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  1. Green on green

    When another captain gank me...... i don t open a post in tribunal....do the same
  2. Green on green

    But ....intention was to gank swedish.... You gank us...But we don t open a tribunal post...You don t accept that...Admin will decide. kiss
  3. Green on green

    5 ships ... I will give you exact composition... Hermione, endy, gros ventre refit...Against WHAT??? Consti, Bellona, reno, endy.... LOL you are just a noob...
  4. Green on green

    You don t decide if this action (who is NOT green vs green) must be tolerable or not...You are just a player who can have his...how many... 4 or 5 pvp Marks?or not....
  5. Green on green

    You are concerned by this action Rigge? it was green vs green against you? no. It s me who is concerned. And i don t open a tribunal post. So it can be close. Can you post how many ships you have against us pls??? Be fair scuttling a boat has never been against a game simulating a naval battle ...if it was a scuttling. So we can give fire to an allies for his fireship....it s the same thing i believe...Mechanic...Mechanic We use it...It s for that this game is in Beta
  6. [PVP EU] battle results

    for a men we see only in PB ..... it s just hilarious
  7. Foreign clan alliances

    false Their success doesnt come because they pray (who pray???). It comes from being, overall, more experienced as a team or as individuals. may be I dream..... You aren t Swedish but u say some things who aren t the reality....not all the time.
  8. Foreign clan alliances

    agree.... So you don t need to insult us because game mechanics can t create some Fair nations (We can speak of sveridge town where you have some fortress everywhere at 1 min or 2 between them... If you choose this nation ....we know why).... XD U aren t better than others...just more numbers and search easy kill for pvp marks.
  9. [PVP EU] battle results

    You say shit.....we are ever on Rosaly ....and we are ever in front of Gustavia..... you search just easy kill (Reasonable timeframe u call it LOL)
  10. oui....pas pour la partie invisible tout du moins. Mais en fait ce probleme de portée de vue ils sont au courant....Apres pour la partie invisible....avec attack qui s'allume ....j'avoue, bizar
  11. Foreign clan alliances

    Rediii.....why you insult us? And after we must play fair with YOU??? you are just a joke...as ever You have more skilled players yes....but they aren t the more skilled ..I agree example : Battle Of yesterday you had 4 Old players with Skill -Pirat165 -Palatinose -I forget his name sorry -Sveno......(may be not very skilled for sveno, I agree but others yes) VS -me -henry fouchet -Kamaa -and 2 others who were really some noob...They begin..it s normal ...not an insult. You sink only one Noob we sink 2...more skilled player (you say that...not us) lol Conclusion.....you are really beatable...
  12. Foreign clan alliances

    if you continue to say that...I will send you oTTo .... HE WILL DESTROY ALL GERMANY !!!! with is langage
  13. Foreign clan alliances

    false.... Not Skill just numbers of old players. In one V One they aren t better than @HachiRoku, @Turpos, @DesMoines, or all others... They have just more Old Player than others ....No more skilled... LOL (Old Dutch, Old Polish(not atm..), old Deutsch)
  14. [PVP EU] battle results

    It is why we are coming to cu near GB Capital... You don t search Hard PVP...you search Easy PVP...Easy PB, Easy PVP Mark, Easy all....
  15. Foreign clan alliances

    May be....but they lose One... ;)They are beatable