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  1. Love it! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!
  2. OW and repairs

    Something something, a taste of their own medicine. But I agree, the old repair system was much more competitive. The new system also destroyed boarding as a tactic for fighting. Right now there is only very few scenario's where boarding is the way to go. You need to finish someone as crippling your enemy wont matter because of infinite amounts of rum. With all that being said, the only reason I would want the old system back is to speed up battles and stop the infinite chain game that usually ends in everyone escaping. A decent tag used to be a guaranteed fight whilst with the current system it can be 1,5 hours of chaining without ever being able to get close enough for a real engagement.
  3. Swedish Nation

    You seem to always measure your succes with irrelevant statistics. You almost won... You didnt almost win, you hello kittying lost. You didn't have time to train new players? Bullshit, you just didn't do it. New players like me... I bet even back when I joined the second time I would have easily beaten you in a battle, and thats not saying that im good, thats saying ur shit. Anyways, not gonna indulge myself anymore than I already have. Pointless with someone like you sitting on the other end.
  4. Swedish Nation

    When exactly did I say you where bad at leading? Drifting away in fantasyland again? And lets get one thing straight, SORRY was ONLY good because it had good players, after the wipe with different players and same leadership, you couldnt win a single battle.
  5. Swedish Nation

    I'm not criticizing you as a person, just your leadership style and blindness towards obvious facts. I actually loved to listen to you on TS, funny as shit, and if you hadn't banned me I would have loved to hang out with the guys there (you included).
  6. Swedish Nation

    Nobody killed SORRY... that has got to be the funniest statement made in 2017, and lets not forget that Trump was elected as president. You are so full of shit and lies that you either can't or are unwilling to see the truth. It's so simple, you killed SORRY almost all by yourself.
  7. Ship Speeds - Testing and Discussion

  8. RSC V RUBLI First Rate Fight

    57:13 , maybe a crash course in manual sailing will solve a thing or two. GJ @Gamover. Foremast has to be parallel with the wind here.
  9. OMG, I had 2x Indiaman in fleet... sorry hahaha. Can you just delete everything I posted here so I dont look like an idiot? :)))
  10. Didn't test but these ships are for transporting books only or traveling large distance afk. 20 knots whas the most I could reach in OW.
  11. @admin This is a 15,5 Knot Lynx. Fix it pls. And no this is not because there is shallows its the same without them, i tested.
  12. Marines

    I have 5 Rings so I don't really care about marines, but perk resets should be free or at a way lower cost. I honestly don't see the point in having to spend 50 marks each time, seems like it's just a way to try to keep the CM market unsaturated.
  13. Damaged ships should be slower

    Hearing aerodynamics have a noticable impact on it when the wind, for most ships, is blowing faster than the speed of the ship itself and the ship is being PUSHED is laughable as additional friction would only make it go faster downwind. Upwind this would be a different story of course, but the principle stays true. It will only push the ship more in the direction the wind is blowing so this theory would be applicable if the ship in question is an upwind beast and the angle is steep (schooners for example). However, the way you put it makes sense, but please lets not overdo it. It's always quality of life vs realism. The good thing about keeping a large portion of your speed is you can recover from a near death situation and have a fighting chance. Its up to the chasing party to chain if need be, when someone loses focus or has tunnel vision on the hull and the chased ship can escape through a sail repair, one shouldn't run to the forums and portray this as a design flaw in my opinion. Now, if testing is succesful and people are generally happy with this change, I will welcome it with open arms since it doesnt just benefit one group of players but can be a pain or a blessing for either side of the battle (=balance).
  14. Damaged ships should be slower

    Thank you! But I think Sru knows Im just hello kittying around.
  15. Damaged ships should be slower

    Get a job. This system we have right now isn't gamebreaking, if you let your enemy get to 100% sails, thats 100% your fault. You really want the devs to waste their time on this when we have real issues in the game? Also, get a job. PS. Get a job.