would head out or log back in, join the fight and rape the victim. That was a problem at times. But it was a known problem.. Is it 100%, nope. But it added the risk that if a ganker got a mark, there was a good chance that the fight would turn ugly on him. And the closer you were to a port that had a good clan base, the greater the odds you were going to get nicked. Clans didn't all base in the capital port, they often had bases of operations in different ports so that clans kinda did the defense in that area. If you got jumped in Cayo Biscano, X clan would probably help you. If you got jumped in Savannah, Y clan had ships and people based there.