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    Ahhhh, Clark, the dog peed on all the sandwiches. But as to the ships... In a min max, dog eat dog world, only a few ships sail and adding more ships that won't sail or will just replace ships out there, it doesn't matter much.
  2. 1.5BR Balanced Alternative

    Egads. You are right. They need to lock old threads that are not active.
  3. Is this okay?

    Thornys, I agree. Rather than cap speed, force compromises. As you said, if you go super fast, it should cost you cannon weight, ammo, crew, cargo and so forth. Also the idea that bigger ships would be built for max speed is silly. Navies would not do that. So maybe have speed come at the cost of structure and reload speed along with more often critical failures (leaks, modules and masts) then take the cap off.
  4. 1.5BR Balanced Alternative

    Wrong direction. Even today, when you have a defense fleet spread out hunting the hunter it is very difficult to get the defense fleet into the battle (time limits). BR limits mean it will not matter anyway. End result, why bother with defense fleets and more unrestricted ganking.
  5. Not even a newbie (yet). Have a question about speed.

    Funny thing, last night I paid the tax. But it was a prime time run in a busy place with 300 iron. The ganker didn't get it though. He got a crap brig and some fish.
  6. Creating the Cayo Biscanyo PVP Hub

    Yes, the coast of Florida really does not need more PvP. Other areas need more.
  7. Server Merge Poll

    No merge.
  8. Combat Mechanics

    I will say it again in case you did not read. I don't have a problem with a limited number of ships for marks. I have a problem with best in class ships that can do Port Battles and be Chasers for marks. Those ships should require crafting. And as far as time spent, I survived the hard mode era. The current crafting program is just about right.
  9. Combat Mechanics

    Um no. A couple hours can get you the marks. Maybe more if you are lower level and don't group. It takes a lot longer than an evening to craft a frigate and above. I don't have a problem with a limited set of decent ships for marks. I just have a problem with the Wasa in it's current state.
  10. Combat Mechanics

    I totally disagree with the Wasa in it's current state. The "best" ship should always be crafted, not buy on points. And a ship that is both a Port Battle and Chaser falls into the best catagory.
  11. Not even a newbie (yet). Have a question about speed.

    And one can always sail cheap traders and accept the occasional loss. You can mitigate that by learning the patterns of your foes.
  12. Uninstalling

    Yes. Content in Elite is much better, but still weak. Combat blows. NA has far more satisfying combat and RvR.
  13. Uninstalling

    You can do Elite Dangerous on one. This is doable.
  14. Is this okay?

    And a first rate was always in a fleet. You didn't sail them alone.
  15. Prime Times and Numbers

    The US did. Nobody showed up. But why does this song and dance always end up with more pirate attacks towards the US and no Pirate attacks on a major Brit port?