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  1. [EXILE] PvPEU Pirate Clan.

    I didn't know we were still posting here... but by all means, let me contribute.
  2. Curbing PVP gank fleets

    I would also like to ask both @Yngvarr and @DesMoines to defend your point instead of personally attacking the other side of this issue, this is not a US election.
  3. Curbing PVP gank fleets

    Look man, its up to you not to be ganked, not the rest of the server. Its like asking the opposing soccer team not to score if they get the opportunity.
  4. Curbing PVP gank fleets

    If you dont want to be ganked, stay in areas where you cant be ganked or sail appropriate ships. It really is that simple.
  5. Curbing PVP gank fleets

    That is exactly what you are doing with this topic. You are playing on a PVP server complaining about PVP what the hell is wrong with you? Are you stupid or just salty? Apology for the choice of words but i think you are pushing the boundaries of sanity with posts like this, every admin/dev looking at thread is simply wasting valuable time that should be directed toward more actually concerning things.
  6. bow- and sterntanking

    I think we are all missing the real issue here, spawning missions is hell! EVERYONE shuffles their mission untill one is closeby, can we please cut out the middleman aka Mr. RNG?
  7. bow- and sterntanking

    'I think we need to make a distinction between realism and quality of life.' Also, what I state is true for the damage model we use in this game. Go back to work bitch, or join me on teamspeak for some carebearing adventures.
  8. bow- and sterntanking

    Even tho I do agree, if only just a little. I think we need to make a distinction between realism and quality of life. We say we want realism, but we don't really want realism (ships were usually done fighting after just 1 broadside, I dont think anyone wants that here), we want balance. I think thickness/angling is good in this game and shouldnt be changed (maybe some tweaking), change tactics if the opponent keeps bouncing. Also I think the difference between grape and ball rake should stay as is (maybe with minor changes), it adds to the competetiveness of this game since you have to make a tactical decision. Also I would like to point out that a good stern rake with ball can take out a big amount of crew, however that amount should always be less than a similar rake with grape as the area coverage between ball/grape is very different. Lets talk about the infinite repairs instead maybe? idk, just throwing it out there.
  9. Opinions of a Newcomer

    Everything I wanted to say has already been said here by others so the only thing I can do is compliment your perception of whats going on here. You hit the nail right on the head with this one @TheHaney
  10. Alt PvP mark farm abuse

    Outlaw battles worked well, untill they started giving rewards. I'm 100% with @Otto Kohl on this one, pvp rewards should be cosmetic. I like the new rewards but as long as exploiting will grant an edge over your opponent they dont work. If rewards would be cosmetic this would not be an issue, sure it can be exploited but it wont ruin the gameplay as the only bad thing that comes from it, is a lower price for paints as there will be more than plenty on the market.
  11. PLS come back to NA, I miss you so much that I sometimes cry a little at night.
  12. Hotfix for patch 13. Le Gros Ventre Refit + Swivels!!!

    Never was, just moderated xD.
  13. Hotfix for patch 13. Le Gros Ventre Refit + Swivels!!!

    So much salt missing, looks like @HachiRoku was there... 'mimimimi outlaw battles gone, lets change nations bom' In all honesty tho, apart from the outlaw battle thing, i think this was a good patch(especially the bigger one earlier this week), keep it going!
  14. Uninstalling

    So I get a warning for abusive behaviour, yet you are posting off topic. Seems like the rules dont apply to everyone. The worst part is that the majority of the community has come to expect this kind of behaviour from admins/devs/mods, yet another part that is wrong with this game. When will you grow up and start acting like professionals?
  15. Uninstalling

    I hello kittying knew it hahahah, and I 100% agree. Devs need to get their heads out of their asses.