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  1. [Caribbean server] Join Russia, Join the Empire!

    Just because a nation is not putting up ads, doesn't mean it is giving up. Play for who you want. And since redeemables are handed out like candy, switch if you don't like it.
  2. Wapen von Hamburg

    All games end up with a most competitive meta. It is unavoidable. I have always wondered about a dynamic system that increases the points value of ships that are sailed more until the market reaches equilibrium. Another example in a fantasy game is a spell getting more and more costly to cast until equilibrium is reached. Of course that would just effect RvR and not open world. I am now sure how you could introduce that in the open world.
  3. Forthcoming patch 14 Part 3

    Yup. I for one like having them in some places but not everywhere. They were a huge time and hours sink, but being able to stock up and sail out works. There is also opportunity for a new player to sail them to PvP ports and sell them. I would expand it to regional capitals too. That would not be game breaking and would reduce sails. And reduce the use of them in battles. Make the battles shorter.
  4. Forthcoming patch 14 Part 3

    The wind changes will result in a more crashes. That's a good thing, if you don't want to crash, then stay clear.
  5. Polish players

    So you guys are finally done Polishing the Whales?
  6. Why did players leave?

    I don't think upgrades make that big a difference. A lesser skilled captain is not going to win on upgrades. It's just that the best players also have the best upgrades and don't lose them often. It is a gulf widening issue more than balance. This game does fine with zero or easily obtained upgrades. It is an unnecessary mechanic.
  7. See that is the rub. I can start on the new server with nothing and grind up to a million or so or... I can grind with my existing character, existing trade routes and crafting goods and build for the merge. I don't see any value in playing an hour for a hundred thousand when I can earn millions in that same hour up to the actual merge. Just give me some heads up so I can get ready for it in time. It does me zero good to grind exp on the new server since I am max in rank and crafting. After the merge, I'll be in my best ships and ready to go. I have buds who are moving over (I hope) so we will clan up together. The new port battle scheme is not in place so doing hostility is useless. My plan is to land with a full port of solid ships, enough cash to build my crafting network quickly and if crafting goods move, I'll be set up in hours to make what I need. That's best done where I am already set up.
  8. We do need a good notice ahead of the merge. The short notice that happened recently was too short.
  9. Regarding port battles

    Taking a port should be with warning. So the 24 hours. Implement raids that happen immediately. Give it a good reward and penalty to the port owner, but they do not flip the port. Maybe set up a flip, but not a direct flip. So I vote both.
  10. Man, that is gonna be a lot of redeemables. If they are all in one big redeemable, I don't have enough inventory slots at any port.
  11. The upcoming server merge proved one thing

    Of course. With Pot being legal in many states the US is now Lazy and Stoned. Spain, we are looking at you to take that sleeping title. Fair warning. We will hold them all. Murica.
  12. Politics and PBs (Patch 11/12 - "Clan Wars")

    You are already seeing that. With the Pirates having been the top dogs on global since the wipe, instead of bolstering a weak EU Pirate nation, they are shopping for something stronger for a more sure win. And don't confuse "ruin" for change. Yes, it will change. Ruin is up to the players. But I highly doubt that he merge will be 1+1=3. It will probably be 1+1=1.3. The reasons for declining population is not fixed in the merge. Trade missions are not fixed. Raids are not being put in. Server events are nonexistent. Player progression is not improved. About the only change since Hardmode has been safezones and port based RvR. Both good, but not nearly enough.
  13. I have a character on EU and on Global. They have 2 different names, EXP, Redeemables. How will all this be reconciled? Will we be able to combine it all and rename?
  14. I remember that. I did not play at that level, but the caterwauling was memorable.
  15. One contested Port Battle win does not put you on top.