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  1. Wind Turning in Battle

    Yeah, completely agree. Otherwise anyone trying to escape will always be at a disadvantage.. Its like trying to win a race by running only on the outside edge of a track.
  2. Wind Turning in Battle

    My point is that once it is turning, I think it always turns the same direction. I have seen both also, but have you seen it turn both ways in the same battle?
  3. Wind Turning in Battle

    Question: Does anyone know if the wind always turns in the same direction in battle? Or does it have a random chance to go either way. The last few times I have payed careful attention, it seems that once a direction is chosen, it will continue to turn in the same direction. I may be wrong, but it seems that if the wind is turning clockwise, it will turn clockwise the whole battle. Or if it is turning counter-clockwise, it will only turn counter-clockwise during the battle. If I am right, I would like to suggest to @admin to change it so every time the wind shifts, it has an equal change to go left or right. Right now, when being chased by a large enemy fleet, wind always shifting the same direction makes it pretty close to impossible to escape. Some people can choose a course to intercept 30 minutes later, and the wind will push you to them. This has happened to me several times now, including tonight. In a straight line I was faster than the enemy ships with the wind, but every time it would shift, I was forced to follow the wind to keep my speed advantage, but my enemies had split themselves to assure I would be forced right into them. If it was a random chance to go left or right, then nobody would have an unfair advantage, and be able to predict which way it is going.
  4. Port ownership

    If they wanted to use a new clan tag, they could leave the old clan intact, true. I would say it isn't a bad mechanic though. The clan captured the port originally, it is theirs until someone else takes it. Seems pretty straightforward.
  5. Paints, yes this again

    I remember reading a post from admin where he said that they want to add paints so that they are similar to how we have skillbooks now, but he said such a change would require wiping all the ships currently in-game. I personally wouldn't mind all paints being similar to perm mods, but I guess we have to wait for this change.
  6. Mise en garde Russe

    Please post screenshots of harbor island PB
  7. Speed Record

    To be fair, the books and mods that nerf speed, are much more drastic than those that provide bonuses. For example - floating battery is -15% speed... All the speed mods stacked together don't achieve 15% speed bonus (excluding force bonuses).
  8. Port ownership

    To switch nations, you are required to be clanless. To recreate a clan tag in a new nation, it must be disbanded and then remade in the new nation. As soon as you disband the clan, all ports owned by that clan go neutral.
  9. Uss Constitution

    Agree with OP, conni needs a turning buff. I know most turn ratings are based on the ship length, but there are some strange outliers like the conni (oddly low) and the belle Poole (absurdly high) that don't fit in with the rest. Hopefilly this will he addressed soon, I know admin keeps saying there is a ship stat and BR balancing coming soon.
  10. Personally I don't think that would change anything. At 2km I am almost never consistently tagged, so even if I get hit, just wait 2 minutes and I can leave.
  11. False. We are at a good place with turning, there are just a few ships that need to be tuned. I suggested 1 turn rate buff, 1 turn rate nerf, and the rudder HP or hit box on a 3rd ship adjusted. Clearly you didn't read my post.
  12. The turning is completely stupid on the BP at the moment. 4.23 base. Now compare to every other frigate. The only 5th rates that turn better are the Renommee and Cerberus. It feels like this was a mistake when entering the speeds. If I was to assign a turn rating for the BP going by the trend of length, it should be 3.23, instead of the current. That makes a big difference. Also, no the surprise is not wider. BP has 14 guns on the bottom deck, only the heavy 5th rates can match that. Yes they are 12 lb, but we all know how great the DPS on 12's is. Frigate, P-Frig, LGV, Surprise, L'Hermione are all shorter, but for some reason, BP turns better. The only reason you don't see them everywhere, is people haven't figured out it is OP yet. The lack of bow chasers are a problem, yes, but the turning should still be tuned.
  13. Yes there is something happening here. Yesterday I had a moment where I stern raked a Bucentaure with a Bellona, had 32 hits (with medium guns, using normal ball shot) I killed 60 ish crew, took off almost 2 bars of structure, and yet I didn't damage the stern armour at all. The discord actually went pretty crazy laughing, because they thought I missed every shot, until they noticed the structure and crew. My thought was maybe the balls went through the windows..? But I've never seen that before. I know its possible with grape, but it seemed odd.
  14. Constitution - Painful to sail. It has serious trouble dueling other 4th rates in terms of maneuverability, and doesn't stand a chance vs. most 5th rates. I think it needs a buff to turning, could be rudder, yards, or a mix of both. The profile and speed are fine, it just needs help with turning. Indefatigable - A good ship overall, but it is completely ruined by the strangely weak rudder. The rudder health isn't different from other 5th rates, but there is something incredibly bad about the rudder placement or hitbox. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but if you ever get stern raked, the rudder breaks. It is without a doubt the worst ship I have every sailed in terms of rudder health. I realize there are mods to help buff the rudder health, but they don't fix the problem. I have tested them. I think it is just too easy to hit the rudder when stern raking, and if this were adjusted, the indefatigable could actually become a useful ship in PvP again. Side note: Strangely, the Agamemnon does not seem to suffer from the same weak rudder, in my experience. Belle Poule - Needs a small turn rate nerf, I think. It is strange that it has a turn rate on par with the surprise, even though the BP is much longer. At the moment this very high turn rate is making the BP somewhat OP against similar ships, because the ability to angle, especially with the strong armour, makes it an exceptionally powerful 5th rate. I have a feeling many other hunters will not like me for saying this, but it is needed, in my opinion. Base turn rate for BP is 4.23 (I think it should be closer to 3.5) Base turn rate for Surprise is 4.11 That's all for now, I may think of more later.
  15. Poll: Grinding ship slots and rare books?

    I personally don't grind slots in PvE. I do a lot of PvP, and the money I generate from that is/was used to buy the books I wanted. This method is even easier now, because PvP marks are better than gold Also, I personally find PvP to be much faster for opening up ship slots than PvE. Best example would be with the LGV Refit. At first I tried to unlock slots on it through PvE, but got too frustrated, and just decided to find people to hunt without any slots. In one day of hunting, I had all three of it's slots unlocked. The xp for killing a player is much better than the xp for killing AI (finally!).