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  1. [PvP Global] Please Solve Port Building Problem at Bensalem…

    You know that is actually a really good idea, Captains of the era, and to a limited degree today, use(d) distinctive buildings as navigational aids or to fix their position at landfall after a long period in open water. With the right local knowledge a building can tell you which group of islets you are passing or confirm that you are near a given port, for example transatlantic shipping bound for Liverpool or Bristol would often close to shore for a fix at or near Queenstown (Cobh) in Eire. It would also offer a little eye candy too, something to perhaps divert the attention on a long trip, or merely a reason to explore a little, especially if there is something else that may of value hidden in the area.
  2. Clan mails bugged

    That would be Able Seaman Eric, the half a bee currently deployed on exchange to the USS Wasp!
  3. HMS Prince of Wales is a Go Go Go....

    I hope she has better luck than her WWII predecessor, were circumstances different for her she'd have become famous for better reasons. I think they will do well, while I personally would have preferred to see both ships with Cats and Traps and operating Sea Rafael's or F18's time will tell if the F35's are up to the job. Fair winds and a following sea to HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales.
  4. Hurricane Irma

    Good luck and stay safe all those in harms way during these hurricanes in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.
  5. how far can i see

    I would be In favour of National flags in open water, though flags were and still are difficult to see until the ships are relatively close together and some national flags can appear similar at a distance or in poor light or angle which simply serves to make the contact more intense. Lookouts were generally experienced sailors, Able Seamen or above, they would have had 10 years or more as an Ordinary Seaman and maybe several more years as a Boy Seaman, they would have served on several ships and would be able to recognise those as well as ships that served in the same squadron for a considerable distance, often before a national flag becomes visible. Some could even name ships individually from a class of ships as there were often differences in the way they look in the water or the cut of their sails, though I suspect such differences would be difficult to build into a game, even the paintwork could give a clue as what ship was approaching, Captains were responsible for the upkeep of their commands and painting came out of their own pockets, a degree of leeway was allowed from the painting styles, they would look similar in style but may of had variations in shades of colour. This is in part why Paints can be important in game, one tends to remember distinctive ships and the Captain(s) of them. Scouting ships were almost invariably 6th or 5th rates, sometimes a 4th would be used if nothing else was available, consequently their visibility was more limited, they would actually get close enough to the enemy to determine what ships were there then run back to the fleet which would generally speaking be just over the horizon. They operated in comparative safety as no Captain of a Ship of the Line would fire on them unless fired upon, It was, strangely to us today, considered to be 'not the act of an Officer and Gentleman'. Scouting could be one way to 'employ' newbies, give them something a bit different to do and involve them in the community. In game of course it will be more dangerous for them, very few SOL Captains would resist the temptation to blow a single 6th rate apart and of course he may well be chased back to fleet by the enemy's own scouts.
  6. how far can i see

    I personally regard fog and rain as a godsend, an enemy ship can pass within 50 feet of me and by the time they have cleared for action and come about to an intercept course I am gone, disappeared and if I have turned, even just one tick either side of my course then I may never be found again. I do agree that fog may be overdone a bit, fog is much more likely above and below the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn as the air is cooler and the droplets that form fog do so more readily in colder climes, however it may be found between the tropics if conditions are right, but usually around dawn and it burns off quickly once the sun is up, but I do think the rainstorms have things about right for the Caribbean Sea.
  7. how far can i see

    I think everyone has experienced the kind of fog or rain that has been so dense that visibility is close to zero, while in some places it is rare, in others it is almost routine, the Grand Banks is notorious for it's fog and many ships have been lost because of it. Heavy rain in the Caribbean and the Atlantic/Pacific oceans is an everyday fact of life and the reduction in visibility is well documented. In game I think such phenomena is well represented at least as far as storms go, it is one of many hazards that occur at sea, (currently the only one in game and we are fortunate that we do not experience storm damage) always has been, is and always will be, despite the advent of Radar there will be losses like the Andria Doria. It is, I'm afraid, a natural fact of life, reflected In the game, be thankful that the game does not truthfully reflect real life, sailing in storms for days at a stretch is not a fun experience, it is however part of the sea going experience, further, be thankful that you do not have to fight your ship in such conditions.
  8. Why did players leave?

    It is my understanding that you had a roadmap as to how you saw the game develop, now there is nothing wrong with asking advice as long as both the advisor and the advised recognise that advice freely given and received may also be freely accepted or rejected. If the advice given does not meet with your roadmap then a polite thank you, it's a good idea but it conflicts with the roadmap Is a fair reply, if it does comply then use it. If however an idea improves the roadmap then by all means adapt the roadmap but only as far as it does not cause conflict elsewhere in the roadmap or worse still derail it.
  9. Why did players leave?

