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  1. Specs and Performance

    I have a GTX 1050ti graphics card on my laptop (15.6 inch screen) and it performs very well on NA. On ultra with 1920 x 1080 resolution I typically see 60-80 fps on OW, and around 60-70 in battle. Also, i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.8 GHz and 16GB RAM
  2. I'd like to point out that I am currently the leader of AHOY, and I have never been banned
  3. This is what has me confused. If admin wanted to give AHOY extra gold, why wouldn't he just directly trade it to me in-game? Why use a method that is easily found and monitored in both the api data, and also by hovering your mouse over the port? The devs could even give redeemables directly to the accounts of myself and other AHOY if they wanted to. These accusations don't make any sense.
  4. We didn't ask for it, admin just decided to do it. We only wanted the bug fixed.
  5. Also, @qw569 I believe the math worked like this: @admin placed 1000 tar for sale at 100k each. He was charged 10% tax for placing the contract (10% of 100,000,000 = 10,000,000) so the port generated 10mil just because he placed the contact. Then over the next few hours, all the tar was purchased by players (again, 10% of 100,000,000 = 10,000,000) so that's where the other 10mil came from. Add them together and there's the 20mil profit. Id love it it @admin would confirm that this had nothing to do with supporting AHOY, it was merely an attempt by the devs to calm the hysteria over Cartagena tar, created by a contract bug.
  6. Admin said nothing to AHOY directly. We only profited because we own the port. Admin told everyone in the linked post above that they would provide tar somehow, but we were shocked when it actually happened. None of us expected admin to sell so much tar at a high price, I personally thought he would just up the normal port production for a few days.
  7. Important info, admin added 1000 Cartagena tar into the port for around 100k each (might have been more, I didn't see it myself, it was gone very quickly). That's why the tax was extra high
  8. Control of Port Battle Fleet Size

    Just to be clear, the suggestion would change BOTH the attackers and defenders. They would always have the same amount. I can see a situation where a clan could want the limit to be 15, and others were they could want it to be 25. If the clan controlling the port is on the smaller side, they night want to avoid having to rely too heavily on allied clans, and would probably want a smaller attacking/defending fleet. If the clan controlling the port is large, they might want the limit to be 25, to allow more of their members access to the action. Or, maybe they want it smaller if they are constantly getting attacked and need to spread out their fleet. More than anything my suggestion is to create a bit of diversity, and to help clans of all sizes get a piece of the action.
  9. Control of Port Battle Fleet Size

    I don't think the towers need to be adjusted. The regional capitals all have 2 square forts and 2 round towers, the normal towns have 1 square fort and 2 round tower. A mortar brig can make quick work of these fortifications, and can then be used against the enemy ships. It may be hard for a mortar to hit a single ship while sailing, but if the enemy choose to sail in a line, a mortar can be pretty deadly.
  10. the single players handycap, and his ship

    Well with the ability to buy all the resources you need from the EU traders, buildings are not as vital as before. Its more expensive, but theres no wait time, and you can get as much as you want, whenever you want.
  11. Ingermanland capsized my Wasa

    My point of view of the Wasa after it flipped over
  12. Control of Port Battle Fleet Size

    What do people think of giving a clan that controls a port the option to decide how many people can join their PB. Suggestion: An option in the town management section where a clan can choose between allowing in 15, 20, or 25 people on each side for the PB. Important notes -If a port gets flipped for a PB, it isn't possible to change the fleet size. -The fleet size is the same for both the attacker and defender. -The fleet size changes will take affect at server reset (similar to taxes now). -The selected fleet size is displayed on the port information when using the map. Id like to know what other people think about this. I know that nations and clans come in all sizes, so I think it could be interesting if there is some ability to customize the fleet size for your PB. I think 15 should be the minimum though, so it is still a large fight. Opinions?
  13. [AHOY] Great Britain | PvP

    A nice fight with our Dane friends Battle MVP: George started on a conni, fought it until all sides were down, beat back North's attempt to board, and sailed away on the captured pirate frigate.
  14. BR Tagging Issues

    Thanks for the reply, but his info is false. I have seen a 50 BR ship tag a 170 BR ship first hand. Last I heard, a function is used to calculate BR tagging. However, something seems to be acting weird. I was under the impression this function would allow a 6th rate to tag a 1st rate... This is why I would like admin to comment on this.