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  1. True, she is classed as a 6th rate though. Probably lowered for better balance. Also she only carries 170 crew, those large caliber guns would be a nightmare.
  2. API says she has 3 decks of guns, top = 6 guns (4 pd max), middle = 18 (9 pd max), bottom = 10 (12 pd max).
  3. You will get 2 shots of chain for each gun, but you can use them wherever you want. So if you sail the Surprise, she has 38 side guns + 6 chasers = 44 total guns. This means the Surprise will get a total of 88 chain shots. You can shoot them all from your bow chasers over time, or you can shoot them out in broadsides. This is how double shot and double charge work
  4. EliteDelta

    Bring back names in OW!

    The population has been slowly dropping for months, mostly because we know some large patches are coming, and people get a bit bored waiting for the changes. I don't think the removal of OW names caused many people to stop playing..
  5. EliteDelta

    Framing and Planking Characteristics Sheet

    Updated with the crew resistance bonuses for oak and sabicu (10% and 5%) Also fixed LO thickness bonus (15% instead of 14%)
  6. EliteDelta

    Cuurent bonus of woods

    I didn't notice that change either, thanks @Aster Edit: My sheet is now up to date. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hfF3vMSeVFMJVX392y6guaGFVKh404vx7qaKYlcGywI/edit#gid=1378875222
  7. Only if you use a stupid build that includes something weak like Fir or Bermuda.. Teak/WO or WO/WO or Cag/WO or LO/WO on a Santi will not be penetrated by 6pd long guns at 250m. You could even replace WO with Sabicu and you won't get penetrated. This doesn't even include mods like Cartagena or Navy Structure Refit.
  8. This data isn't important. WoW is not a steam game. It is possible to play it through steam, but there is no point, so most people don't do it. In reality each of the four WoW servers hit 20-30k players per day. Now don't get me wrong, I am not trying to say WoW is better, I just don't like fake data.
  9. EliteDelta

    Lobby / Queueing System

    I'm not terribly interested in any kind of lobby, but I wholeheartedly agree with the OP about missing the days of sailing a lone frigate out and getting nice fights. It seems like all the action is in a zone, or directly outside the docks of a free port lately... I miss the days of being able to go on a long sail and finding fights along the way.
  10. EliteDelta

    Massive Speed Glich

    I logged in today near Port Morant, and found several battles open. I joined one in my Renommee, and started attacking the British players in battle. Everything started out normal. After a few minutes, a British Renommee sank, and I checked his hold. He had nothing interesting, so I kept sailing without switching anything from his hold to mine. At this time, many other British players started joining the battle, so I turned to run away. This is when I noticed something was wrong. My Renommee now could only achieve 6.8 kn in battle, although several minutes before, it had easily been doing 13.8 kn. My sails were 100%, there was no water in my hold, my sails were set to auto-skipper (and I double checked if they were stuck in manual several times). Everything should be fine, but suddenly I was painfully slow. I tried everything I could think of, but my speed stayed glitched until the British players caught and sunk me. At the end, I asked one of them to check my hold, to see if I had picked up some strange heavy item from the sunk enemy Renommee, but the player that checked said there was nothing strange in my hold, and no extra repairs. I reported the Glitch in-game, and this screenshot shows the report number. Unfortunately I didn't have time to record with video. It wasn't an overly expensive ship, but it was extremely frustrating to have zero chance of escape, in a perfectly healthy ship.
  11. EliteDelta

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    It was interesting, and well fought by the swedes. Unfortunately we had to deal with both our Wasa's being off comms, our Pavel nearly out of hull reps, and our L'Ocean was a fir/for experimental ship... That in addition to the fact that grape shot is oddly bugged right now, made the situation frustrating for us Prussians ^.^ Gotta bring your A-game against the swedes, and this wasn't it..
  12. I believe one of the perm mods will switch from its slot to the hold of the ship. You aren't creating new mods, you're simply removing one of the existing mods and placing it in the hold.
  13. No, it is just very heavy RNG. Right after this change was added, I crafted 15 ships without getting anything special. A clan mate yesterday crafted a 4/5/fast trinc followed by 3/5/very fast. It is just luck.
  14. EliteDelta

    Unequal battles

    Good lord.. Elite Spanish on a duel ship... Better kiss having the wind goodbye, you'll never have it in a ship like that.
  15. EliteDelta

    Boring map

    Personally I enjoy having the map, but I would be happy with removing our ability to see f11 coordinates. Right now lots of new players don't realize they can use them, and it gives a rather unfair advantage to veterans, who can find their exact position with an external tool, and call for reinforcements.