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  1. Increasing Ship Visuals while making Devs Money

    If they are tradable, then thats the same as allowing someone to buy in-game gold for real money. I know gold is easy to get now, but I still think someone shouldn't be able to buy 10 paints for something like $10 and then turn around and sell those in-game for 10 mil each.
  2. The Carebear King

    What are you talking about... The sail damage perk doesn't stop you from getting demasted when the AI rake you from the bow and stern. Mast HP and Sail HP are not related.
  3. Increasing Ship Visuals while making Devs Money

    First off, I think it's a good suggestion that would allow the game to keep paying for itself, and keep driving new content as time goes on. I have two additions I'd like to suggest to the above: 1) Don't allow notes purchased with real money to be traded in-game. I think it would be a shame if people could just buy paints and sell them for large amounts of gold. 2) In addition, there should be a possible, though difficult, method for players to obtain some or all of the above items through in-game play. Maybe they could be sold for a very high amount of PvP marks, or something similar. I think the important thing is that it is still possible to get in-game. Many people will take the easy way, and buy them for real life money. However some dedicated players that have the time to invest can still get these items without having to pay extra. Just my 2 cents
  4. Question: What you're suggesting would mean the marks couldn't stack together, because they would need to have a unique nation next to each one. So we would then need to manage a separate stack of PvP marks for each nation we get kills against...? Personally I'd rather not split an item that currently takes 1 slot and force it to take up 11 slots.. The idea of knowing who is getting killed is a good one, but I think it should be attempted differently.
  5. Tournament - Group Stage & Results

    I realize my team lost to this tactic, so I'm probably still a bit biased, but in my opinion a tactic like this is the kind of thing that can ruin a perfectly good tournament. Yes it's allowed, I understand that. I just think it will be sad if we start to see 3 ships focus 1 enemy to death and then run away.
  6. @jodgi I haven't tested fully in-game yet. However we have checked a few key points, such as 60 and 75 degrees, and saw speed dips from what it was yesterday.
  7. But the sailing profile was changed? I compared the API data. http://prntscr.com/h9yd4f
  8. They aim the same as normal cannons. The difference is that since they start so high, and have such limited penetration, its usually very difficult to aim at any ship of similar or lower height.
  9. They were actually rather terrible for raking any ship smaller than a SOL. The problem is the height difference, and the way they were spaced on the deck. Due to this spacing issue, the swivels would ruin the timing of the broadside, and make most of your shots miss. The height problem also meant that even well aimed swivel shots would go into the sails, while your main deck was hitting the stern. Whenever I was raking an enemy ship smaller than a 3rd rate, I would turn the swivel deck off, because I would miss the vast majority of my shots when I kept them on. Against SOL they did pretty well, killing a few extra crew and cannons while you could use grape on the main guns. However they would add the risk of setting your enemy on fire, meaning if you want to capture the SOL, you would need to turn the swivels off.
  10. Impossible to aim them low enough to hit small ships.
  11. Sorry, but the info is false. I was one of the first people to sail the LGV Refit around. A very good broadside from the swivels, into an enemy ship that has prep up for boarding will give MAYBE 15-20 crew kills. Most times I would get 5-8 crew kills by the swivels in broadside. In addition, the swivel guns are almost impossible to aim down, so if the enemy ship is a similar height to yours, you will only get sail hits. I was only able to make good use of the swivels when shooting 4th rates and up.
  12. I think the worst part of this nerf is that the only people who had the LGV Refit were active PvP players. Many of which now feel defeated, as their hard work to get this expensive ship feels pretty worthless now.
  13. It was nerfed also. Not as badly as the LGV refit, but it had a big nerf to the profile.