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  1. A very small hold would work to limit the ship in game. Hold size has a direct affect on ship speed, so a requin captain would have to decide if they want speed or extra repairs. (This would only work of Elite Pirate was nerfed, obviously)
  2. Admin ALREADY buffed 6th rates a couple days ago... You didn't notice?
  3. EliteDelta

    Stop surrender abuse

    It is definitely possible that there could be a bug, next time I would report with f11 in-game, take as many screenshots as possible, and report on the forums again. It seems most of us have not experienced this problem yet.
  4. EliteDelta

    Stop surrender abuse

    Do you happen to have screenshots? Screenshots of the battle, as well as screenshots of the results (the info where it says % of damage dealt and also shows rewards) would be useful to discover if this is a bug or not.
  5. EliteDelta

    Stop surrender abuse

    Were there AI on your side in the battle? Or possibly Forts? If an enemy ship is damaged by AI or Forts the damage they deal will cause you to get less rewards. If you are in a 1v1 with an enemy, and they surrender, you can sail up and sink the ship, and will get ALL the rewards. I have done this many many times.
  6. EliteDelta

    remove sniping

    That’s absolutely false. If you fire a full broadside using the bow to stern system, it will start with the forward most gun and work it’s way back to the stern. The broadside does not jump back and fourth even on ships like the Wasa, Renommee, Hercules, etc.
  7. EliteDelta

    More Clan Control - Reducing Alt Problems

    This isn't suppose to be the end all solution for alts. I do think it would have a positive impact for the game, and it wouldn't be a difficult addition for the devs.
  8. EliteDelta

    More Clan Control - Reducing Alt Problems

    Honestly that doesn't bother me. Being a spy or double agent could happen, but that's not the main issue. Right now any person with an alt can roll their account to sweden and equally compete with CABAL and the other swedes for cartagena tar. I just think there should be a way to limit this. The controlling clan should be able to decide who has access.
  9. EliteDelta

    More Clan Control - Reducing Alt Problems

    I tries looking for other people suggesting the same thing, but couldn't find anything. Thanks for mentioning that Lars suggested it first.
  10. EliteDelta

    More Clan Control - Reducing Alt Problems

    I remember this problem when my clan owned Cartagena when we were in GB. The vast majority of the nation never showed up when we defended from enemy hostility or port battles, but everyone would consider it their right to be able to buy the tar. It is silly. Even back then we had alts from other nations competing, but it wasn't as bad as it is now.
  11. Dear Developers, The issue of alternate accounts is getting a bit absurd, but I think there is a relatively easy solution to some of the problems they create. Now that alt accounts can very easily switch nations once a month, we are seeing more and more alts joining nations to bid on valuable items. This has been happening for a long time, but now accounts can easily be switched to whichever nation controls something important, and the actual owners of the ports can do nothing to stop the invasion. I believe this can mostly be solved by giving clans a bit more control of their ports. Allow clans to set who is able to place buy/sell contracts in their ports. The options could be something like this: 1. Available for all - Any player, regardless of clan, is allowed to place a buy/sell contract in the port (must still be in the same nation). 2. Allies Only - Only members of clans on the friendly list are allowed to place buy/sell contracts in the port. 3. Clan Only - Only members of the clan that controls the port are allowed to place buy/sell contracts. Any adjustment of a ports settings would only take affect at server reset, similar to the other port controls we have now. By blocking alts access to compete for resources and other items, this could give conquest a bit of a kick start. Now a nation would need to either arrange a trade agreement with another nation/clan, or go out and take it for themselves. The mechanic i'm proposing wouldn't stop a smuggler from sailing into a port, and buying whatever items/resources that are available. Thoughts? Opinions?
  12. Well I spawned right behind him, and he decided to get himself stuck in the wind. Naturally I took the advantage given. I thought he was tacking, but he didn't manually turn his sails, just got himself stuck. The cutter was indeed empty though, I don't know why he didn't choose to sail one of the Indiaman. EDIT: Also its a bad idea to disengage down to 1 prep, things usually go badly after that
  13. Name: [LOCO] El Varmit's FleetLocation: Outside La Habana Safe zone Kinda amazed that I found this guy again, with those same Indiaman. He surrendered to me when I fully demasted the ship, and the cargo was 7 Historical Artifacts. Cargo was sunk. I don't count the Cutter as a kill, but his fleet was worth something.
  14. Name: [LOCO] El Varmit Location: Inside La Habana Safe zone, not far from the port itself.
  15. Killed a SANTI player in his Santi. Extra points...? 😉 EDIT: This was in the Habana safe zone, almost in the Capital zone.