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  1. [EXILE] PvPEU Pirate Clan.

    All gonna depend on the patch that is being deployed at the moment.
  2. How Did Ship Get Into Fleet?

    Yup, my guess is this was 100% his own hello kittyup.
  3. Indefatigable is craftable.
  4. Have you tried turning it off and on again? Sorry, had to xD. But in all seriousness, try clearing cookies/different browser with which you have not visited this site before.
  5. Is PVP Leaderboard working as intended?

    Jumping missions does not count towards points on the leaderboard. Now I dont know if this is a bug or not but I like it. If you are jumping into a mission you are going for a target fitted for PVE not fully capable of defending itself against a PVP fitted ship and thus, in my opinion atleast, should not yield any points towards leaderboard rankings.
  6. 10% Increased Crew requirement for the sailing mods. Have you lost your mind? Like the speed nerf in general wasnt enough...
  7. [EXILE] Rumors

    Because there is NO leadership here, we are a small group of guys focussing on OW pvp. Ignoring all politics & PB's. Vicious is out of the picture here so there is no hate to be spewed. About believing us, obviously us splitting from [SORRY] before the shitshow went down and most of them disappeared should tell you enough. If not I guess time will tell.
  8. BattleNews channel notification messages doubling up

    No worries, i've heard more than 1 person say I was farming alts last monday even tho I got em all across the map...
  9. [EXILE] Rumors

    Ahoy Pirates & National Scum, There has been a good few rumors going around about us that we'd like to clear. This is not in any way a thread to defend ourselves but just to show our decent intentions and trying to keep our clean start CLEAN. First of all to those who think or say that we are [SORRY], we are everything BUT [SORRY]. We split from the clan for several good reasons and of course we do NOT want to be associated with the name any longer. Secondly. We, by default, DO NOT do black on black. If you do however see us in an outlaw battle, it is to settle a dispute. Either they or one of their respective clan members attacked one of ours and we are exacting revenge. Lastly, we do not have any formal alliances with any clan/nation/individuals. If you have any questions about us, ask them here and we will gladly answer them. Or if you like you can come on our teamspeak and we will have a chat. eu125.ts3.cloud:13543
  10. PvP Leaderboard - No Rewards

    Oh I like that, make the paint slot like a ship knowledge mechanic, only available to the person that won the paint.
  11. PvP Leaderboard - No Rewards

    Make the ship untradable after paint is applied. But then how to go about capturing indeed...
  12. PvP Leaderboard - No Rewards

    Post this in suggestions thread pls.
  13. PvP Leaderboard - No Rewards

    It's ok xP.
  14. PvP Leaderboard - No Rewards

    Uhm stop calling me sidekick pls. In case you had not noticed, I have a name. Also, to cheat your way onto the board is almost not possible with the lower class ships only granting a few points. Between 1-8 judging from mondays experience. Plus there is the effort of boring repetition someone would have to go through to actually achieve enough points to be on there.