    Most Naval engagements were fairly small mostly one on one, rarely did reinforcements affect a battle, a notable exception was during the war of 1812 during the battle between Bonne Homme Richard and HMS Seraphis, it is likely the battle itself would have finished like many others, as a stalemate, until U.S. reinforcements arrived forcing Seraphis to strike her colours. In game it does appear that situation is very much the same, no one could guarantee that reinforcement would be nearby but if they were then that is merely the fortunes of war, the attacker(s) have the choice to break off the action or risk being sunk. Pirates fought anyone and everyone, and generally in small ships, that said, elsewhere Koltes has come up with what may be a workable solution, it may well prove to be worth considering. I rather suspect, in part, perhaps you are employing sarcasm here, sadly sarcasm does not translate well into the written word. No-one want's to sail for a couple of hours to sit in an empty PB, I would submit perhaps 25 v25 cloned ships is not the way to conduct PB's they would be more interesting with diverse ships of many rates and types with a mix of veterans and less experienced players, it offers a fairer chance and more reason for more Captains to put in the effort involved with PB's. This is not a problem the Devs can do anything about, it is something only the players can work on. Nelson had a huge incentive to do what he did, he was a Naval Officer in a long and bloody war, his country was under threat from outside agencies just as France and Spain were. while he may have enjoyed the ships and vast open sea there were aspects that he hated, one was the very region we fight in, the Caribbean, and he was also unfortunately chronically seasick throughout his naval career.
  10. OW Travel Speed

    Sailing ships are complicated beasts, to get the best speed out of them requires constant vigilance, checking the wind strength and direction, the amount of sail set, the angle of the yards to the wind, the sea state and direction of current, all can increase or retard speed. Now we don't have to factor very much of that into the game which may or may not be a good thing according to taste, or perhaps some of that would be too difficult to factor in. I think that the direction of wind change could be slowed down a bit, the wind (particularly trade winds) are fairly constant as opposed to local winds and are the still the basis of many of todays trade routes so a more constant wind direction would give a slightly higher average speed. For those who the wind is not favourable will naturally spend more time into the wind and would be required to tack a point or two either side of the wind until it improves sufficiently to run a more direct course. A variable wind speed would also, I think, benefit the game, especially if your ship could suffer rigging and sail damage due to high winds, you would then at least have to consider raising or lowering sail courses and with some instances, less sail can equal more speed in higher winds. The thing is there would be less goofing off watching the waves pass by and more decisions to make while sailing. Perhaps some eye candy would be good too, a famous ship or two. Ariel, Tapir, Cutty Sark and other notable ships from around the period would be something to see and break the monotony of long sails. Ok so these ships would not have visited the Caribbean Sea, but they would be a nice distraction, so too with sea life, whales, sharks, dolphins, perhaps even turtles, all provide eye candy, there is I think no reason why whales could not be included, the facilities to hunt them are not in game and neither are they ever likely to be. Indeed the addition of ships on a course to and from Europe and the Americas would help populate some of the more barren areas and provide targets of opportunity in those areas for warships that are in transit.
  11. The Royal Navy and nationalism

    Have you considered contacting some of the institutions connected to the Royal Navy? Many of the RN museums have online facilities, Possibly the RN's newspaper the Navy News sometimes runs articles on the Napoleonic navy and would know who to talk to both aboard ships with old names dating back to the period and in the public affairs office ashore. You could also try the Imperial War Museum at Greenwich or the curator at the HMS Victory Museum at Portsmouth. It's worth a try.
  12. The Pirate Nation?

    While I am quoted elsewhere as being against pirates operating SOL's, I think under the circumstances cited above that it would be a well reasoned compromise, one which I would both endorse and be happy to play under.
  13. The Pirate Nation?

    Koltes: Do you think then that nations would self police such a system? To me, Pirates appear to do so, in that there, is a form of gentleman's agreement that such battles would more of a grievance resolution system than a mode of play. It also appears to me you are offering a more purist or skillful game or perhaps I reading more into it than there is? Not that I disagree with idea I simply seek clarification.
  14. Server merge

    I fully recognise the value of a single server, I watched the arguments for and against develop, then descend into a total lack of willingness to compromise. There is no point in assigning blame, I am not suggesting anyone is assigning blame, but that would very likely happen, both sides of the issue are deeply entrenched in their positions. I also recognise that everyone who pays to buy this game has right of access to all content available at a time that suits them and it is difficult to organise when there players who are sleeping/working/ have other commitments when a PB is scheduled on a world wide basis, even on the EU server they had to severely curtail PB schedules because of arguments over lunch and work schedules, for me it prompts the question: How do other online games deal with this issue? The only real compromise is holding PB's when time zones overlap and enough players from both zones are online at the same time, that is a very narrow window of opportunity and I suspect the moment any PB fell outside of that window the same old arguments would reignite. We should, I think, be looking at what is the greater good for the players of the game on release, we are temporary custodians of the game until release, what they get tomorrow depends on what we do today and we should make Naval Action the best it can be for all players where ever they are.
  15. Player Bounties and/or Bounty Missions

    Sort of a sea going scavenger hunt? There are a few 'evil' schemes that could be hatched with such a mission, if such information became public the waypoints and the target could become 'tethered goat' PVP ambushes, PVP battles where the target can escape both sides as they fight over it thus triggering a second possibly harder hunt for it. It sounds interesting and fun, particularly if the target had a worthwhile cargo aboard too.