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  1. Unequal battles

    Another Suggestion could be to replace missions from the 4th rank with more and larger OW fleets, if you want to grind a rank or Knowledge Slot you will Need to attack ships in the OW. For this to work properly the looting mechanism would have to be reworked, because at the Moment it is very frustrating when the target ship alters Course into the wind, and you cannot get to it before it sinks, and if you are fighting multiple ships, you will not have the opportunity to loot every one.
  2. Unequal battles

    Some People have mentioned PVP flags already, but why not put a Twist on it. Everyone is PVP flagged, if you want to put a PVE flag on, for example to sail to MT to drop off Parisienne Furniture, you would have to buy it. The cost should be substantial, but not restrictive, and should only last for a given period of time. New Players, up to the 3rd rank would be able to sail under the PVE flag at all times, enabling them to rank up and learn in peace. At the 4th rank you are automatically flagged for PVP. Ships in open world could be classified as for example "2ships Spanish Nation" . When viewed through the spyglass the class of ship will be seen, eg 5th rate and 4th rate, or frigate and Lineship. When you move closer more Information could be given. Could also be a perk introduced, for example expert lookout ( plus 20 % to ship recognition). At no time in this is a Player Name shown, perhaps only in the actual battle Screen, under a range of 750 metres, the lookout identifies the ship
  3. Unequal battles

    On number 1 the obvious answer is to punish the Bellonas for running away. The Articles of War 1757 for the Royal Navy covers These eventuallities. Every flag officer, captain and commander in the fleet, who, upon signal or order of fight, or sight of any ship or ships which it may be his duty to engage, or who, upon likelihood of engagement, shall not make the necessary preparations for fight, and shall not in his own person, and according to his place, encourage the inferior officers and men to fight courageously, shall suffer death, or such other punishment, as from the nature and degree of the offence a court martial shall deem him to deserve; and if any person in the fleet shall treacherously or cowardly yield or cry for quarter, every person so offending, and being convicted thereof by the sentence of a court martial, shall suffer death. Every person in the fleet, who shall not duly observe the orders of the admiral, flag officer, commander of any squadron or division, or other his superior officer, for assailing, joining battle with, or making defense against any fleet, squadron, or ship, or shall not obey the orders of his superior officer as aforesaid in the time of action, to the best of his power, or shall not use all possible endeavours to put the same effectually into execution, every person so offending, and being convicted thereof by the sentence of the court martial, shall suffer death, or such other punishment, as from the nature and degree of the offence a court martial shall deem him to deserve. Every person in the fleet, who through cowardice, negligence, or disaffection, shall in time of action withdraw or keep back, or not come into the fight or engagement, or shall not do his utmost to take or destroy every ship which it shall be his duty to engage, and to assist and relieve all and every of His Majesty's ships, or those of his allies, which it shall be his duty to assist and relieve, every such person so offending, and being convicted thereof by the sentence of a court martial, shall suffer death. Every person in the fleet, who though cowardice, negligence, or disaffection, shall forbear to pursue the chase of any enemy, pirate or rebel, beaten or flying; or shall not relieve or assist a known friend in view to the utmost of his power; being convicted of any such offense by the sentence of a court martial, shall suffer death. Admin, could you put in place such punishments,( not death obviously), this would discourage running from battle
  4. Ideas for new gunnery mechanics and also swivels baby!

    We should be Aware that this will not happen at once if given the go ahead, and the Dev Team will be crying into their morning coffees, with the extra work needed to implement this. We are after all in the testing phase of the game, lets give it a go. We have already seen things implemented, which once tested were changed after discussion.
  5. @admin, you have said if I am reading it correctly, that Clans who own ports could be able to Position circles and Towers at ports they own. If this is correct are there any plans to enable shore batteries to be able to fire heated shots. I understand that if this is brought in, the owning clan should be required to pay a Charge enabling this. Would possibly make all the "important" ports that more protected, and heated shot was a viable tactic during this period
  6. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    From you, ( Hachis Bitch) thats a compliment, please stop, its not like you
  7. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    Listening to ABBA to get into the mood
  8. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/932679025734993531/C680033DEFDED7E0E5BB56C5D350C3BBD92D35BC/ Could someone please explain how in a BR2400 PB, one side can have 2575 BR. Is this something that everyone can do, and if so is it sanctioned by the Admin
  9. Well played tonight guys. Was a pleasure watching the streams, and joining the last battle, hats off to you all and fair winds
  10. Technical problems and bugs

    Hi have F11d this as well. Longleaf Pine Yards can be crafted, but at the Moment they cannot be put for sale as a contract, they do not appear on the list.
  11. Cartagena Tar

    I have picked up Cartagena tar from many of These ports, you might have to wait 15 or more days for it to happen, but getting even 5 tar for 7000 Gold is worth just checking every couple of days.
  12. Russian aggressive expension too high

    Rediii, thought you were playing PUBG, and not this game, why is it you are the one doing all the talking now, nobody else in Sweden capable?
  13. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to you all, lets hope 2018 is a great year for everyone.
  14. Merry Christmas to all at Naval Action, and all the Players of this game.
  15. What about the idea of new Players moving automatically to the empty Global Server for the first 3 ranks, so they learn the game with tutorials and such like. Clans can do Recruiting drives for These Players, while they learn the game, safe from gank fleets and seal clubbers. When enough experience has been reached they are transferred to the Caribbean Server, where safe zones no longer exist for any Nation. This could promote more pvp and rvr, no safe or reinforcement zones, everywhere is open to attack, at all times.